Converting old 35mm slides

You know how much I love photos, right? Well, two weeks ago, I discovered that my mom has TWENTY-SEVEN slide carousels filled with long-lost images from way back in the day.

The solution?
Lots of free time and this Wolverine F2D slide converter, which I bought for about $85 on Amazon.
Here’s my work station:

The red thing on the left is the actual converter. The black thing in the middle is the slide tray (with the top/cover open). The white circular thing on the right is one of the carousels.
The way it works is simple…
You place four slides onto the tray and close the cover so it clicks shut. Then you slide the tray through the converter, one image at a time. The converter has a light box that projects the pictures onto a little LCD screen…like this:
(In the photo above, the image on the screen was taken by my mom in Venice in 1972 — five years before I was born.)
Then you basically just click the “OK/COPY” button and push the tray over to the next slide. It’s a bit more complicated than that. There are several other buttons and settings, and it actually took me a while to figure out how everything works, but once I got it going…man. I’ve been flying along.
For those of you who’ve never seen a slide carousel, here’s a closer look:
Slides now seem absurd and clunky and antiquated, but several decades ago, this was cutting-edge technology.
Here are four of the carousels that I’ve already finished:
Check out this photo of my mom in Iran in 1960:
(She’s the one in the purple dress.)
She was 23 years old and went on a trip around the world by herself to Greece, Turkey, Israel, and yes, Iran.
Of course, the world was much different back then, but still…damn.
I’ve found lots of old photos of my dad that I’d never seen before, including this one with me in Florida in 1985:
As you can imagine, seeing all these old photos has been rather intense — and at times quite sad. But it’s worth it. I feel like I’m rediscovering and reconnecting to my childhood.
Here’s one more photo of me from 1986 with my baseball glove. I was almost nine at the time:
There are so many more photos that I’m going to share. In the coming weeks, I’ll post some here on the blog, and I’ll also add some to the photos page on my web site.
Okay, okay…ONE more of me for now. Here I am, age five, proudly lifting a heavy metal wheel of some sort over my head:
Did you notice my sweet Pac-Man shirt? Those were the days…



    Awesome photos, Zack. I adore the one of you in the Pac-Man shirt! Looking forward to seeing more…

  2. gtapunk

    Nice! My friend just said today that she was digitalising slides at work, before I saw this post! My Dad is planning on doing that in time, he has plenty of carousels too, not sure how many.

    You were doing the heavy lifting to prepare for playing ball, future long toss!

  3. zackhample


    I think the video game shirt was more of a sign of things to come than the lifting.

  4. Txbaseballfan

    Great entry & great idea! One of my dearest memories of my childhood is staying the weekend at my grandma & grandpa’s house and spending HOURS looking at all of their photos. I would give anything to be able to do that today.

    Stay in touch friend,

  5. zackhample

    Thanks, and I hear about missing stuff from the past. I’m the KING of reminiscing. Sorry about your team falling short of the ultimate dream, but I have to say…I was rooting for the Giants. Maybe I’ll see you next year in Arlington. I hope to make it back there soon, and of course we’ll keep in touch.

    No, I went through a few of them over the years, but good observation.

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