New York Daily News

I’m in today’s Daily News. Check it out:

If you click the article (to make it bigger) and it gets cut off at the bottom, try looking at it on my web site or on the Daily News site. I was interviewed for it two weeks ago, and I really like how it turned out. The writer did a great job of talking to people and gathering info and getting quotes, but guess what? All those numbers about how many baseballs get used…that’s not the whole story. I’ve been researching this very same thing for my new book, and I have a lot more details. I was able to dig up some insider info that has never been written about out. I seriously can’t wait to share it, so get ready…


  1. AJ in AK

    Hey Zack-
    I got a few questions about ballhawking, is there a specific place I should contact or just post here?

  2. bigleague_baseballs

    Hey Zack,
    We’re ready! Can’t wait to read the insider info. Great article, and I’m happy to see a commemorative ball used as the sidebar picture. Good quotes too.

    Also I would say those numbers look a bit off to me compared to other resources. Last I read, Rawlings produces over 2.2 million MLB baseballs annually, including practice, game and I’m guessing retail use.

  3. zackhample

    I knew you’d see that and make a happy comment about it.

    AJ IN AK-
    You can post it here, if you want, or you can send me an email. Just go to the contact link on my site (, and you’ll find my address.

    Funny, I actually didn’t like seeing that Opening Day ball in the article. I felt they should’ve just gone with a standard ball. The numbers you read are more like it.

  4. cubbies1945

    I never thought about how many baseballs go into the stands, but that does make total sense when you think about it.

  5. 15222xc

    Has there ever been an article about you that hasn’t had the headline “Having a Ball” (or some form of it)? I would think the newspapers etc. would be a little more creative.

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