Steinbrenner and Sheppard

bye_bye_steinbrenner.jpgI just got an email from a friend in Maryland. The subject was “George S” and the message said, “Sucks for the Yankees. What’s the mood like around New York?”

In case you haven’t heard, Yankees owner George Streinbrenner died this morning of a heart attack at the age of 80. As for the mood of the city, I have no idea. I haven’t been outside (or listening to talk radio) much lately, and I’ve only attended one game this season at Yankee Stadium.
I shouldn’t say much about “The Boss” because a) I never met him and b) this isn’t the time to be negative, but basically, from what I’ve gathered from being a diehard baseball fan living in New York City for more than three decades, the man was feared and not well liked, but respected for building a winning team.


Personally, I’m more affected by the recent death of Bob Sheppard, the Yankees’ longtime public address announcer. Once again, I won’t say much because it’s all been said by other people, but basically, every time I stepped inside the old Yankee Stadium, it felt like I was entering enemy land. My stomach would actually churn. That’s how stressful it was to attend games there (and how it still is at the new stadium, times ten). Sheppard’s soothing and dignified voice made it bearable. In fact, it was something to look forward to. It was a link to the past, to previous generations, to the Golden Age of baseball — something I wish I had gotten to experience.
Although I’ve never rooted for the team in the Bronx, my heart goes out to the families of George Steinbrenner, Bob Sheppard, and all members of the Yankee family.



    just because of the new stadium i feel no sadness for george passing. that place doesnt deserve to be called a ballpark bc thats not what a ballpark should be

  2. jobajr26

    This is definitely appreciated by every Yankee fan Zach.

    May George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard rest in peace.

  3. baseballexperiences

    A terrible 3 days for the Yankees. This year’s title will be for both of them. Rest in Peace Bob and George, you’ll both be missed.
    But Puck, really?! I mean, I know you hate the stadium, but to not be remorseful for one of the greatest yankee figures ever, how could you possibly call yourself a yankee fan? You’ve gotta be a closeted red sox fan if your not saddened from his death.
    And Zack, you know your in the sports illustrated for kids, right? Theyve been sending free ones to my house for three years since we stopped the subscription. your in the section 50 things to do this summer, and one of them was catch a game hr.

  4. Canadian Ballhawk

    R.I.P. George & Bob. The baseball world has lost a lot in the past couple of days. Now, I really want to see the Yankees win the World Series this year. The Yankees are wearing Black ribbons in today’s all-star game (in case nobody noticed).

  5. stinkythecat

    Every time I think of Steinbrenner I always think of George Costanza too. “Costanza! Where are my calzones!”


    Joe, let me remind you that a very large reason why the Yankees were able to build their dynasty in the late 90’s was bc George was suspended from baseball and Stick Michaels could rebuild the team without him meddling for immediate results. Also, my most vivid memories of the Yankees are from about 2000 on, most of which was spent watching incompotent 200 million dollar teams.
    My personal memories of him will be of “the House that George Built” not of the 1970’s bc I wasn’t born then.

  7. zackhample

    Jeez, that’s pretty harsh.


    Thanks for letting me know about SI Kids. I’m still trying to track down a copy.

    I hadn’t noticed the black arm bands until you pointed it out. Thanks.

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