1. Stuart Jon

    3 Months woohoo!!! Sounds a long time though. After we have all read it, will there be a proper time and place to discuss it, ask questions etc like a forum just for the new book?

    You should arrange a book signing at Citi Field or Yankee Stadium! I know it’s crazy but still that would be fitting!

    Stuart Jon

  2. mhbaseball@mh.com

    Thanks for making this video. I found it very interesting.
    Can’t wait until the new book, “The Baseball”, comes out!
    Did you know that if you took out all of the string from every baseball you have ever caught and tied it together it could nearly reach from Yankee Stadium to Turner Field?

  3. dlee22@wustl.edu

    Is that a soulpatch you’re growing? I like it. More importantly though, what does Jona think?
    And ditto on the pellet. Did you mention that the black hemispheres were rubber as well? I forget.
    And please don’t tell me you used your own baseball to do this, even if it was from Washington…

  4. sheasrebellion

    Question: I recently dissected an NCAA baseball and discovered an additional layer of thin orange rubber after pulling off the poly-cotton thread. Is there a specific reason for this in regards to how the ball would react?

    By the way Stuart, as far as I know, the pellet is made out of highly compressed cork.

  5. zackhample

    Sorry for the slow reply. Even though it’s the “off” season, things have been just as busy as ever…

    I’m not planning to set up any special forum or anything, so I guess everyone can just post their questions here on the blog. I always try to answer all the comments, although sometimes (like right now) it takes me a few days. I thought about doing a signing at a stadium, but that would be *really* expensive, so I doubt it’ll happen. I mean, if the Mets or Yankees offered to have me there as a guest and if they’d provide the space, then yeah, I’d go for it, but that probably won’t happen, so I’d be looking at renting out a party room and having it catered…and so on. Too much money. The pellet is made of rubber and finely granulated cork. These two materials then get compressed into that little sphere-shaped thing.

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I had no idea about the length of the string. That’s insane!


    Yeah, it’s a soul patch…thanks. Jona always liked it — she was the one who suggested that I grow it — but she and I actually aren’t together anymore. As for the hemispheres, yeah, they’re also made of rubber. The ball wasn’t one that I personally snagged. A friend got it at that game and gave it to me. Don’t worry, I never counted it in my collection. I just saved it for a special occasion, and THIS was it.

    It’s a good question, and I wish I could answer it, but I strictly focused on major league baseballs for my book. I suppose that the rubber could help the ball keep its shape and maybe even serve as a waterproofing agent. Hmm. That’s strange. Did you take pics?

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