Too cool for school

Haven’t been blogging or writing much lately. Been spending most of my free time scanning old photos . . . like this one, taken some time around 1994 when I was trying a bit too hard to be cool.

I was roughly (or should I say smoothly?) 17 years old when that photo was taken, and until last week, I’d never seen it.

Speaking of last week (and because my friend “Big Glove Bob” requested it), here’s a photo of my Thanksgiving plate:

Since you probably can’t tell what everything is . . .

1) smoked turkey with gravy
2) squash with shallots
3) mashed potatoes with gravy
4) brussels sprouts (only two because I hate them)
5) cranberry jello
6) salad
7) stuffing
8) cole slaw
9) carrots

You should’ve seen what I had for dessert. But anyway, speaking of Thanksgiving and of mid-1990s photographs, here’s a recently-discovered shot of me with my two half-brothers on Thanksgiving of 1996:

That’s Joe Hample on the left and Henry Hample on the right.

Look closely at my shirt and you might recognize it from my stint with the Boise Hawks.
Look closely at my face and you might notice my pathetic attempt at growing a beard.

Speaking of beards, did you catch the tweet I posted on November 20th? Or the one I posted on November 26th? The beard is still happening (and still itching like a mutha). You know I’ll be sharing photos of it soon.


  1. Skim

    That cranberry jello looks appetizing… I’m having trouble passing time until April. Any suggestions?

  2. mlblogsbigglovebob

    G-Man beat me to it. When I heard that Heath Bell went to the Marlins I was thinking that your chances at a pearl commemorative just went up substantially. You are going to be there opening day right? If I could psych myself up to get up a plane, I might try to get there. Considering it is cold and snowy here, Miami doesn’t sound too bad about now.

    Big Glove Bob

  3. moo

    Hey Zack,

    have a question for you since you know a lot about baseballs and such. Anyway I have this baseball with a different stamped logo on it instead of the standard mlb logo. Its a MLB S.T.A.R. AWARD logo

    Thats the image of the logo, I couldnt take a picture of the ball itself. I couldn’t find any info about this logo and why it was on a baseball and was wondering if you knew anything about it.


  4. Zack Hample


    As we all know, it’s impossible to compete with the Yankees. As for the Marlins opener, nah, I’ll be on my way back from Japan.

    I heard it first from you. (I don’t go to much this time of year.)

    I was going to suggest contacting, but my man Big Glove Bob beat me to it.

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