The day got off to a disappointing start. We had plans to take a tour of the Mount Gay Rum factory. We called ahead to make sure it was open. A recorded message said it was. But when we arrived, the security guard turned us away because there was a “private event.”

(Private event?! I’ll show you a private event…)

We visited a well-known pottery place instead called Earthworks. Here it is from the outside:

Here’s a look inside…
…and here’s another:
Cool stuff. Not really my thing. But still cool.
THIS was more like it:
We had a driver for the day, a very friendly woman named Yvette, who took us all over the island. At one point, we had to stop when a bunch of cows slowly crossed the road:
Still bummed about the rum factory, we poked our heads into a roadside rum shop. Here I am heading inside:
My half-sister Martha was really the one who wanted to check it out. (I’m not much of a drinker.) She bought a small bottle of rum and a can of coconut/pineapple juice to go with it. Here she is pouring herself a drink (as Lucille, the shop owner, looks on):
Check out the ground outside the shop:
Yvette took us to several spots with great views. This was the best:
That’s me on the left, Martha (who’s 14 years older than me) in the middle, and my mom on the right.
On our way back down to sea level, I said I needed a bathroom.
“Number one or two?” asked Yvette.
“Number one,” I said.
“Just go over there,” she replied, pulling over to the side of the road and pointing at the sugar cane.
So I did. And Martha photographed me:
(If you find yourself in Barbados anytime soon, you might want to use an artificial sweetener.)
We’d made reservations to go on a short snorkeling trip at 2pm, and we had to drive through Bridgetown, the capitol of Barbados, to get there:
We changed into our bathing suits and headed to the boat:
There were about a dozen of us total: three employees, four divers, and five snorkelers. Here are some of the people on board, including Martha (wearing the yellow and blue shirt) and my mom (in the straw hat):
Once we got going, we left a nice wake…
…and reached our destination two minutes later. See the dark patch of water in the following photo where all the snorkelers are?
That dark color was the result of a sunken ship just 20 feet below the surface, and there were LOTS of fish swimming around. There were actually several shipwrecks in this vicinity so we had lots to see. Martha had a waterproof camera…which got some water deep inside and stopped working. (Oopsie.) So, unfortunately, we have no pics from beneath the surface. There are no pics of me in snorkeling gear either — just a topless photo of me on the boat, which I won’t share because I look ridiculous: very white (from avoiding the sun in general) and somewhat pink (from having gotten too much of it the day before). Here’s another pic of me instead:
We were on our way to get some roti (with curried meat; I got mine with pork) from a little roadside stand.
Back at our condo, my mom played with her laptop while I kicked Martha’s heinie at Scrabble:
This was the view behind me from our terrace:



    Sucks about the Rum Factory. (I’ve learned never to trust recordings. Half of the time they’re not updated. Obviously.) But anyway, the awesome views look like they made up for the factory. (What’s with the random fist at the rum shop? Playing rock-paper-scissors with a ghost?) No offense to Martha, but some “Waterproof” camera. :-)

  2. zackhample

    Sometimes, Matt, a random fist pump is the thing to do. No offense taken (by me or Martha). It’s simply a sucky camera. And BTW, I got your email, but haven’t had a chance to respond. It’s been a real struggle just to keep up with the blog, but I want to do this for myself, more than anything. I don’t expect many folks to be interested in my random sight-seeing photos, but I want a record of it for myself.


    That’s fine about the e-mail. I understand. Also, I can’t speak for others, but I find these entries about Barbados fantastic, and fun to read.

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