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reddit_logo.jpgI’m not sure how “blog-worthy” this is, but I’m hoping it’ll be of some interest because there’s a bit of baseball talk taking place…

That said, there’s a web site that I absolutely love called Reddit. If you don’t know it, you need to go there immediately and spend at least three hours poking around. And then create a free account. And then leave comments and “upvote” the stuff you like and “downvote” the things you don’t. It’s brilliant.
Anyway, there’s a section on Reddit called “IAmA” where folks with all kinds of unusual experiences allow other people to ask them questions about…whatever makes them unusual. I posted something a few hours ago, and you can see it at the top of this screen shot:
The “AMA” (at the end of most lines) stands for “Ask Me Anything.”
I’ve been getting bombarded with questions for the last few hours. (I needed a break from my book, and this has been perfect.) To view my actual submission on Reddit and read all the questions/answers, click here. Just be warned that there’s some NSFW language here and there, mostly from other people.
(Part of the reason why I blogged about this [and also mentioned it on Twitter] is to prove to the people on Reddit that I’m legit. So…there you have it. It’s really me, Zack Hample.)



    Cool stuff. Nice that you’re getting a (well deserved) break from the book.

  2. zackhample

    Thanks. And now I’m gonna get back to it.

    I don’t know. I’ve never been a CEO, but I can tell you this: I’ve only taken one day off from the book in the last 44 days…and two days off in the last 87. It’s pretty draining.

  3. goislanders4

    i just got back from spring training on monday night. it was REALLY good to say the least. I got ELEVEN balls the first game and 8 the second. of course, my one game record is 8. Im chosing to now cout it as 11 and ill explain in a bit.

    The first game was against the tigers at tradition field. i had my cuptrick and tigers hat ready. my first ball was a long foul ball the landed near the entrance to the berm. i was the only one who chased it down, so i got it. this happened as soon as i got in, so i hadnt yet had a chance to check the AMAZING gap behind the outfield fence. i went to check it out and there were FOUR balls there. i got the first two (regular) then went to get the other two that were closer to center field. the first was an 08 all star. the second wasnt showing the logo, but had colorful seems. at first, i thought it was an 09 all star ball. but when i realed it in, it was an 05 tigers ball. REALLY weird, but apparantly the mets are using them because that wasnt the only one i got from them this trip. It was quiet after that, until a righty on the tigers hit a homerun to my left. i was in right center, so i had a long way to run. the ball hit the berm as i was about 3 feet away from it. it bounced straight up off the grass about 2 feet in the air, and i scooped it up as i was still running full speed. that was #6. shortly after, another ball landed in the gap. i was getting my cup out and ready when i saw a player on the field turning around with a ball in his hand. he didn’t chose anybody to throw it to. instead he immediatley lobbed it in the air without looking. i dropped my cup and tracked the ball high in the air like a football pass. i made it halfway up the steep berm before making the over-the-shoulder catch. i stuck it in my pocket and went back to my cup trick to get number 8 easily. unfortunatley, i didnt see who threw the ball, because he had a wind breaker on (?). a few minutes later, a player from the tigers with a jacket on (it was 80 and they were all wearing jackets) picked up a ball near the fence. i called out for it and he tossed it to me. he threw it way above my head. i jumped high in the air and caught it, while managing to slip on the (wet) grass on my way up. so when i came down, i landed on my back, but i held on so its all good. that was my record breaking 9th of the day, so when adults all around nearly forced me to give it to a kid, i pulled out a regular ball and gave it to the kid. this ball (as well as 2 others) were international league balls. i then got my tenth with the cup at the end of bp. i stayed in right field all game (and came with 5 feet of david wrights homerun, 30 feet of murphs hr) but got nothing. in the 9th, i went to the first base bleachers near the tigers bullpen. after the game, some random guy (with a jersey and no name or number) gave my brother and i our final balls of the day. the guy looked like wesley wright, but thats impossible. it was a good day. now i count this for numerous reasons.

    1. it was a major league game at a field that meets regulation distances
    2. ive been to this stadium before and only come away with 2 or 3 balls. and every time i have been there, i count the balls.
    3. the berm was REALLY slippery from a massive rainstorm the 2 days before, which makes the steepness of the grass harder to cope with.

    i just got really lucky. i got lucky there were so many balls in the gaps, the wind was blowing out to right field, and my cup trick held up after so many balls. and i was limited to right field only, with an hour and a half of bp only. its not like i had all the time in the world at an empty little league field. it was really crowded with clueless people. so i leave you with that, before my next comment about the second game. sorry for the length and ****** grammar. kinda rushed

  4. goislanders4

    the second game was monday, against the cardinals at tradition field. this game was pretty last minute and unexpected. i had no cardinals stuff, but it turned out ok. the wind was once again with me, blowing out to right field. when i first got in, i quickly got two balls from the gap. i then got a (tough) third from the gap. it stayed boring after that for about 15 minutes until a deep fly ball was hit in my direction. it was gonna hit the track, so i yelled “let it bounce”. the player back off and let it bounce. i was worried it would bounce too close to the wall and not make it over, so i almost gave up. then, over the sea of little kid hands, i saw the little white ball shoot up, nick the top of the fence and deflect up, just high enough to get through the little kids hands and into my glove. that was a nice one. from that point on, almost all lefties hit. a few more fell in the gap, and about 2-3 homers reached the berm, but i wasnt close to any of them. i did end up getting a really tough ball out of the gap after about 5 minutes. i then got my 6th hich was waaaaaaaayyyyy far out. theres a part of the gap in right center field, where the gap barrier gets a lot wider and further from the outfield fence. the ball fell way out in that region. my brother told me to not waste my time and forget it. i told him his attitude sucked, so i grabbed his glove, tied the opposite end of my cup string in his little loop hole. i then threw his glove at it continuously for about 20 minutes, while EVERYONE in the berm watched. it took so long, but finally, i got it to move close enough. i reeled it in, then got word that another ball had fallen into an easier place in the gap while i was working on the other ball. i ran over and quickly got it (after my tape failed and i needed to replace it). that was my eith and final of the day. my flight was set for 5 pm, so we only stayed til around the 3rd inning. but a connection of ours left us seats for the main part of the stadium. i chased foul balls in the really wide cross aisle for the remainder of our time. I came too close to a fernando nieve foul ball. it hit the stadium roof behind home plate and quickly shot down right into the cross aisle about 10 feet from me. it all happened so quick and the bounce was so unexpected that i didnt have a chance to get it and atched as it flew from the aisle into the lower seats. so, we left but it was all good, for i had 19 balls in two days…

  5. goislanders4

    oh and btw, one of the first two cup trick balls of my second game was another 2005 all star ball

  6. MLBallhawk

    I have video of you throwing the glove out at the ball that took you about 20 minutes to reel it in. My wife and step son were at that game and she took video for me. Here exact quote was “I took video of a Mini-Zack” ….. lol

    I told her it was likely someone from MLBlogs or Mygameballs and low and behold it was you!!

    Send me an email address to and once I load the video to you tube I will send you the link!


  7. bloggingboutbaseball

    Dear Zack or Anyone Else,
    I’m heading out to Spring Training for a couple of days soon. Does anyone have any advice/tips for snagging baseballs/getting autographs at either Camelback Ranch or Scottsdale Stadium? Thanks in advance.
    P.S. I’ll be at Citi Field on April 8th… Mets/Marlins, for all you New York folks, say HI to a West Coaster when I’m there if you’re around.

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