Yankees shrine

There’s a doorman in my mom’s building who’s in LOVE with the Yankees. I went over last night and…

(The doorman declined to be photographed.)
That’s all I can say.


  1. baseballtalkinandsnaggin

    WOW Zack!!! I knew Red Sox fans were obsessive, but Yankee fans?? I guess you learn something new everyday. Anyway, I went to game 2 of the ALCS last weekend and caught my first baseball EVER!!! Even better, it was Jeter and A-Rod’s warmup ball before the game even started. I will try and blog about it this weekend. Could you please tell me how to put pics on blog posts the way you do? I can’t wait to read the book. Are you going to a world series game?

    Thank You for all the ball snagging tips,


  2. zackhample

    Congrats on the excellent snag. That’s a great ball to get. In order to load pics, you have to click the little “photo” icon when you’re writing an entry. On my dashboard, it’s the 4th icon from the right. It’s kind of green — just to the left of the icon with the UP arrow. Then wait a moment and click “Upload New Image.” Then click “Choose File” and navigate your way to wherever the file lives on your computer. (At least that’s how I do it on my Mac.) Then click the blue “Upload” button within the “Insert Image” window. Then, in the “File Options” window, you’ll probably want to check the “Use thumbnail” box and change it to 550 pixels. That’s how wide the MLBlogs screen is, so if you want your image to fill the screen, that’s the size you should use. Make sure all three of those boxes are checked, and then click the blue “Finish” button. Of course you’ll want to make sure that before you start this whole uploading process, your cursor is in the spot where you want the photo to go. Hope that helps.

  3. stock350


    Thats awesome. I bet that doorman was crushed when Texas beat the Yankees Friday night. I was in attendance, and it was so explosive in that stadium. Nothing like I have ever experienced! Ill be throwing up a blog about it on here sometime..probably after I recover from the trip.

    Im also contemplating on going to Citizens Bank considering theres a game seven. How about you? Any furture trips in the works?

    Take care Zack,

    Your friend,


  4. zackhample

    Well, so much for Game 7 in Philly. It would’ve been exciting to see that, but I’m really happy with the outcome of that series, so no complaints. No more trips planned for me, I’m afraid. I don’t really want to spend $1,000 to go to a World Series game.

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