Per-game average

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That’s right. I broke the single-season balls-per-game record. (I actually didn’t know that I’d broken the record until Alan Schuster, the creator of, told me several days ago.)
Here’s the article about it:
Here’s a link to the article itself, and here’s my profile on
By the way, the photo of me that Alan chose for this article was taken on 6/30/10 at Hiram Bithorn Stadium. Here’s the complete photo. I was excited because I’d just gotten my hands on that T-shirt, which wasn’t officially for sale, so I had to learn how to say, “Can I buy your T-shirt?” in Spanish and then get a stadium employee to sell it to me after exiting the stadium.
And finally, in case this article didn’t make it clear, my season of snagging is now done. I’ll be watching the final World Series game(s) on TV…



    Guess whose name (and 4500+ balls) just showed up in a newspaper ad for a Portland (Oregon) area car dealership?

  2. baseballtalkinandsnaggin

    Zach, congrats on the excellent season and the excellent article. I am glad that you are getting some much deserved recognition for all that you do. Do you know how to keep track of how much traffic your blog is getting?

    Thank You for all the help and advice about the W.S. game. I had a blast and despite all of the other people there, I managed to snag 1 ball during bp. Do you know if the Rangers or Giants will use W.S. balls in bp next year?

    Thanks again for all of the help,

  3. Mateo Fischer

    Congratulations Zack,

    How could you not know? You were hovering around ten at the end there. I thought no one had even come close to that number, right? Well anyone who goes to solely MLB games anyway. You probably read this already but, you have a new record to chase That’s what, 55 games at this pace maybe 60. Unless, you have some other project on the books for next year.

    Good luck,


    Zack- Nice job breaking your old record; especially with everything else going on in your life (book, Dad, etc..)

    every time I hear Lady Antebellum I think of you.
    Looking forward to Spring and the new book.

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