Book update No. 26 — final cover

Big news!!

My editor just sent me an image of the front and back cover of the book, and she said I can share it on my blog. So here you go:
Pretty spiffy, eh?
Here’s a closer look at the front…
…and here’s a closer look at the back:
BTW, see that little photo of me with the pyramid of baseballs? Click here to see how it was constructed.


  1. Howie

    WoW…pure awesomeness. I might need to get to barnes and noble 2 and a half hours early so I can be the first one to get it.



    I can tell that this book is going to be awesome just by looking at the cover. Can’t wait to read it in March.
    P.S. Congratulations on writing your third book!

  3. stinkythecat

    Looks awesome man! Of all your books so far this one has the best cover by far. Super excited to read it!

  4. Stuart Jon

    Sick cover! Can’t wait to read this while watching spring training, does not get much better in baseball than that. Apart from the Yankees winning the World Series!!

    Stuart Jon


    How about a book tour/ballpark tour extravaganza that takes you to all 30 parks next season, and a party/book signing in each city hosted/sponsored by your fans in each town? It would also be fun to have it culminate with a visit to the new Marlins park.
    Also, you’re at 48 parks now…what will be the 50th? Are there any unique-site games planned for next year so 50 will be in 2012 in Miami?

  6. zackhample

    Thank you all SO much for the kind words. To answer those of you who asked specific questions…

    I’m really not sure about that ball. All I can tell you is that my publisher tracked down a few random photos of old balls, and I ended up picking this one. As for Brandon, good call. Very observant of you to spot that. He didn’t know he was gonna get a credit, so he’s pumped.

    Nothing to report yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

    That would be incredible, but there are two issues. First, who the hell would pay for a trip like that? My publisher certainly won’t because it’s just too expensive. And second, I’m not well-known enough to draw huge crowds in every city. Anyway, I think the Marlins’ new ballpark will be No. 49 for me unless MLB decides to open the 2012 season in Japan or something like that. I don’t know. I heard some talk of a few games next season possibly being moved to Vancouver, so we’ll see.


    Looks great, Zack!
    i have interesting news that may put me in Philadelphia late-June or early-July. We’ll talk. . .

    love and peace–

  8. zackhample

    Thanks. Can’t wait to hear the news. (And to see you again.)

    Coming from you, that means a lot.

  9. 5280grl

    Now I have 2 reasons to be exited for March. 1) I can finally get my mitts on a copy of your book to satisfy my voracious baseball literature appetite and 2) Spring training will be underway. Looks awesome, Zack (as if we expected anything short of that).

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