Best Buy vs. The Better Business Bureau

The Best Buy nightmare is still dragging on. (That’s 56 days and counting.) As I mentioned last week, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I finally got a response, which you can see at the end of this entry, if you even care. (I don’t expect you to care. I’m mainly blogging about this because I’m frustrated and because I want there to be an official record that lasts for all of eternity on the internet to show the world how much Best Buy sucks.) 


Ready for the latest chapter in the saga? My new TV is supposed to be installed tomorrow — June 8, 2010. But guess what? Best Buy never arranged for the TV to be delivered. I was JUST informed (at 6:46pm, after *I* called to confirm everything) that the TV is going to be delivered tonight.
Ahem, tonight?!
Now see, this is a problem because a) I have plans to be out tonight, and more importantly b) deliveries are not allowed in my building after 5pm. As a result, the whole thing remains uncertain, so let me say this: if my TV isn’t delivered and installed tomorrow, Best Buy is going to get sued. I already have a lawyer on my side who’s ready to fax over a letter to the company’s general counsel’s office.
And let me say this a few more times so that it shows up better in search results:
Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks. Best Buy sucks.
There, that oughta do it. Now here’s what I got from the Better Business Bureau:
Go ahead, Best Buy. Make me wait an extra day and see what happens…


  1. wlarusso

    When it comes to best buy, I have had plenty of good experiences with them. I bought my TV, laptop and video games there. When having problems with video games, they’ve given me replacements with no questions asked. However, I’ve never had a problem like you are having. They obviously don’t know how to handle more complicated situations, like yours. Good luck with this and I hope you end up getting your ginormous (is that a word?) tv. Good luck at Citi Field tomorrow. Hopefully the delivery (if it happens) doesn’t interfere with you getting there on time.

  2. goisles

    Executive Resolutions Specialist?

    I’m sure Vincent is a nice and dedicated employee, but that job title sounds one step above someone like Homer Simpson eating Twinkies in a back-office someplace half-way around the world.

    Go for the jugular! Go for the executives and the AG!

  3. figgi4

    Zack, if you want it to show up in google, you have to make links titled “Best Buy Sucks”. It really helps.

  4. zackhample


    That was such a sad scene when that gigantic bully of a fan reached in front of that kid. He’s either the dumbest guy alive or simply the most heartless; I find it hard to believe that he didn’t notice the throw heading toward another kid.

    I need to leave my place by 3:30pm at the very latest. Best Buy better be done by then.

    Ha! My thoughts exactly.

    Oh. Yeah. I’m so dumb with computers sometimes. So, if I link all the “Best Buy sucks” sentences back to my original blog entry about them, would that help?

  5. zackhample

    Yup, pretty much.

    Go to any team’s web site (through and hover your cursor over the roster link. Then choose “active roster” or “40-man roster” or “coaches” or whatever. I always take screen shots and then combine them into a nifty little collage with Photoshop so it’s all on one sheet.

    I just got back from Citi Field. Not sure when my next game will be. Probably in a couple weeks. Gotta get back to work on the book.

  6. Tommy Ray

    Lol Samsung authorized a return through amother company! You should be mad at them! It’s their product that failed. So you throw a hissy fit at kids making 10 bucks an hour and make all of these threats to a billion dollar company. Sue them ?! Ha! Good luck. Your bought a piece of technology and it failed. It happens to millions of people each year. YOU have made it an issue! Zack Hample you sound like a stuck up little guy. You ranted and ragged on them and I now did on you. The Golden rule Is being upheld.

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