Gustavo Watch, Part 23

jinxed_with_the_astros.jpgI’ve been getting lots of emails lately about Gustavo Chacin because — let’s face it — the guy has been pitching well. Through yesterday’s action, his ERA was just 1.46, but let’s not get carried away. He had only appeared in 10 games and pitched 12.1 innings.

I have news for you: Gustavo is still falling victim to the Hample Jinx. Not only did his team just get swept by the Yankees, but he appeared in today’s game and pitched horribly. He faced just two batters and walked them both, and then the following pitcher allowed both runners to score. So, in a matter of minutes, Gustavo’s ERA doubled to 2.92. Obviously, that’s still very good, but let’s see how long it lasts. (Insert evil laughter here.)
In other news (for those of you who’ve been following my Best Buy saga), I finally got my new TV up and running:


  1. stinkythecat

    Wow glad you got your tv up and running. Twas about time. Knowing best buy though, somthing else will probably go wrong though. Like the tv falling off the mount, (which would completely suck) but lets hope that doesn’t happen.

  2. wlarusso

    Zack, what could be better than watching Gustavo Chacin pitch horrible on your brand new gigantic tv?

  3. the_phanatic_addict

    Glad to see your TV is working. Best Buy is pretty tough to deal with but that’s all Big Box type stores… They are so large they act like they don’t need your business. They have cheap prices but customer service blows.

  4. gustavochacin1980

    gustavo chacin is the man! i met him today.
    he said he put the chacin jinx on you thats why the whole best buy thing happened. i think the chacin jinx is stronger then the hample jinx because hes doing pretty well for himself pitching in the majors.
    and he said hes glad he knocked the ball out of your glove trick

  5. skikola

    oh man…. I was at this game, and as soon as he was announced, I was like, “YES!!!!!!!” I hadn’t even realized he was doing good this year, I just knew that because of your Jinx something good was about to happen for the Yankees.

  6. rocktober_93

    Went to the Rockies and Astros game on the 7th at Coors Field and Chacin was shagging balls in LF. I was there with my son and he never even once looked at the fans let alone toss any balls to kids (several in the LF Pavillion). We did end up getting two balls from Jhoulys Chacin tossed to me and my son, a ball from an usher, and BP HR from Pedro Feliz. Rockies win 5-1 and we got four balls gave two away to my sons friends who were also at the game but came later. Excellent day at the ballpark!

  7. zackhample

    I think the mount should be okay. The new TV weighs about 60 pounds less than the old one…and that one was on the wall for two years without a problem.

    It was pretty sweet.

    Yup, pretty much.

    Well, that wasn’t very nice of him.

    Ha, excellent.

    Why am I not surprised to hear that about Gustavo? I’m glad that you were still able to have a good day.

    Thanks, and let’s hope so.

  8. jskool81

    Love the ongoing jinxing of Chacin. Every time he pitches, I look to see what you’ve blogged about it. Awesome!

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