More book reviews

It’s only 20 days until The Baseball officially comes out, and there are a few new book reviews. The biggest one just appeared on Here’s a screen shot of the first part of it:

Click here to read the whole thing, and FYI, baseballs have 108 stitches, not 104 as the writer mentioned in the first paragraph. (Duh.) Big thanks to my friend Todd Cook for sending me the link. I might not have seen this otherwise.
Several days ago, another review appeared on a Dodgers blog called “Vin Scully Is My Homeboy.” Here’s a screen shot…
…and here’s the review itself.
Ready for one more? A teenage baseball fan (whose name happens to be Zac) reviewed the book on his blog called “All Things Pirates: Breaking Down the Buccos.” Here’s the first part of the review…
…and here’s the rest of it. Good stuff.
In other media news, I was interviewed today for nearly two hours by a graduate journalism student from Columbia University. He has to write one story per week for one of his classes, and the stories usually end up hitting the national news wire, which means that bigtime newspapers sometimes pick them up. His story about me won’t be ready for a few weeks, so I’ll post an update if I hear anything.
Moments after I posted this entry, my publisher sent me this:
Hot damn! Booklist is pretty big in the publishing world, so this is great. They reviewed my last book four years ago and said nice things then too. Can’t wait to read more reviews. Let me know if you see any. Sometimes I miss stuff.



    Wow! Less than three weeks, until the new book. (Time goes by fast.) That’s great about all of the top reviewers saying nice things about the book. Also, in response to PSU532’s comment (in your last entry). That episode of “Selling New York”, is called, “Launch Pad”. I looked it up, but couldn’t find the full episode online. But I did find an article about it…..
    Scroll about halfway down. It is only a couple of sentences, and a picture about it……but there it is. A re-run of it is going to be on T.V. in the next few days.
    (P.S. Thanks for helping me settle my debate. I will definetely buy the book.)

  2. roberto6

    Hello Mateo,

    There wasn’t any books released early. The book comes out March. I guess they are sending out books to big blogs and sites.

    By the way, I’m Roberto, the owner of “Vin Scully Is My Homeboy”.

    And Zack, loved the book. I read it in one day. I enjoyed reading about the Rawlings factory in Costa Rica.

    Good luck!


  3. zackhample

    You might be the best person I know at digging up obscure info on the internet. And hey, if you’re up for a challenge, there IS one thing in particular that Im trying to find. It would require somewhat of an offline scavenger hunt as well. It’s baseball/snag related. Let me know if you want to hear more.

    As Roberto said just below your comment, my publisher has been sending copies to various media outlets, including various sports blogs. I’m not sure exactly how certain blogs make the cut, but obviously it’s very helpful to have people checking out the book ahead of time and writing reviews.

    Thanks for answering Mateo, and thanks for the kind words about the book. Really glad you enjoyed it. How did you end up getting a copy? I’m just curious how the process works. Did someone from my publisher (perhaps named Dan?) contact you randomly about it?

  4. roberto6

    Hi Zack,

    I’ve done several book reviews before and I’m always checking what’s the latest. I kindly asked the publishing company for a copy. I did thank Dan and I asked him to tell you about my review.

    Thanks Zack,


  5. zackhample

    Ahh, cool. Thanks for letting me know.

    Well, basically, my first book (“How to Snag Major League Baseballs”) was mentioned briefly in a magazine back in 1999. I never saw the actual magazine — I only got a xerox of the piece — but I was told that it came from the June 1999 issue of “Seventeen.” Here’s the actual piece:
    Ideally, I’d love to figure out which issue of which magazine the piece appeared in, and then I’d love to get my hands on an original (not xeroxed) copy of the whole magazine. I’ve tried contacting “Seventeen” directly, but haven’t gotten anywhere. You seem like a true internet master, so I’m wondering if you might have any ideas.

    Hey there. Thanks for reading/commenting and for sending me the link to this “dream job.” I would love to have that job, but because I have a new book coming out, I kinda feel like all my attention should go toward promoting it…and traveling and going to games and so on. I don’t know. I’m thinking about applying for it.


    I couldn’t find anything on the internet, to confirm what magazine it’s from. (I WILL keep looking however.)
    However, if it is indeed a June 1999 issue of Seventeen(like you were told), then there is one on ebay. I emailed the seller, asking them about it. I hopefully, will hear back from them in a day or two. I will let you know what they say.


    I still haven’t had any luck using the internet, to find which magazine that mention came from. I did however get a response from my email to the person selling the June 1999 issue of Seventeen. They said that they would look for it, and get back to me tomorrow with the result. Also, I contacted Seventeen directly through email. I recieved an email back, but it was just a confirmation that my email had been recieved. Maybe they’ll actually respond.(I don’t count on it. But hey. You never know.) When(if), I hear something more from either of them, I’ll let you know.


    Zack, did you ever track down that episode of Selling NY that had the Argosy in it? If not, I still have that show on my Tivo and I can burn it onto a DVD for you. Let me know via email if you need me to burn it for you….

  9. zackhample

    Wow, can’t thank you enough. I also tried reaching out directly to “Seventeen” and got an automated response. I never heard from them after that. Can’t wait to hear what you find out.

    I’ll email you right now.

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