Look for me on TV at the World Series

As I mentioned at the end of my last entry, I’m going to Games 3 and 4 of the World Series. Now I want to show you where I’ll (most likely) be sitting.

First take a look at my tickets:

As you can see, I have one ticket in section 50 for each game. Check out my seat location on the following seating chart (which I grabbed from StubHub):

Now check it out in the following photo (which I grabbed from my own blog entry):

Do you see that huge grassy area to the left of my seat? I’m *hopefully* going to be sitting right next to it, and if that happens, I’ll be able to run out there if anyone hits a bomb to dead center. Why hopefully? Because the end seat (closest to the grass) is No. 30, and my ticket is No. 28. Somehow I’m going to have to convince the two people next to me to slide over and let me sit on the end. Any suggestions? I’m thinking I could offer them BP balls and/or signed copies of my books. If that doesn’t work, I’d even consider offering to pay them — but how much? Maybe I’ll get lucky, and the folks sitting next to me won’t be thinking about catching home runs balls — but what if they are? What if they refuse to move? I don’t know if I’ll stay there. I might wander all around the stadium in search of a better opportunity.

Assuming I do get the end seat, here’s another look at where I’ll be:

In order to make myself as visible as possible, I’m going to wear these shirts:

Right now, I’m planning to go with Homer Simpson for Game 3 and the BallhawkFest shirt for Game 4. I might switch them and save Homer for Game 4, but whatever, either way, I’ll be wearing yellow, so look for me on TV.

Finally, do you remember the 17-year-old fan who ran onto the grass and caught Kelly Shoppach’s homer during Game 1 of the ALDS? He made headlines because he threw that ball back onto the field as soon as he caught it — yes, the actual ball — and looked pretty damn slick in the process. His name is Trent Williams, and I’ll be sitting in his seat. He and I met on 4/25/11 at Rangers Ballpark, and we’ve become friends. He’s really into hockey, plays on a team, and will be out of town for Games 3 and 4, so he sold me his tickets. Now I just need someone (Albert Pujols?!) to go yard…


  1. Shane T.

    I most certainly remember Trent’s dash’n’toss. Your circle of interesting acquaintances just keeps growing.
    I was thinking of writing in and asking where you’d be sitting, but you were one pitch ahead of me. I’ll stop trying to match wits with the master now.
    I probably don’t have to tell you to enjoy the games — and I certainly don’t have to tell you to snag a bushel full of balls. Have fun!

  2. Nettie Wood

    Perfect! I hope it is a Texan sitting next to you! They will be glad to help you out!! Danny and I will be watching for you to catch a home run ball from a Ranger!!

  3. Stephen Schumacher (@mysatxrealtor)

    Zack, I’ll be at game 3, sitting in row 1 section 14 above the tarp down the third base line. Near the corner spot, but the tarp kinda ruins it. Hope to see you work your magic in bp, and hope to see you run across the grass for a homer in your homer shirt.

  4. writerkid

    Hey Zack – I’ll be at Game 3 also – a contest I won is paying for a trip out there. Unfortunately I can’t snag before/during the game, so get a bunch for me! Maybe I’ll bring my copy of The Baseball and we can try to meet up.

  5. Zack Hample

    BEN S-
    Nah, I’m not gonna throw anything onto the field. That’s Trent’s gig. If I make any headlines, hopefully it’ll be a result of catching two in one game.

    SHANE T.-
    Thanks! One of my friends recently called me a “people collector,” so I think you’re onto something.

    Eh, I’m not a fan of Josh Hamilton. Anyone but him. I’d rather catch an Endy Chavez homer…or a Craig Gentry homer. Even Yorvit Torrealba or Esteban German. Seriously, anyone but Josh Hamilton.

    I hope you’re right. Glad you guys are gonna be watching.

    Sounds like you have a great seat. Maybe the ballgirl will hook you up?


    Very cool. What was the contest? Definitely bring your book. I should be easy to find.

  6. TC

    hockey game? this must be a scam.Trent hit with puck too many times.say hi to Rangerhorse for me.TC……. Homer shirt?.paint your chest instead. and bribe the one fan with benji s…..see you in st louie Zack….are you gonna run on the CFgrass in Busch?somebody needs to..You can do it in Anaheim too.its just a slap on the wrist for a tourist. a non regular,Go Rangers in 7

  7. Chris

    Zack…good luck and have fun! My suggestion for convincing the folks at the end of hot row to switch seats is to agree to let them in on the fun, if any. For example, if you grab a ball and agree to give it back to the player who hit it and get to go to the clubhouse area etc, bring them too. If you exchange the ball for signed stuff, give some or all to them. If it happens to be a very valuable ball allow them to have it. For you, it’s the snagging experience, am I right? Chris

  8. writerkid

    Zack – sure, it’s below. Actually, you may see me – I *might* be going on the field/Jumbotron before the game. The Breaking Barriers contest is sort of spearheaded by Sharon Robinson (Jackie’s daughter) and she took a liking to me. (I got to go to the Derby/ASG and now they invited me to go to the WS!) They’re actually sending me for the purpose of getting a picture of me with the commish to put in a compilation of essays that’ll hopefully be distributed on Jackie Robinson Day (April 15th) next season…hope I can meet up with you somehow, I really wanted to at the ASG. Unfortunately I won’t have Internet after tomorrow afternoon (when we fly into Dallas) so hopefully we work something out. Here’s the essay.

    Passion and Persistence
    I know what it’s like to be different from everyone else around you, to overcome obstacles, to confront adversity. It may not be on a baseball field, but I face many of the same social and emotional barriers that Jackie Robinson did.

    I have a rare disorder called HSAN II (Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy, type 2). There are only about fifty known cases of HSAN II worldwide, each with varied symptoms. Since I can’t feel pain, temperature, and touch to the same degree as everyone else, I’ve run up against quite a few obstacles through the years. More than anything, I’ve had to rely on persistence, determination, and commitment to get me through those obstacles.

    Because of my disability, many kids I know have judged this book by its cover, without taking the time to look a little closer and see that I’m just like them inside. This is where I personally identify with Mr. Robinson, as he dealt with the same issue.

    Medically, I am a recipe for disaster. I’ve had fourteen surgeries, including several on my eyes, ears, mouth, and hips. I’ve had to endure one health issue after another, and it certainly hasn’t been easy. I’m also often socially shunned, and as I grow older and prepare to enter high school, this issue has become more and more prevalent. With all these things going on in my life, I’ve had to rely on a few things to keep me going.

    You see, Mr. Robinson and I have something else in common besides overcoming adversity: a love of baseball. Although it’s unusual for a fourteen-year-old girl, I’ve had a certain passion for the game from an early age. However, I’m not able to play like most kids, so I’ve had to channel my love of baseball a bit differently. Instead of giving up on it, I persisted and pursued my passion in a more unique way: the next best thing to playing – being one of my Cincinnati Reds’ most diehard fans, and becoming a walking baseball history encyclopedia and avid baseball memorabilia collector.

    The other thing that fuels my fire is my love of writing. For years, I’ve been able to creatively express myself through poetry, narratives, and posts on my blog. As I entered junior high, I threw myself into founding and editing my school newspaper and being a member of a competitive writing team.

    Every day, I try to make a conscious commitment to focus on the things I CAN do, and not the ones I can’t. I like to think I have the determination to forge forward with my strengths and use them to the advantage of not only myself, but of other kids with special needs. It’s my dream that someday, just like Mr. Robinson paved the way for African-Americans to play baseball, I can pave the way, through my writing, for other kids with special needs. Hopefully, I can help people understand us “non-typical” kids a little more, and inspire them to take a chance on befriending someone a little different from them. I really do believe taking that chance will pay off.

    Of course, that’s much easier said than done. It can be very hard for me to maintain my positivity on a day-to-day basis. A particularly rough time for me was one of my most recent surgeries, when I had a major procedure done on both hips. Not only was I in excruciating pain for days, but I was confined to a wheelchair for three months afterwards. To top it all off, the surgery took place a week before Christmas, which was also my thirteenth birthday. It was hard to go back to school and have everyone staring at me, sitting in a wheelchair with my legs sticking straight out! But I was determined not to let it get to me, and the only day of school I missed was the day of the surgery.

    It’s during days like those that I’m forced to really dig deep and make that daily commitment to be strong and to be positive. With an attitude like that, I truly believe I can make a difference in this world.

  9. Aaron st louis native

    Hey Zach I found your blog cause I was trying to find better pics of where I will be sitting at game 3 since NONE of the stadium seating charts go into much details such as what sections number their rows vs using letters, seat numbering and how long each row is and so on. I have only shagged a couple of balls from AAA Minor League ball in Salt Lake City and did manage to secure a cracked bat and got it signed……my question is…..do you think you would be willing to assist in helping me get just one ball, I mean world series and Im a St Louis native, it would be awesome. Anyways I will be sitting in section 9 row 8 but I will definately track you down. Do you know about what time the stadium will open prior to the game and what there is to do near the stadium?


  10. txrangersfan

    Hey Zack….

    I ended up buying my tickets for Game 3 and Game 4 finally. I’ll be sitting in the bleachers though for Game 4 (Section 53) so here’s hoping that you catch a home run ball! Anyways I’m sure I’ll see you at batting practice but when would be the best time to meet up with you? I’m going to try and find my books to bring for you to autograph as well.

  11. Cook & Son Bats

    Ah, you’re lucky for (at least two reasons): (1) you have an awesome ticket and (2) you won’t have to compete with Trent. That dude’s got crazy range on that hill. It would be hard to sit next to him and then beat him to a homerun on his home turf.

  12. Matthew Hiett (@LSThrasher04)

    Trent, that’s great dedication to miss the World Series for your hockey games. I shared that same passion for the Thrashers until this summer. Who says southerners aren’t allowed to love hockey?
    Zack, good luck in your quest for a Series HR. Will definitely look for you on tv.

  13. NYYmikey23

    Writerkid, I’m touched by your essay and your phenomenal attitude. Life isn’t always easy but you will get very far with that positivety and outlook on life. One sentence that struck me was that you’d like people to take a chance and befriend someone a little different. I’d be honored if you could consider me a new friend that you made today, because I have your back 100%. I think it’s a great essay and you deserve to enjoy the World Series. Have a great time!! Zack, I hope you have a great time as well and I hope to see you make a diving catch in CF!

  14. Mike

    @writerkid- I cannot think of anyone more deserving than you to be at the World Series. I hope that you find that persistence and determination will open up an entire world for you as you continue your journey.

    @Zack- Something tells me you will not come home empty handed. and I’m not just talking BP balls

  15. David

    Good luck Zack, though I’m sure you don’t need it:) Went to the first two games at Busch. No toss-ups, no ump balls, even though I was the only one asking the second night and the only one with a glove both times:(

  16. Zack Hample

    You crack me up. I’m not going to St. Louis for the Series, though. Game 4 in Texas will conclude my season.

    I like how you think. Excellent ideas. I *am* most interested in the experience, but if I catch a World Series home run, I’m really gonna want to keep it.

    Oh my god. Bravo to you. I suppose it’s too late for you to see this comment, but I hope to meet you nonetheless. Whether we meet or not, I hope you’ll see this comment in a few days — and stay in touch.

    The stadium is supposed to open three hours early, which is actually bad. BP won’t begin until about 2 hours and 45 minutes before game time, which means that the stands will already be crowded by the time things get underway. Come find me during BP, and I’ll give you a few suggestions for how you might be able to snag a ball. I’ll be wearing a yellow shirt white the Rangers are on the field, and then I’ll switch into my red Cardinals shirt after that.

    If stadium security allows it (and I suspect they will), I’m going to try to make it to the Cardinals dugout at the end of BP, so look for me there. If you miss me there, come find me at my seat in between innings. Hopefully the usher at the top of the staircase will let you down. Show him/her the books you get stopped. That might help.

    Yes it would.


    That was an awesome comment. Thanks so much.

    Let me know how it goes. I’ll be able to check blog comments until early afternoon tomorrow. Then I’m gonna head over to the stadium.

    Man, I hope you’re right.

    Haha! I saw that guy on TV during the game. My friends at the National Scrabble Association must be loving this.

    That sucks. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but hey, at least you were THERE.

  17. Angel

    hey Zack it’s me…..unfortunatly my dad couldn’t get any tickets…..anyway I hope i see you on TV, good luck, and go on a ball-snagging rampage……-Angel

  18. Danny Wood

    I hope Hambone hits it to the CF Berm and then we’ll see how bad you don’t like him. Why are you treating Josh like Gustavo Chacin, what did he ever do to you?

  19. txrangersfan

    Stupid me…I realized I forgot to introduce myself to you at the game whenever we were talking. Oops…sorry bout that but my name is Greg. Anyways, I’ll be looking for you tomorrow night since I’ll be sitting in section 53. Good luck tomorrow night

  20. joe

    i think i finally saw you in deep right center tonight. You should have been in left-center last night. What are you, stupid?

  21. mlblogsbigglovebob

    Zack, was that you running into the berm on the Nelson Cruz near miss? If it was, that sucks that it didn’t go out because nobody else even jumped out there and you could have napped prior to grabbing the pelota.

    Big Glove Bob

  22. Skim

    I saw you run down after the third inning and Jon Jay threw the ball into the crowd. Did you catch it? I also saw you run onto the berm and throw your arms up at one point. I hope you catch a home run.

  23. Kyle

    saw you on tv, too bad nobody had the power to hit it to center…proud to say i was there with you for your 36 ball night in cinci, congrats on the season

  24. Nick Gantz

    hey zack! I saw you on tv last night!(about 8 times!) It was in the bottom of the second or third inning. there was a deep ball hit to center field and I saw you run out to the grass. But jon jay made the play. Do you remember doing that? see you later!


  25. J

    I think you’re doing a nice thing by raising money for PIFB. I’m curious, though…why don’t you donate a chunk of the thousands of baseballs you have sitting around to them, too? Seems like a logical thing to do…then they could use the money you (and others) raise towards other types of baseball equipment, and you don’t end up on Hoarders…

  26. Darron aka BuschStadiumBallhawk(thats a retro name from like 07)

    ha im stupid I posted this on the ALDS post opps anyway this is what I said last night during the game 4….. I have seen you on the game tonight you for sure have a good spot. I seen you when they did a wide view before a pitch. if I didnt know you were there I would not have known. lol

  27. Zack Hample

    One of my big problems with Hamilton is that he gets a TON of credit for (supposedly) overcoming his drug addiction. First of all, I hate him for pissing away all that talent in the first place (and not caring about baseball), and secondly, I resent the fact that no one gives ME any credit for having never been addicted to anything in the first place. And that’s just the start. As a general rule, I hate it when religious people throw their gods in people’s faces.


    Ahh, I was wondering what your name was. I’m sure that if we had a little more time, we would’ve gotten to that. Glad you could me after Game 4.

    Yeah, evidently. But no, I didn’t get “removed.” In Texas, fans are actually allowed to run out onto the grass for baseballs. If only all teams/stadiums were that awesome.

    That was me. Huge bummer. Just needed another 15 feet on that fly ball, and it would’ve been mine.

    No, unfortunately Jay threw it 10 feet over my head.

    “Too bad” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Ha, yeah, I remember. Cool that you spotted me, and thanks for the video link.

    Good question. The answer is that I like owning lots of baseballs, and while I’m delighted to give some away here and there to kids at games, I’m not prepared to donate them in bulk. Maybe someday.

    Nice! Thanks for the links.

    I like the name that you posted your comment under. Classic!

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