I’m in Barbados!
So is my half-sister Martha. Here we are on the beach:
My mom is also here (pictured below in the red shirt):
Why are we in Barbados?
Because the weather in NYC sucks, and it was time for a vacation.
We’re staying in a two-bedroom condo. Here’s a shot of the kitchen and living room (taken when we first arrived)…
…and here’s the view from our back terrace:
That’s about it for now. Day 1 was pretty simple. We didn’t get here ’til 4pm, and the rest of my pics aren’t worth sharing. More soon…



    Looks like your having a great time. Can’t wait to see more entries from Barbados. I had to google Barbados. (I had no idea where it was.) So I guess in a weird way….thanks for the geography lesson.


    I forgot to ask if you heard about Derek Jeter selling his NYC penthouse. I think you should buy it……it’s only 20 million. Besides you would have so much fun decorating the five and a half bathrooms with business card wallpaper. :)
    -Matt (By the way, is there a time difference between Barbados and the East coast?)

  3. zackhample

    Good times are indeed being had. You’re welcome for the (unintentional) lesson. I’m going to post my “Day 2” entry in an hour or two. I hadn’t heard about Jeter’s apartment. (Nice!) And…Barbados is one hour later than New York.

    I asked my cab driver yesterday about baseball. He said there’s not even a baseball *field* in Barbados. Not sure if that’s true, but it goes to show that the sport isn’t too popular here. Everyone’s into cricket.

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