ESPN the Magazine (take 3)

I finally got a copy of the July 12th issue of ESPN the Magazine, and sure enough, I’m in it. 

Here’s the cover…

…and here’s the article. FYI, the red arrow isn’t actually in the magazine. I drew that to point out the section about me:
Really nice of ESPN to suggest that I’m a “Ball Hog.” The media absolutely sucks sometimes. They’ll invent negative stuff instead of mentioning positive facts. I mean, why couldn’t they have titled the piece “Ball Magnet” or something like that? And by the way, the “Best Place to Catch a Baseball” is Camden Yards. The reporter asked me about the “best place to catch a foul ball during a game,” so I named Miller Park. Unbelievable.
(I’ve now been in ESPN the Magazine three times. This was the first, and this was the second.)


  1. stinkythecat

    Wow. Just another reason on why I refuse to read ESPN the magazine. They twist and stretch their stories so much to the point that its just unbearable to read. Then again, alot of media sources do that too. But still.

  2. 15222xc

    I can’t believe the call F1 a soap opera on wheels (top right on the cover). That’s wrong!!

  3. zackhample

    I like the magazine. It’s really entertaining, but man, they really screwed me over.

    Boycott. :-)

  4. cubbies1945

    Screw ESPN! It is starting to get unwatchable. Just yesterday Bob Ryan bashed adults who try to get autographs. He called autograph seeking adults “sad and pathetic human beings”. I am curious why he thinks that. (I know that there are people that will take arm fulls of merchendise to be autographed; only to sell it online.) But I think he is forgeting that he is already a sports writter and has access to players that most die-hard fans don’t have.

  5. Rase

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember that you hate the name ballhawk…So maybe the guy from ESPN knows about it and he decided to play a little word-play.
    Sounds similar :D

    PS.You know why happy youngster isn’t posting anything on his mlblog?


  6. zackhample

    Only two? What about Ubaldo? I just heard something the other day about Ubaldo living with his mom near Coors Field.

    I’ve never heard of Bob Ryan, but if he really did say that, then he’s an idiot. Professional sports wouldn’t exist without fans. Fans like autographs. The end. Bob Ryan wouldn’t have a job if not for sports fans. Duh.

    I’ve come to embrace the word “ballhawk.” There’s no escaping it, so I might as well just go with the flow. The Happy Youngster, meanwhile, has a houseful of little kids, so he doesn’t have much time to go to games, let alone blog about them.

  7. edavisblarkin

    “The media absolutely sucks ” Really? If it weren’t for the media you’d be an absolute nobody. Be careful about biting the hand that feeds.

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