Book update No. 30 — final copies

Look what I got:

That’s right, baby — final copies of my new book, The Baseball, which is coming out one month from today.
Several days ago, a teenage baseball fan named Matt (who often leaves comments here as “mhbaseball”) wrote a review of the book on his blog. Here’s a screen shot of the first half of it:
Click here to read the rest of this (awesome) review on Matt’s blog.



    NICE! I am debating over wether or not I want to buy the book from the store. On one hand; I have the contents of the book in the galley; and have already read it. But, on the other hand; I REALLY like the cover. Hmmm. What to do? (Maybe I’ll go to a store and cut off just the cover, while no one is looking. Then I could glue it to the front of my galley. :) I hope you know that I’m just joking.)
    P.S. Thanks for the postitive comment on my blog. (Glad you approved of the book review.)


    Wow! I can’t believe I screwed up the words positive and whether. I might want to start proofreading my comments.

  3. cookandsonbats

    Looks excellent, Zack. Way to go! Mission accomplished. Now sell lots of them. Two more comments/questions:
    1) If you know, why and by whom was the baseball on the cover edited? I saw the original photograph on the photographer’s website, I can’t remember his name now — something with an “H”! – and noticed that the “Rawlings” logo was visible. Was it edited to hide the logo for your book, or is this a alternate version created by the author for his own purposes? Just wondering…
    2) While searching google for your book update debuting the cover of the book (I didn’t find it), I found this blog entry posing the question, Zack Hample – Cool or not? Figured you’d like to see it, if you haven’t already.


    Hey Zack,

    First time commenting. Zack you look like you’ve aged about 10 years in the past month or two! Haven’t seen that many photos of you lately but what are you doing in the off season dude??? I love your blog by the way and very excited for the new book!



    Just realized that the comment might’ve come across as mean. I was just being funny. You look really young all the time, so don’t worry. Everyone takes a bad photo every now and then! I’m gonna shut up now.

  6. bigglovebob

    Hey Zack! I have the book pre-ordered and am looking forward to reading it. Hope all is going great with you!

    Big Glove Bob


    Zack congrats again on the new book. So I was watching the real estate show called “Selling New York” today and this autograph collector was on the show and he ended up going to the Argosy with his realtor! Haha. Have you seen that episode? Did you know they filmed at the Argosy that day? It was pretty cool….

  8. zackhample

    Thanks for the comments and sorry for taking so long to respond. I don’t really want to get into any details, but I’ve been dealing with some unpleasant personal stuff lately and needed a mini-break from the blog.

    Let me settle this debate for you: buy the book! As for your spelling mistakes, don’t worry about it. These things happen, and you know what? I hadn’t even noticed until you pointed them out.

    Thanks. I’m really glad you like it. I feel like you’ve been by my side throughout this whole process, so it’s cool to finally get to show this to you. The cover photo was edited because there was a hint of the logo showing, and I could tell that it wasn’t actually an official major league ball. I asked my editor if the logo could be edited off, and she checked with the photographer (Don Hamerman; see, and everyone was okay with that. I hadn’t actually seen the “cool or not” blog entry, so thanks for sharing.

    Nice face to you too, pal.

    I’m excited that you’re excited. For real.

    It’s all good. Even when I’m 80, I’ll still be a handsome son-of-a-gun. Thanks for reading my blog and for commenting, and I hope you like the new book.

    Dude! Thanks for ordering a copy. Let me know what you think, even if you hate it, but I know that won’t be the case.

    I haven’t seen that episode. Do you know if it’s archived online somewhere? I’d love to check it out.

    Awesome review. Thanks very much. I just included it in my new blog entry.

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