Charlie Sheen autograph

Remember when I blogged last month about how Charlie Sheen got me fired¬†from CBS in 2003? Well, I finally got around to photographing the ball that he signed for me. Here it is…

…and FYI, the number “2126” is written on the ball because it was the 2,126th ball that I had snagged at a major league game. That’s how I used to (and still sometimes) mark my baseballs.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to leave for a baseball game in Philadelphia. More tomorrow…


  1. Zack Hample

    I just don’t mark them all anymore. It’s too much work, and I don’t like having writing on all the balls. I only mark the special ones now.

    Didn’t think of it. I’ll look at the ball in black light when I get home. (I’m in Baltimore right now for the next couple days.) Then, if it turns out that there’s an invisible ink stamp on it, I’ll take a pic and post it here.

    It was thrown by Jeff Conine during BP at Shea Stadium.

    I have no idea what his autograph looks like now, but yeah, this one seems decent.

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