Friends Seminary speech

I gave a speech earlier today:

No, it didn’t take place in a church. I was in the Quaker meeting house at my old school, Friends Seminary, where I was a student from from 7th through 9th grade. My speech was about baseball, but more specifically, I covered the following topics (upon request from the administration):
1) my blog and how I use it to “market myself”
3) my new book and the writing process
4) my time at Friends and how it helped shape me
Here’s a shot that shows a bit more of the room:
See that baseball on the podium? That was the Robinson Cano grand slam ball that I snagged on 9/28/09 at Yankee Stadium. I needed to have a ball with me, so I decided to bring a special ball that the high-schoolers would appreciate seeing.
Why did I need a ball, you ask?
For my glove trick demo, of course.
Check out the following photo. It shows even more of the room:
The red arrow is pointing to the spot in the balcony where I lowered my glove. As you can see, the students seemed to enjoy it:
Moments later, the ball was in my glove. Check out the reaction of the dude in the front row, third from the right:
Big thanks to John Galayda — Friends Seminary’s Director of Communications — for taking these pics. Here one more that shows me reeling in the ball:
My speech lasted about 35 minutes. Then I read a short section from my new book and spent another 10 minutes taking questions. My publisher had arranged for some copies of last book, Watching Baseball Smarter, to be on sale, so I stuck around and signed them for the students who were interested.
Good times. It really felt great to be back. It had been 18 years…


  1. Txbaseballfan

    What a great experience for you! That must have been a real thrill, and those students sure seemed enthralled with the glove trick! Great entry!

  2. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    Those seats don’t look very comfortable at all. The Padres got ONE hit last night and WON. Wow. Matt Stairs is still the man. Always hooks us up with toss ups. When is your next game? Any clue?


  3. cookandsonbats

    You know what I find most interesting about this entry? The generational difference in hat-wearing-style? Zack (comparatively old) – bill forward, hat straight. Every Male Student (comparatively young) – hat cocked to the side and extreme back with 4 inches of hair between forehead and hat. This does not bode well for Tim. Hopefully I can teach him to wear his hat old-school style. The only student whose hat wearing style I can endorse is the girl in the green shirt in the first glove-trick picture. Good job, girl in the green shirt!

  4. zackhample

    Thanks, yeah, it was pretty cool to be back.

    I’m loving those first-place Padres right now. As for my next game…probably not until May 1st in Cleveland. The book is really kicking my butt.


    The book is already longer than Watching Baseball Smarter, and I still have a couple more chapters to write. I’m currently working on the last chapter of the snagging section, but then I’ll have to go back and fill in some missing pieces. July 15th is the deadline, but I’m sure my work will carry on throughout the season.

    Interesting observation. Now I feel like a geezer.

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