Gustavo Watch, Part 27

jinxed_with_the_astros.jpgIt’s only been 10 days since my last Gustavo Watch, but what can I say? The guy keeps pitching badly — and last night I had the pleasure of watching his mini-meltdown on TV.

It all started when Gustavo entered the game in the 14th inning and walked the leadoff man. As you can see in the photo below, he seemed a bit nervous immediately after:
That leadoff man, by the way, was Jose Reyes, and after he advanced to second base on a sac bunt by Angel Pagan, our friend Gustavo got a visit from his pitching coach:
Reyes proceeded to steal third base, and then Gustavo walked Mike Hessman to put runners on the corners.
What happened next?
I’m glad you asked.
Chacin was instructed to issue an intentional walk to Carlos Beltran:
Ike Davis stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded…
…and hit a routine fly ball to right field.
Sac fly, baby!
Check out SNY’s snazzy split-screen action…
…and note the updated score:
What happened to Francoeur and his .290 on-base percentage?
Intentional walk:
With the bases now loaded for a second time, I was hoping for a granny from Josh Thole, but alas, the young catcher went down swinging to end the inning.
Nevertheless, Gustavo had surrendered the go-ahead run. That’s all that mattered. The Hample Jinx had done did its job yet again.
Mets closer Manny Acosta (Manny Acosta?!) retired the Astros on five pitches in the bottom of the 14th, and that was that. Game over. Final score: Mets 3, Astros 2.
Here’s a final screen shot…
…and a closer look in case you missed the most important part:


  1. stinkythecat

    I think you should go on a huge trip this fall. Maybe sometime in september, assuming your book is done though. Also, in that trip, I really think you should go to Minute Maid Park again because its been a while since you’ve gone. And yeahm sweet tv. Crystal clear HD doesn’t get any better.

  2. txfilmmkr

    Uggh! As a painfully die hard Astros fan, it rubs me raw to see Chacin in our bullpen. I keep wondering how long this failed experiment will keep playing out.

    I agree that another trip to MMP is in order. I shouted to Gustavo at Monday night’s game, “Hey Gus, Zack Hample says hi!” He just ignored me.

    Donny in Houston

  3. zackhample

    Heh…thanks. I don’t use it for anything except baseball and occasional movies, but it’s worth it.

    I would love to go on a huge trip next month, but I just don’t think I’ll be able. Right now, I’m just hoping to get out to a few Mets games, maybe a few Orioles games, and maybe one game in Boston and one in Philly. I’d be satisfied with that.

    Hahahaha!!! I love it!!! Thanks.

    Yep, pretty much.

    Nice pairing. Funny how that automated system works. :-)

    Good for him. Neither can I (where I most need it). But no, seriously, I was not aware of that.

    Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for that link.

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