Best Buy sucks, Part 4

best_buy_sucks.jpgSorry to keep blogging about this, but wait ’til you hear what happened. This is beyond outrageous. I mean…the word “disgusting” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

As the title up top suggests, this is my fourth Best Buy entry. Click here for the first, here for the second, and here for the third. And now get ready to hear about their latest series of failures.
Yesterday, the 57th day since I had a working TV, was supposed to be THE day that my new TV was delivered and installed. Did it happen? No, of course not. Keep reading and you’ll see why…
MESS-UP #1: Best Buy told me that I’d get a phone call half an hour before the TV was delivered. Surprise-surprise: no one ever called. The delivery guys showed up out of the blue with it — not a big deal, but it still annoyed me. More than anything, though, I was relieved (and in a state of shock) that the TV was actually in my possession:
MESS-UP #2: I was given a four-hour window when the installation would take place. Initially, it was set up for 8am to 12pm, but (shocker!) at the very last second, it had to be pushed back to 12pm to 4pm. I don’t even know why. Somehow, the guys who were supposed to do it in the morning were unavailable. I accepted this, but told Best Buy three different times that I was going to have to leave my place no later than 3:30pm. They promised me that the Geek Squad — that’s who was going to be installing the TV — would arrive early and finish the job by that time.


MESS-UP #3: At 2pm, the Geek Squad called to ask what streets I live between — and to get subway directions. You’d think that after 57 days, Best Buy might have that information in its computer system.
MESS-UP #4: The Geek Squad did not arrive until 2:45pm — way too late to finish the job on time.
MESS-UP #5: Only ONE guy showed up to do the job — a major problem considering that the new TV weighs 97 pounds and needed to be lifted onto a wall mount.
MESS UP #6: The Geek Squad guy mistakenly thought that his job simply entailed mounting the TV. Inexplicably, Best Buy had neglected to inform him that he’d need to run a monster cable from the TV to a nearby audio-video cabinet, then drill a hole in it to get the wires through, and set up various pieces of electronic equipment (DVD player, VCR, high-def receiver, old-school Nintendo, etc.).
MESS-UP #7: The guy didn’t have the right parts to secure the brackets for the wall mount. He actually had to ask me for nuts and bolts; naturally I didn’t have the ones he needed.
MESS-UP #8: Get ready for it. No really…get ready. At around 3:15pm, I discovered that the TV screen was cracked!!! I truly could NOT believe it. Here I am taking a photo of the damage (with the Geek Squad guy calling his supervisor):
By the way, my apartment looks empty because I had to move all my furniture out of the way. Everything has been a mess here for weeks. It’s so stressful to have my home turned upside down, and this is where I work every day on my book. My career has been suffering as a result of this ordeal. I’m not joking. The amount of time and energy I’ve wasted, along with the aggravation I’ve endured, can’t even be measured or reimbursed.
Want to see the actual cracks? (Yes, there were two.) Check this out:
Here’s a closer look at the crack on the right:
But wait, that’s not all…
MESS-UP #9: The Geek Squad guy told me he’d call his supervisor and then call the store and then call me back with an update. He had my home phone number. I gave him my cell phone number. He never called. No text message. No voice-mail. Nothing. So, basically, I have not heard a single thing from Best Buy in the 11 hours since I discovered that they sent me a cracked TV — not an apology or an explanation or an update or anything.
I am so angry about this that…I don’t even know what to say anymore. To everyone reading this, please spread the word. Tell everyone you know not to shop at Best Buy. Tweet about it. Post on Facebook about it. Link to my blog entries about it. Do not EVER buy anything from this company. They are thoroughly inept and apathetic. They’re idiots and thieves. I truly hope that it goes bankrupt (but not before they refund my money). I don’t even want them to keep trying. I don’t want a TV from them. I just want my money back, and of course they’re refusing to give it to me.
Finally, I now have *two* lawyers on the case. I’m going to make a conference call to the Best Buy corporate headquarters later this morning with one of them, and depending on how that turns out, I have another lawyer-friend who’s gathering details and info and preparing to fax Best Buy’s general counsel’s office a letter, informing them that they’re being sued.


  1. rdub202

    oh man, i feel for you zack. i had a weird issue with best buy before too that took a few weeks to deal with. all for a simple online order to in-store pick-up. the grand solution, was them finally being able to cancel the order, and me having to place it again and all went fine like it should have. i cant say i hate the store though. hopefully this gets wrapped up soon, i couldnt go that long without tv.

  2. stock350


    I dont even have the words to describe how upset Id be if I were in your shoes. I wouldnt mind the fact that I was without a Tv for 57 days but for the simple fact that when they did finally bring a Tv it was broken. That would be it for me. I would drop everything with them, and focus on the lawsuit. That is uncalled for, and a horrible way to treat a customer.

    Anyway, Im going to post your blog on my Facebook page because Ive always disliked Best Buy. Theyve never done anything great for me, and the employees there are third rate tech geeks that think they know everything.

    Much respect,


  3. padreleigh

    Hey Zack….

    Wow!! These Best Buy entries are getting better than the baseball ones. Ha ha. I’m really sorry you’re going through all this. I’m sure it will work out eventually. Hey, they are still looking for that BOMB Ike Davis hit against us tonight. That was a monster homer. Thanks alot Edward Mujica. Maybe we’ll get em back tonight? Take care…


    Hey, did anyone who posts on here go to the Mets vs Padres tonight? I’m interested how the Padres were during bp? Did they hit alot out? Were they stingy?


  4. goisles

    Leigh-Last night at Citi Field, the wind was blowing in very hard from LF last night–so put that on top of the ridiculous stadium dimensions and walls, not much went into the stands during the Padres BP (although it didn’t stop Zack).

    Actually, listening to Zack and other ballhawks discuss and divvy up “last out” ballhawking rights behind the Padres dugout sounded like a Families meeting in the Godfather.

  5. padreleigh


    I can’t imagine the Padres were in the mood to throw anything up at the dugout after that walkoff shot (Wow, what a BOMB). They mentioned the wind on our broadcast last night and said it robbed Adrian Gonzalez of a homer in the first inning. They said that double would have been out for sure. So, the wind may have won the game for the Mets. Ha ha. I’m sure Zack did just fine if he was there. I don’t usually hang at the dugout going for last out balls, but if I did, there wouldn’t be much talking or negotiating on my part. Pick your spot and hope for the best. May the best ballhawk win, right? I will be at the dugout in Tampa and Miami in a few weeks though. It’s fun to do on the road! They usually throw to kids, but us old guys get lucky now and again. Thanks for the update…



    First, let me say that I agree with you that Best Buy is anything but. Let’s play Sherlock Holmes for a minute. Given similar experiences with major retail chains, I would bet that they never had a working replacement to install for you, and that is the reason why you were stalled and never got a replacement. Or else this is one hot-selling TV that they can’t keep in stock, which I find highly doubtful given the size. Samsung must share the blame, because I would bet again that Samsung cannot manufacture with good yield that model TV, especially given the screen size. At some point, someone at Best Buy might have decided it would be better to send a broken TV than no TV. If so, that is why only one person was sent for the install…because someone knew that the TV was never going to be installed. Many big retailers will not be open and honest with a customer about the situation because they do not want to refund money, which is what they should have done in the first place, especially if they did not have or could not obtain a working replacement. After treating the customer properly, Best Buy should have sought recourse from Samsung. They have customer service backwards… they need you more than they need Samsung. Again, if you paid with a credit card, file a complaint through the CC company and you should have no trouble getting credited. Best of luck with the lawsuit. Hopefully it will never get that far and corporate will do the right thing.


    Totally seperate from what this post is about (although i feel for you Zack). Does anyone know where the visiting players enter the stadium at Progressive Field in Cleveland?

    Any help would be appreciated


  8. dennisox


    Is there a picture of the person taking a picture of you available? I always love your documentation!


  9. sportzfreeka

    Wow. Incredible. I’ve always thought Best Buy was a poor retailer. They are definitely being put on my DO NOT BUY list. I’m sure this wouldn’t happen in Seattle…


    Hey Zack,
    Wow that fricking sucks (I’m trying my best not to swear on your blog) but I tell you what, you just saved me a bunch of time because I’m shopping for a new tv and now I know where not to go.

  11. scoeaj25

    All this talk of Best Buy makes me want to go shopping. Just looked at the ad, and 14.99 blu-rays. I’m outta here.


    Zack I feel for you. Best Buy should do the right thing and refund your money so you can get the television you want immediately. Please don’t let this aggravation get to you. It’s not worth it. Your state of mind and health is more important. I will continue to boycott Best Buy in your support and inform people of how Best Buy has treated you.

  13. zackhample

    My new TV has finally arrived, and it’s working. I might blog about it soon, although there’s really not much else to say. For now, I’ll just answer the comments with questions or other specific points that I feel should be addressed…

    Thanks for spreading the word.

    That is a truly fascinating theory. I’m speechless. I tried to get my money back from the credit card company, but because this is technically an “exchange” for an item that I bought so long ago (more than two years), it was past the point that they could do anything.

    Not sure. Sorry.

    My friend Brandon took the photo. You know what he looks like, right?

    Heh, you’re welcome.

    Yeah, yeah…


    It was really two years, holy cow. Anyway, glad it finally worked out for you. Enjoy the TV!

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