Twitter action

Just thought it’d be fun to share all the tweets that people have been posting about me since my new book came out yesterday. The newer ones are on top, so you might want to skip to the bottom and scroll up. And by the way, this is a gigantic screen shot, so you won’t actually be able to click the links. Enjoy!
THANK YOU to everyone who has already picked up a copy of the book. Extra thanks to my friend Avi (“2131andBeyond“) for being as enthusiastic about the book as anyone in the world, and to my future friend A.J. (“oriolefan0321“) for his incredibly kind tweets.


  1. dbacks1985

    Congratulations on the successful release of your book, Zack! It was a really good read (I’m @DBacks08 above), and I am looking forward to rereading it again (slower this time!). If you’re ever going to be in the Phoenix area for a game at Chase Field, please let me know – I’ve got a weekend season ticket package this year, and I’d be honored to save you a ticket and attempt to snag a few balls with you.

  2. zackhample

    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. You must have really read it fast the first time because it’s not THAT short of a book. There’s a decent chance that I’ll end up in Phoenix this year. Not sure about weekends yet, but I’m in the process of planning a huge road trip with a friend, and that’s one of the cities that we’re discussing.

  3. MLBallhawk

    Congratulations Zack on the release of this masterpiece! I hope that my copy signed by you comes in the mail today, I can’t wait to read my couple of pages in the book. It is a HUGE honor being a part or even mentioned in any book but as that famous WARLOCK says, “This is EPIC!!”

    Speaking of that Warlock, hopefully soon I will actually find out if that was my book sitting next to his printer. One of the camera guys thought that it had big red lettering on it which might confirm that in fact it was.

    Make sure you use the info I gave you and get one of your books into his hands. While much of the baseball world may see Ballhawks as #Trolls we all know that we have #TIGERBLOOD!

    How can you not throw in a couple of Charlie Sheen references! Good Luck this season and hopefully we run into each other this season, at a ballpark, not in the stands literally!!


  4. baseballtalkinandsnaggin

    Zack: I ordered your book on Monday from Borders and cannot wait to recieve and start reading it. Also, I was wondering if you had any intentions on being in Houston for the Nationals or Red Sox series in July. I would love to have the opportunity to meet you in person and watch you in action. Also, have you laied out a schedule of where you are going to be this summer. Thank You for all of your tips and advice, J.B. McCracken

  5. zackhample

    Thanks, dude! I hope your copy of the book reaches you soon. Keep me posted on that…and on Charlie Sheen, of course. Exciting stuff all around.

    Thanks for ordering the book. Hope you enjoy it. I really don’t know yet where I’m going to be this season. I’m hoping to make it to Houston for a game or two because I have a great friend there, but I’d have to say that the odds are pretty small that I’ll be there for those series in July. In fact, I’m inclined to avoid the Red Sox because those games will be packed. As for keeping the pics from being distorted, when you upload a new one, you should have the option of creating a thumbnail. Do that and make it 550 pixels wide. That’ll be a full-screen image on your blog, and then you have to link from that to the full-sized version. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not that tough. You just need to play around with it a bit ’til you figure it out.

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