30 stadiums in 2011 — UPDATE

Two months ago, I announced that I was going to be taking a long road trip at the end of the season. Remember? I listed all the stadiums I was planning to attend, and I provided all the dates that I planned to be there. I’d link to it, but I’m using a friend’s iPad, and it’s confusing as hell, and I seriously don’t know how to do it. (I’m on the iPad because I have no WiFi for the next two days, so this is the only way for me to get the word out.) Anyway…

Some dates have changed.
Here’s my new itinerary:

September 5 — Angel Stadium
September 6 — PETCO Park
September 8 — Miller Park
September 9 — U.S Cellular Field
September 10-11 — Comerica Park
September 12-13 — Great American Ball Park
September 14 — Miller Park
September 16 — Target Field
September 17-18 — Kauffman Stadium
September 19 — Wrigley Field
September 20-21 — Busch Stadium
September 26-28 — Turner Field

Sorry for changing things around. If you’ve been planning to meet me (to get your books signed or just to say hey or for whatever reason), I hope this won’t be a terrible inconvenience, and that you can still make it. The reason why I changed my schedule, quite simply, is that I’m trying to snag 1,000 baseballs this season, and I think I can maximize my numbers by cutting out some day games and spending more time at certain ballparks.

Meanwhile, I attended four games in the Bay Area this past weekend (3 in Oakland, 1 in San Francisco) and have a lot of catching up to do on the blog. Of course, not having a real internet connection makes things tough, but I’m planning to get around to it eventually…


  1. Nathan

    Ill coming to the 12th or 13th game as well. You might remember me– My dad sent a baseball in the mail that you signed and sent back (:

  2. Michael

    Looks like ballhawkin’ will be tough at Great American with all your fans showing up, haha. I hope there’s enough balls to go around.

  3. Denise Newbolt

    Zack, can you sign my copy of The Baseball when you are in Cincy? I just started reading it, and the book has a wealth of info. Wrk at GABP, what about after the game? Denise N.

  4. charlie bowen

    good to see you are still going strong. Question, are you going to next year’s all star game?

  5. Emily

    Hi Zack,
    I wanted to thank you! I followed your tips and they worked! I snagged my first baseball during batting practice at AT&T Park Monday night (SF Giants vs Padres) and then I got it signed by Barry Zito.
    I love baseball but am pretty new to the game – my first baseball game was seeing Zito pitch for the A’s. I told him so as I thanked him.
    I am over the moon! thanks so much for helping a dream come true!
    Good luck with your goal of snagging 1,000 balls!
    Emily in San Francisco

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