Gustavo Watch, Part 29

It’s been eight months since my last update on Gustavo Chacin, but hey, I’ve been busy, and there wasn’t all that much to report about his forgettable performance in the minor leagues.

But now there’s some news about him — about the “man” who stole a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium.

First, Gustavo was released by the Astros (haha), and now he has been signed by the Mets (double-haha) to a minor league contract (triple-haha). He might have escaped Texas, but there’s no escaping the Hample Jinx


  1. Mitchell Jones

    Hey Zack i just got home from my first visit to camden to see the sox wih my dad it was a great park! is there a video of you falling over for a foulf ball at citi recently i read some tweets of you doing that and wanted to see also can you teach me or have a link of how to do the glove trick and where youc an lastly i live in detroit there are not really any ballhawks here i know of but commerica is an AWFUL place to snag and ushers are STRICT STRICT STRICT when are you coming here again im 14 read all your enteries and would love to meet you

  2. Mike

    Zack,I was wondering what you had against Gustavo Chacin. I was suprised to see him when I was watching the AAA Oklahoma City Redhawks in June. I had lost track of him since he left Toronto. I hope your curse still works.

  3. Shane T.

    Oh dear, I didn’t know you had this more dangerous side.
    My question now is, why did Prince Fielder’s little stunt at the All-Star Game not rise to the level of earning a Hample Jinx? Is it because he didn’t physically remove the ball from your possession? Or is he just such a good player that The Jinx would contend against him in vain?
    The public demands an answer! (Or at least a humorous sidestepping of the issue.)

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