2011 Ballhawk of the Year Award

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog entry. Just needed to get away from baseball and catch up on life, but now, all of a sudden, I have some baseball-related news to share. Check it out:

The image above is a screen shot from this article on MyGameBalls.com. (Don’t ask about the Phillies jersey.) Many thanks to everyone who voted for me, and congrats (despite the trash-talking) to my buddy Tim Anderson for winning the “junior” Ballhawk of the Year Award.

I’ll blog again soon.
I promise.


  1. mlblogsbigglovebob

    Zack- After a 1,000 plus ball season, who else would they give it to? I am already excited for 2012. It will be here soon enough after a winter of hibernating in ice cold Minnesota. Don’t blame you a bit for taking some time off from blogging. I was exhausted just thinking about all the ground you covered this year.
    Big Glove Bob

  2. Skim

    I, too, would think that after going to all 30 stadiums, going to the Home Run Derby (and catching a final round home run!), going to the all star game, and snagging over 1,000 balls, you would have gotten every first place vote. I can’t believe that you actually want to take a break from baseball. For me, I can’t wait at all until February so that I can go to Miami Marlins open workouts while I’m down in Florida during President’s week, and April so that I can go to one of the first games at Citi Field. At least I have a nearby hockey arena (the Nassau Coliseum) to keep me busy until then…

  3. Skim

    George- I was just reading about that yesterday. Are there going to be seats in the gap between the old wall and new wall? If so, that won’t be good!

  4. Skim

    A thought just occurred to me. I snagged one ball in 2006, one ball in 2008, two balls in 2010, and 8 balls in 2011 at two games. Will 2012 be my rookie season as a ballhawk?

  5. Zack Hample

    Thanks. And yeah, I can do it again if I attend enough games. Right now, though, I don’t know if I’ll attend 20 games next season . . . or 80. Probably somewhere in between.

    I thought that Tim Anderson might get the award. He did go completely nuts with home run balls this year.

    I’m excited. I think it’ll be better. I’m actually planning to post a short entry about it, so I’ll hold off for now on saying anything else about it.

    Many people find it hard to believe, but there are actually things in life other than baseball that I enjoy. This is my time of year to catch up on them. Not sure about your qualifications as a rookie. That’d be a question for Alan Schuster.

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