It was another day at the beach:

My mom and I sat in the shade (this is why I’m so pale, but I’ll be the last person to get skin cancer, ha ha ha) and played Scrabble:
While waiting for her to make her plays, I entertained myself by taking pics of random people walking by:
The game took forever, and that was fine. It was nice to zone out and stare at the water and not use my brain for minutes at a time. Here’s a pic of the final board:
I bingoed three times, first with OVERBREd for 66 points, then with CRANKIER for 66 more, and eventually with SUNdIAL for 70. That was the final move of the game; I “bingoed out” (as they say in the Scrabble world) for a 430-250 victory.
But wait, *was* it the end of the game? After tallying the score, my mom discovered nine tiles lying on the sand between our chairs.
What the–?!
Evidently, they had fallen out of the bag. Lucky we found them. They don’t exactly stand out in the sand. If this were a tournament, there would’ve been some fancy-schmancy ruling about how to replay (or perhaps NOT replay) the endgame, but in this case, we just called it quits.
At 5pm, I rented a jet ski for half an hour. Here I am getting a last-minute life jacket inspection:
I helped the guy drag the thing into the water…
…and then I was off:
More off:
I had to go past those boats, and then I absolutely flew. Ohmygod, so much fun.
I came back in after a few minutes and gave Martha (my half-sister) a brief ride. Then I took my mom o
ut for a bit. Between the two of them, I must have heard the phrase “SLOW DOWN!!!” at least a dozen times. Thankfully, I still had a few minutes at the end to head back out on my own and go full speed. There were waves. I went airborne on several occasions. Did I mention it was fun?
Fast-forward three hours. My mom and Martha and I went to a “fish fry” and had a great/memorable meal. Check out my plate below:
Let me identify everything…
At the very top, you’re looking at fried flying fish. (Say THAT ten times fast.) The round thing on the right is a grilled potato, which was cooked with garlic butter and some spices. Soooo good. Below that is macaroni salad. To the left of that is regular salad with a very creamy dressing, and above that is cheesy pasta, aka “macaroni pie” to the lovely people of Barbados. The flat yellow thing in the middle is breadfruit (which I’d never had before). It was potato-like. Not great. Not bad. Just different.
The meal cost $20 Barbados, which is $10 US. This is where we ate:
That’s my mom in the white and blue flowery shirt and Martha sitting to her left.
There were lots of tents with vendors selling stuff — mostly jewelry.
We passed by a bunch of food stands, including this one:
(So glad it wasn’t Tuesday.)
Last thing of note: I was offered drugs three times today, first at the beach by a sketchy-looking guy who identified himself as a “farmer.” (This made my mom laugh when I told her, and the guy was still within earshot, so that was embarrassing, but hey, that’s what moms are for.) Then, at the fish fry, I was approached by two more guys, including one in the bathroom as I stepped out of a nasty stall. For the record, I politely declined the offers. I happen to think that all drugs should be legal, but I have no interest in using any of them myself.



    You may already know this, but Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez are going to play for the Tampa Bay Rays this year. It came as a shock to me. But anyway, I have always wanted to go jet skiing, but have never gotten around to doing it. It looks so fun. (Maybe I’ll give it a shot when I go to the beach in the summer.)

  2. zackhample

    Yup, I heard about it, only because I happened to catch the headlines on Google News. But thanks for letting me know. Definitely go jet skiing. It’s hard not to love.

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