Gustavo Watch, Part 25

Gustavo Chacin’s career is once again going down the toilet because of

a) his foolish decision to steal a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium
b) the fact that he’s living under the shadow of the Hample Jinx.
Yesterday, at the tail end of his team’s 8-0 loss to the Cardinals, Gustavo surrendered two earned runs in two-thirds of an inning. This raised his ERA from a respectable 3.86 to a teetering-on-being-sent-down-to-the-minors 4.57.


That’s all the news for now, but let me leave you with a master list of all my previous “Gustavo Watch” updates:
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  1. k75rod

    leave the poor guy alone zach. you are obsessed with him over a freakin ball. that happened almost 4 years ago. if someone else robs you of a ball, will you do a watch on them? and if gussie gave you a ball, would you lift the jinx?

  2. zackhample

    1) Based on Gustavo’s salary (of more than $2,000 per day in the majors), I’d have to say that I’m the poor one.

    2) “Obsessed” is a strong word. I’ve only written about him 25 times in four years. That’s once every 58 days.

    3) Someone else did once rob me. That was Mitch Williams in 1993, and we all know what happened to him. If any other players robs me, they too will receive the Hample Jinx. It’s that simple.

    4) If Gustavo gives me a ball *and* apologizes, then I’ll remove the Jinx.

  3. Ballhawk Shawn

    Z… I payed you a little ballhawk homage tonight. I managed to snag two game home runs. Long story short, I did my best Zack impression, holding up the “two” sign with my fingers. People thought I was doing the “peace/victory” sign, but I was really doing the “Hample/Ballhawk Shawn 2fer” sign haha. If you see the replay and catch my reaction, the celebration was in honor of YOU!


  4. jskool81

    It’s all starting to unravel, Gussy boy! We should start a pool in which we select a date he’ll be designated for assignment. The All-Star Break might save him for now, but we’ll see what happens in late July!

  5. goislanders4

    Zack! im watching the mets game on channel 11 and theyre showing shots of kids at the game. one kid looked upset, so gary cohen said “never promise your son a ball. unless your with ahhhhh…whats his name?…zack, yeah zack the ball catcher”. they stopped talking about you after that. then about 2 minutes later, gary cohen said “by the way, its zack hample. we wouldve known earlier, but we dont have kevin burkhardt with us. i just googled zack foul balls and it came up”

  6. bcny

    this is amazing. I didn’t even know about this until I just heard the mets TV broadcasters talking about Zack and all of his foul balls he has snagged. Gary Cohen said “I just googled…Zack, foul balls…and it came right up”.

    Good stuff.

  7. zackhample

    Haha, nice.

    That is awesome! Wow, congrats, and thanks for the tribute. That looked like a really tough catch with all those people in your way.

    I’m going for August 1st. That would be the four-year anniversary of the incident when he stole the ball from me.

    I love it. Thanks for letting me know. I was watching/listening, but I was kind of distracted at the time, so I didn’t get the full effect.

    Thanks. :-)

  8. joshscards

    yeah i saw when nick ran out onto the grass to get that ball. sportscenter made it seem like he jumped in front of a kid and actually said “way to get in front of the little kid”. it showed him handing over a ball to the kid and the entire section cheering..i doubt it was the homerun ball though


    Hey Zack what do you make of Gustavo’s home run he hit a few weeks ago? First career hit too…It was awesome!

  10. dennisox

    Gustavo Chacin had his first career save appearance today against the Cubs and nearly blew a 4-1 lead. The Astros won 4-3. The Hample Jinx was working hard but he got the save.


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