Watching Baseball Smarter update

You remember Watching Baseball Smarter, right? That was my last book. It was published four years ago — and someone just wrote a new review of it for a gambling website called Gaming Today. Here’s a screen shot. The part about me starts halfway down:

And hey, check out the comment by “CAMetgirl” on this Mets forum. Here’s a screen shot in case it disappears or gets buried:
Nice to see that my old book is still getting some love. The new one, by the way, is officially coming out in two days.



    Can’t wait for the book. I’m getting it at 8 AM and I may just finish it all on Tuesday!

  2. metsandmlb

    That’s pretty funny how there is a new review for your old book when you are about to come out with a new book. Also, about your new book, which big name book stores (Borders, Barnes Noble, etc.) will your book go to on Tuesday? Mike

  3. zackhample

    I got a kick out of that too.

    8am?! Damn, that’s dedication.

    Hopefully all the big-name stores. I don’t know. Go into any of them and ask for it. Odds are…you’ll find it.

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