MLB Dreamjob

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails this week about the new MLB Dreamjob position. Here’s a screen shot from

These emails have come from friends who’ve essentially been asking, “Have you heard about this job?!” and “You’re going to apply for it, right?!”
The answer is…I don’t know what to do. The list of qualifications describes me perfectly — no problem there — but there’s one responsibility that wouldn’t really work. It’s the second one on the list: “Must be present in the location to observe all MLB regular season and postseason games during the 2011 season.” Sounds like fun, right? I’m probably going to be watching most of those games anyway. But it also sounds like I wouldn’t get to leave NYC or attend any games. This, of course, would be a major problem. My new book is coming out in 13 days, and although I haven’t yet booked any trips for this season or even looked at the MLB schedule, I’m planning to travel all over the place and attend lots of games and promote it and raise more money for Pitch In For Baseball. I just don’t see how the “dreamjob” would actually fit in with my life at this moment. Or maybe I should just shut up and go for it? And if I’m lucky enough to get chosen, I could worry about the details later?
I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. What should I do? Are you applying for this job too? I think it’s pretty cool that MLB is doing this.



    I see your point about leaving NYC, but I think you should go with “Shut up and go for it! Worry about the details later.” Dream Job! It’s in the title!


    Is this even possible? Watch every game of the entire season? Maybe I’m missing something, but with an average of 12-15 games every night, 3 hours (give or take) per game, there aren’t even enough hours in the day.

    I guess you could have multiple games going at once, but can you really watch and “experience” each game well enough to write/blog about it afterward, while your popping back and forth between 7 games?

    That said, it does sound like fun trying.


    This is a once in a LIFETIME chance. I say go for it! Think of how incredible this could be.
    Honestly though, with all of your baseball writing experience, you are just what MLB is looking for. It could also mean more recognition for your new book, your blog, and more importantly, your charity Pitch in For Baseball.
    One thing I thought was funny was on the application it asks: “Are you old enough to drink alcohol in New York City?”. Yep, sounds like a fun job to me!
    It sounds like a win, win, win, situation.

  4. 07nlchamps

    Z, the only way that would be my dream job is if the requirements were to be able to ATTEND as many Major League games as possible during the season. Sitting in a room watching it would be BORING, you would be bored out of your mind. I love baseball because I can GO to the games, take in batting practice, eat burgers, and get fat. :) It was good talking to you today, like you mentioned, you want to ATTEND lots of games this year, not watch them in a room. Dan


    Zack….this role couldn’t be more tailored to you. Go for it. Work the schedule stuff out later.

  6. 333greystreet

    I think you should go for it. You’d probably get even more exposure to your site and book from mlb. I’m sure they would allow your to at least attend batting practices or a game here and there throughout the year in or around New York City. It does sound perfect for you, I doubt they could find a better candidate.

  7. bigleague_baseballs

    Hey Zack,

    I have a great story to share with you and your blog readers! Hope it’s OK to link to our site. We were contacted by an MLB team about a new commemorative gamer that just came out for 2011! Check out our exclusive story (part2 to come soon) and their news release:

  8. Mateo Fischer

    I don’t pretend to have the arrogance to think I know what is best for you. So, here are some things that might help:

    1. Would having this job make you more happy than you already are?
    2. Are there places outside of NY where you could watch all of the games that night?
    2a. If so, are there places in every stadium where you could do this and still ballhawk during bp?
    2b. If not, would you be willing to not go outside of NYC for ballhawking?
    3. Would you be willing to step away from your current style/flow of life?
    4. Would you be willing to leave this blog because I don’t think there are enough hours in the day to do both?
    5. Would blogging about baseball in general fit the same euphoric feeling or whatever it is that keeps you going in your ballhawking blog.
    6. Would your heart really be in it?
    6a. If not, would it be fair to the other applicants that you got the “Dream Job” and they didn’t. Although, I do agree with Todd’s suggestion.

    “A wise man makes his own decisions, a fool follows the crowd.” Then again, what do I know, I’m eating Chinese takeout in Colombia,


    P.S. Just wondering if you{ve ever typed on a spanish keyboard because it took me about 45 minutes just to post this comment


    Well, Zack, I recieved a reply to my email that I sent the seller of the June 1999 issue of Seventeen. They said that they looked, and it wasn’t in there anywhere. Now what?

  10. zackhample

    Thanks so much for your thoughts. I think I *will* apply for the job, but not right now. I’m in Louisiana with my family, so I’m going to wait a couple day until I’m home and then go for it.

    Shutting up in progress…

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m not sure how it’d work, but hopefully I’ll find out soon.

    Good points. I’m not much of a drinker, though, but whatever. I can’t imagine that that would make me more or less likely to get hired for this position.

    Okay! Okay! But this might mean that we can’t go on any road trips together.

    Yeah, this is how I feel (minus the part about getting fat). I’m really torn, but I think I *will* at least apply.


    Thanks, man. Good to hear from you.

    Very true. For some reason, I hadn’t even considered that.

    WOW!!! I hope the Rockies and D’backs have some of these balls left over and use them during BP during the regular season. Congrats on breaking this story. Truly awesome.

    1) Not necessarily.
    2) Possibly.
    2a) That would be niiiiice.
    3) Yeah, for seven months, I suppose, if the opportunity was really great.
    4) I’d find a way to keep checking in here.
    5) Probably not, but it’d still be awesome.
    6) Yes…again, if the opportunity/circumstances were right.
    6a) That IS something to consider.
    Thanks for taking the time to explore all these angles.

    Damn. Is it worth looking into the May/July issues? I was hoping that maybe these issues would be on display somewhere or archived online so I could just browse through them on my own. Hmm. What do you think?

  11. stock350

    Zack, I applied for the job. I dont expect to get picked, because I know there are plenty amatuers, and semi-pro guys that are probably better at writing, blogging, interviewing than me. But I gave it a shot. Even though Ill be attending a trade school for the next two years of my life, ( which will give me prime snagging time at games ) and I really think if I got the job Id have to probably drop out of school to have the time or give up snagging baseballs to make time or heck, who knows! All I know is I love the game, I love going, I love interacting with players, etc. So it would be awesome to get the job.

    I think you should go for it regardless of what you got going on with your life. Im sure if you did MLB could and would accomodate you in the sense that since its not a full time life long job that you might have other things going on in your life, and a life after the 2011 season. I couldnt see them expecting you to put your life or work on hold for an entire baseball season. But like you said. We are lacking details as of right now.

    Good luck man, and hopefully this year Ill get to meet you.

    Your friend,



    Hi Zack,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time but haven’t commented on anything until now. I’ve truly enjoyed hearing about your various ballhawking experiences, and it seems like you really fit the bill for this job. I would go ahead and apply! After all, if you got the gig, you could blog about it and tell your readers all about the perks, of which there seem to be many, of the job. For what it’s worth, staying in New York for the season wouldn’t be all bad. Didn’t you stay bundled up in your apartment all winter writing “The Baseball”? In any case, this job seems like a terrific conduit for you to channel your passion for the game. Regards, Gabe B.

  13. zackhample

    Good luck to you too. If I don’t get the job, then I hope you do, or I at least hope you get picked as a finalist. I know some other people who are applying, so I can’t root for you 100 percent because that would mean rooting against them…you know? In any case, let’s see if we can get some details and hope to meet you soon/finally.

    GABE B.-
    Thanks for reading/commenting. I love hearing from people who’ve been “lurking” for a while. New York City will always be a great place for me to live, even for seven solid months. You’re right about the bundling up. I barely went anywhere or did anything while working on the book. There was even a weeklong stretch during which I didn’t leave my apartment. In any case, thanks for weighing in on the Dreamjob. Thanks to you and everyone else who commented here, I’ve decided to apply for it. It’s now 1:45am. I just got home from Louisiana two hours ago, and I’m exhausted, but I’m going to apply for the job later today. As soon as I wake up, I’m gonna get started on it.

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