SI Kids mention

I was mentioned in the July 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated Kids, and I just tracked down a copy.

Here’s the cover:

Here’s the main article for which I was briefly interviewed…
…and here’s the little section about me on the following page:
“Hundreds” of balls?! C’mon, SI.
By the way, this is the second time I’ve been in Sports Illustrated Kids. This was the first.


  1. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    At least he didn’t say you were in the “tens”. Did they call you and ask to use stuff from your book or do they just put what they want in the mag? Also, I got hit with ANOTHER home run. That’s TWICE this year! Ha ha. On Friday, Gabby Sanchez’s HR went off the facade above us and off my side. It was really fast. No chance to snag it. It shot away from me completely. Close anyway. Next game?


  2. bigglovebob

    Hey Zack, not sure if you knew this or not, but opening day next year is going to be in Taiwan. You travelled to San Juan, now the question is are you man enough to book Taiwan?

  3. stinkythecat

    I have a question: Where do you get those shirts with the MLB logos on them? Like the ones that say what a game and i live for this. I have looked up and down the internet and i cant find any like that. Even one with just the logo would be sweet. Thanks bro. And i second the Taiwan game for you haha.

  4. padreleigh

    I’ll go with you to Taiwan. We can crash at Sammy Wu’s place, eat some rice and see some baseball. Delta Skymiles will get me there.



    Zack, i go to Yankee stadium plenty of times, but everywhere you look, they have officers and stadium personnel. How do you always manage to get around them otherwise one of 2 things r gonna happen
    1. i go broke trying to but decent seats at the
    2. i dont see anything at all


    Hey Zack! Congrats on SI Kids. Just wanted to let you know that when I went to the Blue Jays@Yankees on July 3rd I didn’t get any baseballs. Got there late. (5th inning :/ )
    I went to the Phillies@Marlins game last night and managed to get 5 baseballs by myself which is a record for me.
    Cole Hamels maybe threw 2 baseballs into the croud. He is an ***. There was 5 balls by him at one time and he wouldn’t throw any in.
    Jose Contreras is really nice though and threw me and several kids baseballs.
    Ryan Madson is an idiot and wouldn’t throw ANY to anybody. Little kids were asking for balls and he was acting like he didn’t see the baseballs that went by him.

    All in all, good game. No perfect game this time, lol.

  7. zackhample

    They called and interviewed me, so the fact that they got the number wrong is puzzling. As for your getting hit with the home run…I don’t even know what to say. My next game was yesterday in Baltimore.

    I heard some talk about Taiwan, and I’ll say this now: if those games actually get played, and if they count as part of the regular season, I will 100% be there.

    I only have two shirts with MLB logos, and I bought them right off the back of some guys in college for $40 apiece. I have no idea where they got them.


    Sometimes I pay extra money for good seats. Other times, I have friends at games with good seats, and they’ll get me into their sections. And sometimes, I’ll just flat-out sneak past security.

    Yeah. Are you going?

    I just left you a quick comment on your blog. The writing looks pretty tight. Stick with it. It’s tough to build up an audience, but over time, you’ll get more readers. I would suggest putting some photos on your blog. People really like photos.

    Thanks and congrats on the five baseballs. That’s an excellent total.

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