Boise Hawks championship ring

Last week, in my entry titled 4/15/10 at Yankee Stadium, I mentioned that I like the Angels. Remember? Here’s what I wrote:

“I worked as an unpaid intern for one of their minor league affiliates in 1995 — the Boise Hawks — and it was the best summer of my life. Among the many awesome things that happened, the Hawks ended up winning the Northwest League championship, and I was unexpectedly given a championship ring. It’s one of my most prized possessions, baseball or otherwise, so I’ve always rooted for the Angels as a result.”
After posting that entry, I realized that I’ve never actually shown the ring, so check it out:
For those of you who don’t know, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim used to be called the California Angels. That’s what the “CA” stands for.
The ring, unfortunately, is not made of gold. It’s made of a “non-precious” metal called lustrium, but whatever, I still think it’s cool, and I don’t plan on selling it.
The lettering around the “CA” logo says, “NORTHWEST LEAGUE CHAMPIONS.”
Look how big the ring is…
…and hey, did you notice that it has my last name on the side?
(FYI, the Boise Hawks are now affiliated with the Cubs.)
The ring is nearly as tall as it is wide:
The other side of the ring shows the year above the Northwest League logo:
Although Guinness doesn’t have an official listing for this, I have to assume that I hold the record for “Shortest Amount Of Time Spent In Professional Baseball Having Gotten A Ring.”
Or something like that.
I’ll leave you with this photo of me, taken in 1995 inside the Boise Hawks’ clubhouse.


  1. chasicle

    Lucky… If I ever make millions, the first thing I’ll do is buy a cheap minor league team. Not rookie since they have a short season, but maybe A or A+. It’d be a blast to get to know the players down in their early years and follow them through the minors until they hit the majors. That and snagging foul balls at minor league games is heaven.


    Hey Zack, I was just watching MLB Network and saw a pregame show called Batting Practice. They went around to all the stadiums during BP. It was pretty interesting to see some with no fans because the gates hadn’t opened and some with fans pouring in. It would be cool to be on there while snagging. I just put up a new post and it was extra special thanks to your glove trick.


    That’s pretty cool.

    I suspect you would have mentioned it if anyone went high-level, but who is the most sucessful person in baseball from that team–either player or front office? (Naturally, people can have success outside of baseball). Btw, has the apartment building recovered from the fire?

  4. cookandsonbats

    Nice, Zack. I’m sure your work was instrumental in achieving the championship. BTW, while I don’t endorse the Angels as a general proposition (i.e., the competition), I endorse the name “California Angels” because the Angels do, in fact, play in California, but not Los Angeles. Also, I note that when i purchased tickets to our game in Anaheim for this summer, my credit card receipt listed the seller as the “California Angels.”

  5. redsfan101


    Nice post and awesome ring! Also, I recently attended a Reds vs. Dodgers game. Today was my get-back day. I ended up snagging 2 homeruns and gave one to a little kid. So now that I remember everything, I will be aiming for higher numbers!


  6. padreleigh

    Hey Zack….

    Back in 1999, the Padres gave out National League Championship Rings (replicas) one night as a giveaway. It was celebrating the 1998 World Series team. I still have mine. Not a precious metal ring either. It looks just like yours. I have it somewhere…….I’ll have to send you a pic sometime.


  7. zackhample

    I hope you make it happen — and when you do, please invite me to come take BP on the field.

    Very cool.

    Jarrod Washburn was on the team. He’s the one big name, although there were a few other guys who had a cup of coffee. My hallway still smells like smoke, but it’s no longer overpowering.

    Probably May 1st in Cleveland.

    Ha, nice. I worked mostly in the ticket office, but I also did a lot of groundskeeping…so yes, thanks in part to my work, the Hawks infielders were able to get good hops on grounders, and clearly, it was the strong defense that helped them win the championship.

    Thanks and congrats on the homers.

    Did the Padres put all the fans’ names on them? Just kidding. I’d love to see a pic.

  8. padreleigh




    PS. No, my name isn’t on the ring. My name is on my kick *** Class Ring though with crossed baseball bats. Mount Dora High School Class of 85! Represent!

  9. stock350


    First I just wanted to say thank you. You make the game so much fun, and I really enjoy reading your blogs. I have started blogging on MLB myself because you are my inspiration. You are my inspiration to become more outgoing at these games. I went to Cellular Field yesterday, and I had so much fun ballhawking. I was running around, and calling to the players, and they all responded in such a positive way to me. Although, I am far behind you in baseballs, ( You get more balls at one game then I have to my name ) but eventually, Ill be better at it.

    Id also like to say thank you for not selling any of this stuff you get on ebay, and other websites like that. It breaks my heart when I go autographing at stadiums, and I overhear autographers wanting to get signs from guys like Pujols, and Fielder so they can make their quick $100.00. Ive never bought anything signed, and I would never sell any of what I have. I have over 100 items signed from George Brett to Colby Rasmus to Will Clark. ( Mostly baseballs )

    So Zack, you just keep doing what youre doing, and hopefully Ill see you at the stadiums this season! Id love to meet you, and get a picture with you!

    Be well, buddy.

    Your friend,



    Agreed…you should wear it when you do appearances/interviews/etc., and when you ‘Hawk Angels games… ;)

  11. zackhample

    Cheers to class rings.

    You’re welcome and thank YOU. This is one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received. It feels great to know that I’ve inspired you and helped you enjoy the sport even more. I hope you snag lots of balls this season (and beyond). Keep in touch!

    That’s a great idea. I might just have to do that next time.

    I’m scared to wear it to games. One careless move and the ring could get horribly scratched.

  12. Rocco Sinisi

    …nice ring Zack!!! I grew up an Angel fan…I lived in Anaheim, Ca. from 1967 to 1972…

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