Heading to Phoenix…

It’s 10:45pm on Saturday night, and I’m at home, packing for a free trip out west. Twelve hours from now, I’ll be flying to Phoenix, courtesy of State Farm, for the Home Run Derby. I’ll explain more in the next few days, but for now, I just want to give a quick heads-up about my plans so you can either look for me in person or on TV. I’m not yet sure where I’ll be in the stadium, but I’m hoping to end up in left field, and I’ll definitely be wearing my yellow “Homer” shirt.

State Farm is really hooking things up for me in an awesome way. The best thing I’m gonna get to do is hang out with Cal Ripken Jr. on Monday. As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, he’s my all-time favorite baseball player, and he was a HUGE inspiration to me when I was growing up, so you can imagine how excited I am.

I’ll also be attending FanFest tomorrow and the All-Star Game on Tuesday, so get ready for a few monster blog entries…


  1. Trevor

    I will see you there, Zack. I will probably be the only one there, besides my brother, wearing Orioles gear. That is super cool you get to hang out with Cal! Growing up in Maryland, he’s my all-time favorite too! You gotta let me know where in the stadium you guys will be!

  2. Jerry

    Best of luck there Zack. I got to meet Cal and his brother Billy back in the day. They are both really nice guys. You will enjoy it for sure. Get lots of photos. Jerry

  3. Nick Gantz

    hey zack, you hould bring your cal ripken jr ball that you have in you “valuable” section on your website and have him sign it! have a great time!


  4. Chris

    Have fun Zack!

    Cal is a class act. Met him a few times while working at the Rogers Centre hotel and also managing Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant up the street. Down to earth, approachable and friendly.

  5. Mike

    Zack, that is so cool it is beyond words. I’ll look for you and have a ton of fun!

  6. Sean

    Zack…It’s Heff. you’re meeting Cal. Unbelieveable. Hug him for me, and I’ll put the photo in my Ripken shrine….

  7. Father Puck

    Support State Farm in its efforts to prevent some in Congress from stealing its agents flood insurance customers.

  8. charlie

    hey Zack, it was nice meeting you tonight. Hope your gig tonight went well with dinner. Maybe see you tomorrow in the stands for bp. I need two more balls! Charlie

  9. Dylan

    Have fun with Cal. Snag some 24 Karat baseballs. And have fan. I’ll look for you and I know it won’t be hard.

  10. rich mchugh

    catching nfl footballs was more profitable. when shea stadium saw its lat jet game, the fans were shut out. the all star game bonanza is better today . in 1985 there was no fan fest. there was the sandy koufax-harmon killebrew event by the mississippi. koufax was supposed to pitch to the killer so he could whack one over old man river. killer ht a few fungoes which went to the river base. riding the elevator with winfield, ripken,fisk was a highlight. i worked the 2008 fanfest. every day was interesting.

  11. Pat

    Zack. Saw you roaming the aisle against the wall in left center until they stopped people from roaming. Good Luck catching one tonight!

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