Pitch In For Baseball newsletter

My charity fundraiser for Pitch In For Baseball was mentioned in the organization’s recent newsletter. Check it out. The part about me is near the bottom:

Since the image above is just a screen shot, you may have noticed that none of the links work.
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  1. smith.michaelm@gmail.com


    I recently heard that at Citizens Bank Park this year, after each Philly homerun a staff member escorts the person who caught the ball into the offices and they are given the oppourtunity to get the ball signed by the player who hit it. They don’t sign it right away, they actually take the ball and mail it back to the person who caught it weeks later.

    Just wondering if you have heard about this and your thoughts on it.

    I tried looking around online for info about it…and there was only one (pretty un-reliable site) about it…

  2. icantthinkofanyusernames@gmail.com

    Check out the A-Z guide under “H”


    Hey Zack I’m Dan, I introduced myself at Progressive field. I went to a game last Saturday and I got a ball that had some strange spots that looked like some kind of adhesive or something. Do you know what it could be? And on a previous entry about the reds, I was decked out in Reds gear too and they shut me out, during BP and the game at their dugout. And on top of it I got blocked in by fans trying to get from the umpires tunnel to the reds dugout and watched helplessly as Reds players and pitchers tossed baseballs into the crowd. It was Fireworks night and everyone stayed in their seats. Lesson learned! Good luck with the season and charity and I’ll be purchasing your book when it comes out!

  3. Txbaseballfan

    I like what the Phillies are doing for the home run balls. The Ballpark in Arlington started something new this year. Any fan who catches a foul ball on the fly (home or visiting team) gets an honorary team contract signed by Nolan Ryan. It seems like a cool promotion, though I have yet to catch a foul ball period.
    I like the newsletter, the photos of the children getting their gear are always great. Even if you don’t match or exceed last year’s ball total I hope you raise more money.
    Keep up the awesome work!

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