A fun day in three parts

Just because it’s baseball season (and just because I have to write a book) doesn’t mean I can’t have some random fun. Yesterday, my writing group met in Madison Square Park, and the weather was perfect. Here’s a photo of everyone that I took during the hour of writing:

After the writing, we formed a circle…
…and took turns reading our work. I shared three short sections (about “Celebrity Ballhawks”) from the book.
At around 6pm, we went to dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant called Curry In A Hurry. Check out my gigantic meal:
TOP RIGHT: chicken tikka masala
BOTTOM RIGHT: basmati rice
TOP LEFT: curried potatoes & eggplant
The whole meal cost $13, which is incredibly cheap for New York City. It also came with unlimited rice pudding, which I neglected to photograph (but ate three servings of).
Speaking of photographs, look at these horrible photos that one of the waiters took of our group:
For those of you who think that those photos look fine, let me explain what’s wrong with them…
LEFT: The woman wearing the white shirt is taking up half the photo and consequently absorbing most of the light from the flash. I mean, it’s a great shot of her right shoulder and the back of her neck…if that’s what you’re into.
CENTER: The camera is angled too low, and no one’s even paying attention.
RIGHT: It’s a good photo of half of us, but we were a big group at a long table. Note the face I’m making as if to say, “Umm, dude, I don’t think this angle is gonna cut it.” (In case you’re new to this blog, I’m the one wearing the MLB cap and the black Guilford T-shirt.)
Finally, I took my camera and got the following photo:
Yes, there are Red Sox fans who live in NYC, and by the way, no one was smiling because they were worn out from all the previous pics.
After dinner, we headed to my girlfriend Jona’s place for Movie Night. Want to know what we watched? Take a look at the screen. It should be pretty obvious: 
Yup, we watched “The Sixth Sense,” but with a twist. You’ve heard of Mystery Science Theater, right? (If not, that’s why I linked to it.) Well, it was kind of like that. There’s this thing called RiffTrax. I don’t really know how to describe it, but basically, it’s like Mystery Science Theater. There are a couple guys who make fun of movies…and they have their own hilarious running commentary…and they record it into MP3 format…and you pay a few bucks to download it from their web site…and then play it while the movie is running…and it’s all synched up…and…am I making any sense? It’s like having two comedians making fun of the movie as you’re watching it. So, for example, Haley Joel Osment‘s character’s name is Cole; at one point in the movie, when his mom is shouting his name in a panicked state, the RiffTrax guys are like, “She’s announcing her favorite kind of slaw.” Stuff like that.
Anyway, yeah, fun day. Just wanted to share. Less than 48 hours ’til I’ll be at Citi Field…


  1. vegantemp@hotmail.com

    Hey, Zack! Glad you’re finding ways to take your mind off the book. And BTW, I LOVE Mystery Science Theater!

  2. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    That kid that got hit in the chest by the Pujols home run yesterday was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Someone teach that kid to catch. Where was his dad with the catch? He just let it go by and hit his kid and didn’t even make an attempt. Nice job, dad. Anyway, nice day in the park in NYC. Last night there was a think on National Geographic HD about 9/11. I thought about you. Were you in town that day?


  3. mdifoggio@comcast.net

    Hey Zack!,
    I came upon your blog about a week or two back because I was amazed at this kid who sucked up a ball with one of your cup tricks I’ve read about. Although you do the glove trick I’ve tried to do it with the three gloves i have but it just doesn’t seem to work with my gloves because they’re too new or I’ve worn them out too much. So I am working on that, but anyways… I’ve been reading your blog for a week or two now and knowing that I have sort of an “Addictive personality”. I’m just falling in LOVE with the idea of snagging balls and getting autographs before games. I’m 14 now and I’ve gotten 4 balls in the outfield of U.S cellular field (Comiskey Park of course). And with the four balls I got signed by – Jake Westbrook who gave me the ball and signed it, Juan Pierre on a ball and my glove, John Danks who I was able to catch at the last second because a kid threw his ball to him, and lastly just one of the coaches of the sox (Juan Nieves). Luckily living in a suburban town next to Chicago, my dad owns a plumbing company a block down from Comiskey (so we never have to worry about parking we just park there and walk). It’s just that lately I’ve been bothering my mom to get tickets to games and possibly season tickets for when I’m older and I can drive to the games. But the tickets can add up to quite a few bucks, and I’m the last thing close to a saver because i always end up spending on video games and baseball cards. My dream when I become older is to be a Season ticket holder of all white sox home games – the only thing in my way of the smell of ballpark dogs, autographed baseballs and my glove with a ball inside of it. Is money. Just knowing how you’ve been to a whole lot of baseball games how do you find the money to go all the time even if it is only 10 to 15 games a season. I am a soon to be sophomore in highschool planning to go to college for possibly business and optometry but im very unsure of how to go about pursuing my love for the baseball game. Obviously you can’t solve all of my problems or anything its just that i totally look up to you and you seem really cool.

    I am buying your book soon!

  4. Txbaseballfan

    I LOVE mystery science theater! My son and I will sometimes stay up late on Friday or Saturday night to find an old chessy movie, then we’ll turn down the volume and do our own version of MST. It’s pretty fun, and we all know that everything’s funny after midnight! Well, almost everything.

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