Best Buy is the WORST

Okay, so this has nothing to do with baseball, but I need to vent. I need the world to know that Best Buy is officially the worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

It all began on April 12th — that’s 46 days ago — when my Samsung flat-screen TV died. It was actually the third time that it had died (the wireless connection was defective), so I contacted Samsung and asked/demanded that they replace it. Samsung agreed and authorized the exchange through Best Buy. That’s where I bought the original TV.


Well, guess what? Best Buy has now been on the case for more than a month, and they STILL haven’t delivered the new TV. Oh sure, they managed to send their “Geek Squad” to my apartment to take away the old one, but the new TV is nowhere to be found.
What exactly is going on?
I keep getting different answers from everybody at Best Buy — different promises about different dates when this new TV is supposedly going to arrive, and meanwhile, I’m paying Time Warner an awful lot of money for cable, which I’m obviously not able to watch. (In retrospect, I should’ve called Time Warner and had my cable suspended, but with Best Buy promising every two days to deliver the new TV, I didn’t really see the point.)
One of the most frustrating things about this whole process has simply been my inability to contact anyone at Best Buy. You see, every now and then when I call for an update, they don’t even answer the phone. Two weeks ago, it was so bad that I called Best Buy’s corporate headquarters to complain and to see if perhaps they could get through to their own store.
“I do apologize,” said the guy after putting me on hold for five minutes, “but they don’t seem to be picking up.”
That’s kind of a problem, don’t you think? Can we all agree that it’s not good when a major corporation with a major store in a major city fails to answer the phone?
I had no choice but to go to the store. It took me 20 minutes to get there, and then I was forced to wait for 45 minutes for a “Sales Professional,” who had no record of my exchange. (This, by the way, took away valuable time from my work.) When I told him it was impossible to get anyone on the phone, he told me it’d be better to email him from that point on.
“I check my email every hour,” he said.
Twenty-four hours later, when he failed to answer my email, I called up and somehow got him on the phone.
“Oh yeah,” he said, “my inbox is over capacity. Sorry about that.”
This is what I’ve been dealing with.
Best Buy = Worst Buy.
It sucks on a cosmic level.
Don’t ever shop there.
(Power to the people!)



    Sorry to hear about your problems with Best Buy. I prefer to shop at PC Richard over Best Buy because their salesmen aren’t kids and they usually give me great service. You should demand your money back immediately. One month is way too long for this problem to continue to exist. If you were a great Best Buy customer in the past you should point this out to the next Best Buy supervisor you speak to and tell him or her that you are going to take your business eleswhere. Good luck in resolving your problems. My heart goes out to you.


    Steiner sports is way worse than best buy. not only have they facilitated the destruction, for lack of a better word, of the greatest stadium ever, they treated the peices of the stadium like ****, resulting in a badly damaged product that the Yankees would have never allowed to be in their stadium, they didnt respond to phone calls or emails, they are very unclear in what you are actually buying, and they a


    This is the new American business model. Most companies exist solely to collect money. If you get the product or service that you pay for, good. If not, tough crap, we got your money. Executives are rewarded with huge bonuses for cost cutting, and the easiest way to cut costs is to eliminate customer service. No problems, no cost to the business. And if you insist there is a problem, they make you pay for it 10 times over in terms of time. It becomes a war of attrition, and too many people give up the fight and eat the money. If you pay with a credit card, then a charge back is always an option.

    Competition is supposed to eliminate these issues, but there is no real competition. This is especially true in consumer electronics when no two retail chains carry the same model from the various manufacturers.

    We really need a consumer advocate that lets people charge these companies back for time wasted due to poor service. Call it an inconvenience fee. A bad lawyer charges $200 an hour; that makes every 1/2 hour wasted worth another $100 of the price. Take your case to Samsung and write Best Buy corporate. Go on various consumer sights and post your complaints. Post negative reviews everywhere you can on the Samsung TV that didn’t work. Keep fighting. Other consumers will appreciate it.
    BTW, my name is Joe and my son and I met you at game 5 of the World Series last year in Philadelphia.

    Good luck.

  4. goisles

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Here’s something that has worked for me very well in the past.

    When you realize you are getting the runaround, which I consider no response after the first promise of delivery, begin documenting every interaction (names, numbers, results). I would then call corporate headquarters and ask NOT for their customer service office, but their general counsel’s office.

    I would tell them what happened and say if this not fixed by “x” date, I will contact our state attorney general’s office, the FTC if in interstate commerce, every relevant government agency you can think of, and would also consider filing a private fraud claim.

    My experience is that companies really don’t like dealing with government law enforcement agencies and this has a tendency to make them move a lot faster–especially when you are taking their individual names. I should add that you can be polite in doing this–just show resolve and they will get the message.

    I hope this helps.

  5. beezee

    I had a similarly bad experience at Best Buy. Although, admittedly, not as bad as this one.

    They were at least kind enough to send me a $20 gift card for a poor sales experience and being overcharged for a product with a mismarked price sign.

    I’ll spend my $20 there, but I highly doubt I’m going to be a regular Best Buy shopper ever again.

  6. sanbrunojess

    I have the same hatred for Worst Buy as you do, Zack. I used to work for a small west coast electronics chain and we would do our best to resolve issues like yours..for instance you never would have waited over a month for a tv. Anyway, Best Buy made its way into our market and hired some of our best workers with an insane hourly rate, only to reduce their hours once they’ve had time to train newer workers who weren’t offered as much….it didn’t matter that we had great customer service, all people were looking for was a cheaper price and we couldn’t compete, eventually going out of business. Best Buy is a leech…sucking the lifeforce out of competing companies and leaving their dead carcasses to rot, and now the consumers have to pay for crappy customer service since there’s no real major competitor out there anymore. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience from them but I’m not surprised at all…The previous posters have some great ideas…I’d give those a try…and maybe put the Hample Jinx on them!

  7. zackhample

    Cool. Glad I’m not alone.

    Thanks. I’m gonna give them ’til Tuesday. I talked to the corporate headquarters again, and I spoke to a manager at Best Buy, and they all “promised” me that the new TV would be in the store on Tuesday. But I can tell you this: if Tuesday comes and goes and there’s no TV, all hell is going to break loose.

    That does sound pretty bad.

    Great points all around. You’re absolutely right, and if I had more time to spare, I can assure you that this whole ordeal would be getting much more of my attention. Anyway, for now, my revenge lies in this blog entry, which will get thousands of views and be here for quite a while.

    Awesome idea. It’s just too bad that I didn’t start keeping track of all these details sooner.

    Well, the gift card was nice. I can’t even imagine what they’d need to give me in this case to make up for all the lies and inefficiency.

    Wow, that’s just awful. I did consider The Jinx and may just unleash it if things don’t change next week.

  8. hooksfan

    Zack, you now know why I avoid Best Buy like the plague. Their customer service has always been horrible. I bought a laptop through them 4 years ago…in a 6 week period I brought the laptop in for service to have the mother board replaced. You would think after the third time they would try and figure out what’s making the mother board go out….nope. That’s why that computer is currently waiting to be recycled.

  9. padreleigh

    I have hundreds of bad Best Buy stories. I’m not even going to start. I called their customer service center once and got routed to some call center in Nova Scotia. What an adventure. I love calling an American company and winding up talking to someone in the Philippines, India, Canada. It’s the worst. Good luck with your TV.



    While i understand how outrageous this is, if you’re trying to finish a book, isnt it kind of a good thing that you cant be distracted by being able to turn on the 60 inch tv right in front of you?

  11. zackhample

    It’s now been 50 days, and I still don’t have a TV. The two people at Best Buy who *promised* me that the TV would arrive today, and who said that I should call them today…have the day off. I just talked to the original guy who’s been “helping” me, and he said that the TV is not in the store because “the truck hasn’t arrived yet” and that I should “call back after 3pm.” I hate Best Buy so much. Everyone who works there is a f*cking liar and an idiot.

    I feel your pain.

    Yeah, it’s pretty bad. At least the corporate office of this sh*tty company is located in Minnesota.

    Actually, the new one is going to be 63 inches, but no, it’s not a good thing because I get distracted just thinking about all the baseball that I want to watch, so either way the book suffers.

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