Facebook vs. Twitter

There seems to be some confusion regarding my use of social networking web sites, so let me set the record straight:

I’m not on Facebook.
Got it?
To be fair, I can see why there’s confusion. It’s because there are five different Zack Hample pages on that site, including a few that are impersonating me. (See here, here, here, here, and here.)
The impersonation has really gotten out of hand. One of the fake Zack Hamples has not only been accepting friend requests from people who vaguely know me, but then RSVPing to their invitations. Just last week, a young woman in my writing group (who Googled me and assumed I was on Facebook) sent the fake Zack Hample an invitation to a book signing. He responded and said he/I would be there. As you might expect, the woman was peeved when I didn’t show up, and I had some explaining to do. I have since informed all 400-plus people on the writing group’s email list that I’m not on Facebook. (As for why I’m not on it, you’ll find a long explanation at the bottom of the FAQ section on my web site.)
Meanwhile, you might be interested to know that
I *am* on Twitter.
Of course, there’s also a fake Zack Hample on that site (who posts nothing but spam), so don’t be fooled. THIS is my real Twitter page. Check it out. You’ll see that it’s not just a bunch of links to my blog entries; I actually write full sentences about what I’m doing and thinking. (What a concept!)
Now, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I still have a profile on MySpace. At this point, I hardly ever log in to that site (does anyone?), but in case you do, feel free to add me as a friend. Meanwhile, I’m not at all embarrassed about my page on MyGameBalls.com. I also have a channel on YouTube, speaking of which…
Exactly 10 years ago, I appeared on a game show called “To Tell The Truth.” There were two other contestants who teamed up with me and pretended to be Zack Hample. (Very appropriate given all the Facebook nonsense that I’ve had to deal with.) A panel of celebrity judges then grilled us in an attempt to determine which one of us was “the real Zack Hample.” The way the show worked was that for every incorrect guess by the panel, we got $1,000 — not exactly life-changing money, but still pretty good. Anyway, I have the entire segment on YouTube, and it’s pretty silly, so if you have a few minutes to spare, check it out. Here’s the link.


  1. vegantemp@hotmail.com

    Creepy that some anonymous person(s) is(are) pretending to be you. Weirdness. Makes for an interesting blog entry, though!

  2. baseballexperiences

    Pretty sketchy that people are doing that, but not as bad as the hate mail. I found that group the guy above me ^^^ was pretty funny actually, atleast the name.

  3. danr@moviechurch.com

    What’s the font size on those two statements?! Quite possibly the largest font I’ve ever seen here on snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com

  4. bettencourt

    Zack, those arent people impersonating you… those are fan pages, and groups about you. One is actually your Wikipedia page.

  5. jalen18@hotmail.com


    I’ve read your blog for a long time. I only go to 1 games per season because i live 5 hours from the nearest stadium. I just got back from this year’s games and something very special happened. I got a game homer!! Drew Stubbs hr in the bottom of the 2nd. I also got a gamer from Dusty Baker!! Awesome blog by the way!!


  6. austinbaseball211@yahoo.com

    I have a random question.. it is about Dolphin Stadium.
    I was reading some of your previous entries and I came across the games you went to at Dophin Stadium for Griffey’s 600th homer. Well, anyways.. in GENERAL why wouldn’t you try out left field for BP or during the game? Even if you don’t have a ticket for that section you can still sneak past the ushers if they aren’t there guarding the doors and/or tell he/she that you are going in there to get some food/water.

    I have gotten a couple BP homers and game used warmup from Chris Coghlan. There is literally NO competition in left field. It’s crazy. I know it may be bad at catching balls because they have empty seats behind the wal that nobody can go in, but I like it more than right field because it’s less crouded and much less competition.

    And one more question. Is there anyway to move from right field to anywhere near left field or can’t you because of the batter’s eye?

    Thanks for your hep, and good luck in your future snagging.


  7. padreleigh


    You SHOULD be on Facebook. It’s soooo much better than Twitter. You can do more stuff on there and display more of your stuff as well. You could copy and paste your blog or set a link to it, etc. I think you’d reach a lot more people IMO.

    I hope someone cool catches Aroid’s 600th HR too. I just don’t want to see some ******* from Bergen County on Sportscenter. I want to see a pro ballhawk catch it. You hear me NY ballhawks?


  8. zackhample

    Yeah, pretty much.

    You don’t need to delete it, but thanks for offering. Would you consider tweaking the description so that it actually indicates that it’s not really Zack Hample? Maybe say something like “Not the real Zack Hample, but a fan page for…” Let me know what you think.

    True, true.

    Haha, I don’t know the actual size. I just kept hitting the “increase font size” button until it got to the point where if I made it any bigger, it wouldn’t have fit on a single line.

    Wrong. Some are fan pages. Some are impersonators. There’s a difference. Check out vegantemps’ comment two below yours.

    I wish I still didn’t have a cell phone.

    Wow! Nice work with the Stubbs homer, and thanks for checking out the blog.

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing that statistic.

    Make it happen.

    The few times I tried to get into that club section in left field, it was impossible. I’m sure that if I got to spend more time at that stadium, I’d find a way to beat the system. You can’t go from right field to left field because, if I remember correctly, the concourse simply ends.

    Display more stuff? That’s what my web site is for. Perhaps you haven’t seen it. Here’s the URL: http://www.zackhample.com

  9. padreleigh

    Ha ha. Very funny young man. I was thinking about displaying stuff on Facebook for people that don’t know about you or your website. Folks that would randomly stumble across your page, etc. No big deal. I just think it would be a good page and get you more traffic for your books and blog.


  10. zackhample

    Well, I can’t argue with that, but personally, I can’t deal with Facebook. I don’t know. Maybe my publisher will set up a page for the book once it’s out. I would say…don’t worry about it.

  11. jalen18@hotmail.com

    Oh yeah…Im only 13..so catching a game hr is a big thing lol…and when i grabbed the stubbs hr…3 grown men jumped on me and 1 got me in a head lock!!I ended up going 2 the first aid station..Good luck with arod(my fav player)!!


  12. zackhample

    Ouch! I’ve been at the bottom of a few pile-ups like that — only at Yankee Stadium. (Shocker.)

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