Upper West Side blizzard photos

Want to see what New York City looks like with 18 inches of snow? I wandered around the Upper West Side yesterday — the day after the blizzard — and took a bunch of pics.

Here’s Amsterdam Avenue:

Here’s a side street between Amsterdam and Broadway:
Here’s Broadway:
Here are some delivery bikes:
Here’s a crosswalk:
Here’s some delicious lemon ice:
Here’s an unplowed street between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive:
In the photo above, the building waaay off in the distance is in New Jersey, on the other side of the Hudson River.
Here’s my friend Maria (in the white jacket) and my half-sister Martha (wearing black) near some book tables on Broadway:
They dragged me to Urban Outfitters and proceeded to try on every single piece of the clothing in the entire store.
Here I am with Martha…
…and Maria:
The End.


  1. bigappleblogger

    During a blizzard in NYC an optimist would say “Oh wow! look at the pretty snow!”and a pessimist would say “Oh great, here come three months of grey piles of snow on every corner”. It was a fun blizzard, though. Nice pictures by the way

  2. padreleigh

    Great pics Zack…

    Don’t know what I would do if I had to live in an area where it snowed.


  3. mhbaseball@mh.com

    I normally wouldn’t comment twice, but I wanted to wish you, and everyone else reading this, a Happy New Year. (Sorry this has nothing to do with the snow pictures.) I wish you good luck this year with (hopefully), snagging baseball number 5,000. Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  4. zackhample

    Ha, don’t worry, I won’t forget. Happy New Year to you too.

    So true. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    You would go out and play in it. Sorry I missed your call the other day (week?!). Gimme another call sometime…

  5. Mateo Fischer

    Looks like I fled to DC just in time. I left the day of that blizzard and it missed us. Then again, I like the snow and it did cause me 10+ hours of the middle seat. At least I spent time with the Step-family. Who am I kidding, I wish I would’ve been in NYC for that. I really should start thinking before I write these things.

    Back to eight hours of bitter-sweet,

  6. alexmcmurray@gmail.com

    So now we have “Snagging Snowballs.” Love it!

    Which moves do you like the most/least so far, Zack, free agent-wise?

  7. zackhample

    I love the middle seat. It’s cozy. And then when I start playing Tetris on my laptop, I can impress two people at once.

    Thanks. I think I’m gonna answer you in the form of a new blog entry.

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