Help me take legal action against Best Buy

best_buy_sucks.jpgThe Best Buy saga is still dragging on. I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I also called Best Buy’s corporate headquarters for the 4th time to threaten legal action. I asked to be connected to the company’s general counsel office, but I was not given a phone number. I was told to have my lawyer fax a letter on my behalf.

Is there a lawyer reading this who’d be willing to help?
Best Buy told me flat-out that they won’t refund my money. And for those keeping score at home, I first started having problems with Best Buy on April 23rd. Are you hearing me? April effin’ twenty-third!!! Six weeks ago, Best Buy was told by Samsung that they needed to replace my TV, and I’m still waiting. In the meantime, Best Buy came to my home and took away my old TV, so I’m now left with nothing…so yeah, I would like to formally take legal action against this horrible company, just to get my money back, and I need your help.
UPDATE: I just called the Public Advocate of NYC and filed a formal complaint. And hey, just to give you another example of how incompetent Best Buy is, I spoke to a manager there the other day named Christina. (I’ve been getting transferred to different managers every day. How many managers can one store possibly have?) Christina told me she was going to be handling this from now on, and that she’d call me back the following day with an update. (What is there to update? For god’s sake, Christina, look a calendar, pick a day, and let’s be done with it.) I asked her for her direct number — you know, just in case — and when she gave it to me, I repeated it twice and wrote it down very carefully. Well, Christina never called me back, and when I called her…yeah, wrong number. THIS is Best Buy.
UPDATE #2: I’ve pretty much been on the phone all day. I called my credit card company to see if they could get Best Buy to give me a refund, and as I’ve already mentioned, I called the Better Business Bureau and the Public Advocate of New York City to file formal complaints. It seems that all my complaining and threatening (and blogging?!) is finally paying off. I just got a call from someone at Best Buy, who said I’m now scheduled for a June 8th delivery and installation, and that there’s a chance that it’ll even be bumped up to June 4th. So for now, I’m going to hold off on taking legal action. If, however, June 8th comes and goes and I still don’t have a TV, I’m going to pick this back up and go to war with these idiotic criminals, so stay tuned. (In case you’re wondering why I’m spazzing over a TV, it’s because I’m waiting on a 63-inch TV, so it’s kind of a big deal to me. Other than my home, this TV will be the most expensive thing I own. I don’t even have a car or a coffee table, not because I can’t afford it, but because I’m a man of simple needs. I just want to be able to chill on my couch and watch baseball and have it look big and good. Is that too much to ask?)



    I wish I was a Lawyer so I could help you. This situation is totally ridiculous. I had a similiar problem with Ethan Allen when I received damaged furniture from them. I was able to resolve that situation by getting lucky and talking to the CEO of that company in which I was able to get a full refund and apology. The Better Business Bureau only works if they get multiple complaints from their customers but they really don’t have that much power. Boycotting BestBuy is the best solution to this problem. I don’t shop at BestBuy very often but I won’t go there until your problem resolves because you SHOULD at the very LEAST get your money back.

  2. txfilmmkr

    While I am a lawyer, I’m not licensed to practice in New York so I can’t help you out with this matter as far as legal advise. What I can tell you as a fellow consumer and former employee of a big box electronics store is not to let this go any longer. My advice to you would be to go to the store and ask the person at the front to speak with the top manager on duty. Don’t bother speaking to a sales associate, a service representative or anyone other than a living, breathing manager. Bring any and all documentation you have with you thus far for ammunition. Then talk to the manager face to face and explain to them that you want something done and you want it done now. Over the phone, you aren’t a real person. You’re a faceless voice that can be manipulated. When you’re in the store you are a person, a customer, a problem in need of a solution, and more importantly you are negative advertising and potential customers are seeing your dissatisfaction and wondering to themselves if they will become you. This is the point where your problem becomes their problem too and they should begin to be much more helpful.

    Donny in Houston

  3. chasicle

    I’d love to help, but I’m not a lawyer…yet. Studying for the bar at the moment. Which reminds me, I should get back to studying.

  4. goisles

    I am licensed in New York, and while this is not representation, I would suggest followjng up with an e-mail to the General Counsel as to what was promised and let them know that if there is no delivery by the promised date–you will contact the New York Attorney General’s office (Cuomo is running for governor) and ask them to initiate a probe of Best Buy’s practices and work with him to publicize Best Buy’s wrongdoing as widely as possible. You have given them scores of chances and they have failed–this is their last chance.

  5. goisles

    While watching the MLB umpires srew up history, i immediatley thought “hmmm zack would be watching this right now, but his tv is broken.”
    Sorry to add insult to injury btw

  6. goisles

    Well Zack, when the Yankees make the World Series, Puck Jr. and I will take you up on that offer!!! And I’m glad that I helped out, but it really is a simple thing. Doing that is what made Steiner finally cooperate. Like I said before, companies tend not to enjoy legal threats.

  7. cookandsonbats

    As a fellow lawyer, my favorite line in this post is your subordinate clause in your comment: “and while this is not representation.” Classic! Maybe a couple years down the line there will be a bar exam question including, “lawyer X leaves comment on blog regarding blog author’s post soliciting advice and assitance of counsel…”

  8. zackhample

    When I called the corporate office yesterday and was told that no one there was “authorized” to do whatever it was going to take to help me, I said, “Well, how about the CEO? Is he authorized? I’d like to speak to him — or her. I don’t want to be sexist.” The person I was talking to simply said, “That’s not going to be possible.” I hate them all. Thanks for boycotting. Spread the word.

    Thanks for the advice. It looks like things are finally moving, but I’m going to do exactly what you say if this somehow drags on any longer. And…I’m going to be LOUD if I have to go back to the store. Every single customer (and all 49 managers) in there will hear my voice.

    Thanks very much! It’s great to know about that.

    There’s a line in a Marx Brothers movie — I think it’s “Duck Soup” — where Groucho says something like, “I’m gonna call my lawyer about this…as soon as he graduates from law school.”

    You’re right. It’s the 2010 debut of Heath Bell at Citi Field, which means I won’t need a TV that day anyway. (Fabulous.) At least I’ll be able to watch the highlights later that night.

    You da man. Thanks so much for the advice. Seriously, this is great. Everything you’ve been telling me has been extremely helpful. (Let me know when you want to come over and watch the Yankees on my new TV.) Tell Puck Jr. that I’m at my parents’ place tonight, watching all the nutty action on a TV here.

    I’ve actually considered it.

    Nice. I appreciated that line, too.

  9. padreleigh

    Wow Zack! What a SNAFU this is becoming. I would like to help as well, but I am only allowed to practice law in the Philippines. It’s a long story. Good luck and keep us updated.


  10. bigglovebob

    While I am not a lawyer, I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Your deal kind of surprises me. Best Buy is a huge local company around here and I have always had pretty good luck with them.
    If you don’t get satisfaction from them ASAP let me know. Their HQ isn’t that far from my house and I am not above walking around with a sandwhich board for a few days to get things squared away.
    Did you say you didn’t have a coffee table? What do you prop your feet up on then?
    Big Glove Bob


    Dispute the charge on your credit card anyway. Even if you get the TV, go through the process with the CC company saying you paid for a TV, it didn’t work, Best Buy took it back, and it was never replaced. It should be easy to get the chargeback.
    If the TV is eventually delivered, then Best Buy can have their money…after they prove to the credit card company that they delivered the replacement TV, or you get around to telling the credit card company that they did. Do not wait, because I think the limit on disputed charges is 60 days. I hope it isn’t 30. A lot of companies try to stall customers beyond 60 days so that credit card charges cannot be disputed.

  12. hittracker

    Definitely go the credit card fraud route. I did that with a substandard dining room table, and once I provided detailed documentation of my interactions with the company (including their statement in an unguarded moment, in opposition to their written policy, that they never refund a customer once the furniture leaves the store), I got my money back and got to keep the table (which works decently with some glass on it, the top had been too soft).

    Just knowing that you’ve gone that route should have a truck at your door immediately…

  13. kennygoslin

    I had a similar experience at Sears with craftsman tools the tools got rusty and were not useable the warranty for life did not apply because they said it was my fault. Maybe it was but they refused to replace the tools and they also lost a customer for life. I was escorted out of the store after talking to to manager.

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