Figuring out my first game…

I’m probably going to attend one Mets game this week, and I’m trying to decide which one it’s gonna be. I’d prefer to go on Friday for one reason only: the Nationals will be in town, and I really want to talk to Garrett Mock and let him know that I’m going to be raising money again this season for charity. You may recall that I had a conversation with him about it on 9/29/09 at Nationals Park. He seemed really interested then, and I suspect that if I could get his attention for even 10 seconds and remind him about it, he might be able to help. I’m not sure how, but I’d like to find out. The only problem is that it might rain on Friday, and I might not even end up being free — and the rest of the weekend is out. That pretty much leaves tomorrow and Thursday against the Marlins. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be amazing, so I’m thinking I might just go to that game. I really can’t attend too many games right now because it’s crunch-time on the book, so I have to choose wisely.


Any thoughts? Anyone planning to be at Citi Field this week? I’ll make a decision by 3pm ET tomorrow and post it on my Twitter page.
In case I don’t get a chance to talk to Garrett Mock this week, do me a favor by talking to him on my behalf. You know…if you’re at a Nats game…and if he comes over to sign autographs…and if you’re standing nearby, just tell him something like, “Hey, Garrett, remember that guy you met at the end of last season who was snagging baseballs to raise money for charity? Well, he’s doing it again this year, and he wanted to let you know.” Or something like that. Let’s see if we can get him thinking about it now. Last season, when I saw Heath Bell for the first time on 4/15/09 at Citi Field, he already knew about the charity because someone who reads this blog had already told him. That made him much more receptive to the whole idea when I finally shared all the details, and he ended up pledging 50 cents per ball. So yeah, help me spread the word.
Another way to help is simply to do a Google search for the words “zack hample charity.” The more people who search for it, the higher up it’ll appear on that auto-suggest feature. Even if you can’t actually donate anything, you can still make a difference with five seconds’ worth of Google action.
More soon…


  1. txfilmmkr

    Zack, I thought about you last night. I got down behind home plate and got to briefly talk to George HW Bush at the Astros season opener and got his autograph on a ball. I was meaning to ask him if he remembered catching a foul ball at Yankee Stadium as a kid, but I got caught up in the moment and forgot. I can tell you though, that he’s a lot older looking now than ever and I wouldn’t doubt that he has no recollection of what he had for breakfast yesterday morning, let alone catching a foul ball 75 years ago.

    Donny in Houston.

  2. baseballexperiences

    ZAck- GO ON SUNDAY! nah, im just kidding, i know u hate weekend games. if ur mind changed ive got an extra free season ticket to get in 3 hours early. i say go tomorow, it shouldnt be tht crowded. Joe

  3. baseballexperiences

    O and I’ll talk to him for you if I can, I’ve gotten a picture with him before, so it should be relativly easy.

  4. nycautographcollector

    hey man its been a long long long time, but i have been keeping up with everything! anyway, ill be at the hotel on friday, so ill tell Mock for you about the charity…he came over to us last year and asked us if we needed anything signed, very cool guy

    btw, im gonna start doing the blog again this year, so check it out whenever you get a chance

  5. wlarusso

    I really don’t think it will matter if you go tomorrow, thursday or friday. Friday games are obviously going to draw more fans than other weekday games but theyre playing the Nationals which means a lot less fans will attend. I was actually planning on going friday because it would be a good snagging opportunity.

  6. Ross

    Go on Friday! I’ll be there. Oh wait, we had this conversation already. But seriously, I think you should go on Friday. It will clear up around BP hopefully. If you don’t, I’ll try to tell Mr. Mock about your charity and such.



    I know this has nothing to do with your entry…but I saw your nemesis Gustavo Chacin tonight – what a total jerk…walked out with his nose in the air and refused to sign autographs for the three people who were there that wanted one…if there was ever someone worthy of a jinx, it’s him!!!

  8. zackhample

    Very cool. Next time you get to talk to him, ask about that ball and bring a tape recorder. That’s the last thing I need — misquoting a former president.

    You want me to go to a weekend DAY game? You done lost your mind.

    Awesome. Glad to know you’re still around and doing your thing.

    Good point.


    I wish I could go to every game. There happens to be a certain home run ball that I’m hoping to catch. It might even be worth going to two games this week to make an extra attempt at it. We’ll see…

    Thanks. Should be soon…

    What a punk! Thanks for letting me know.

    It could happen. If I end up going today, and if you see me, please flag me down and say hi.

  9. bigappleblogger

    Go on saturday to see the Nats! I’m going saturday and I’ve wanted to meet you for a while (and the weather should be great, too)


  10. 2swingandamiss

    Enjoy the game!! Your so lucky to have all those available teams/games to go too, i had to drive 4 hours to tampa to see a game!!

  11. Rase

    Good luck in the season. I’m still waiting for Polish season. :D

    You really are 178 pounds? :O WOW. I’m 174 pounds and 6’4 and I’m considered heavy…I need to get to US to be started calling light :D
    Good luck again,

  12. redsoxkid15

    yea that would be a great way to start the season off. I should be ngoing to my first game tomarrow, cubs. vs reds. Ill be happy with just one ball because im sure it will be crowded but im gonna try for more, anyways good luck!

  13. zackhample

    Outstanding. You now have more official Guinness World Records than I do.

    I want to meet you, too, and it’s GOING to happen, but unfortunately, it’s not going to happen this weekend. I have to work-work-work, and I’ll be taking a short break to go run my writing group on Saturday.

    Oish, I would hate it if I had to travel that far to go to a game.

    Thanks! It sure did.


    Are you sure you’re not 174 kilos? 6-foot-4 and 174 pounds could almost be considered skinny.

    Yeah, there will probably be a lot of Cubs fans there. Good luck.

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