Hate Mail — my official response

1_hate_mail_envelopesNormally, I try to keep this blog positive, but because of something rather disturbing that’s been taking place, I’m taking a break from my normal routine to address it publicly. More specifically, I’ve received a series of threatening letters dating back to July 11, 2009. The letters started being sent (to my family’s book store) because I had a VERY ugly altercation with several Yankee fans at a game on May 21, 2009. Although I haven’t been asked to do so, I’ve removed the photographs of these people that I originally posted on my blog. I just felt it was the right thing to do, and that it would help everyone involved move on.

These letters, as you’ll see below, contain “adult” language, so here’s my official disclaimer: Read this entry at your own risk. The people who wrote the letters asked me repeatedly to respond here on the blog, so I finally decided to scan the letters and share them so that I can answer them one by one.
Here’s the 1st letter:
Here’s my response:
I remember why you guys first got so mad at me. It’s because I changed into an Orioles shirt during batting practice in order to get the Orioles players to toss baseballs to me. So you’re right, what I do IS an “act.” I’m not really an Orioles fan, and I hope it’s okay for me to say this, but I’m not a Yankee fan either. It might sound strange, but I don’t have a favorite team. I only root for individual players, and for the record, I happen to love Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera (and I really miss Bernie Williams). I will never root against those guys, and I was glad for both of them when the Yankees won the World Series last year. In this letter, you’ve accused me several times of not being “normal.” I realize I’m not normal. Lots of people have said this over the years. But the way I see it, it’s not such a bad thing. I just have my own way of doing things — working, being in relationships, watching baseball games, you name it. I never intended to bother you (or anyone) by being the way I am. Finally, yes, I do run around a lot at baseball games, but I’ve never knocked anyone over — not once in more than 800 games. Again, I’m sorry you’re bothered by this, but I want to assure you that I’m always very careful.
Here’s the 2nd letter:
Here’s my response:
I know I need to grow up. I’ve always been somewhat immature for my age, and I’m working on it. But at the same time, I really feel like I have my life together in many ways, so c’mon, give me some credit. You said that I should stop selling my baseballs. What’s up with that? First of all, if I wanted to sell balls, I don’t see why that would be a problem, and secondly, I’ve never sold one anyway. Not one ball. Ever. I’ve given away lots of balls to kids (perhaps not as many as some people would like), and I’ll continue to give away many more. You said that most people my age “are married, have steady jobs, children, play softball, & drink beer.” That’s true. But why do I have to be like everyone else? I’m 32 years old. My dad married my mom when he was 48, and he was 51 when I was born. Now he’s 84 and still going strong. He’s a hero to me. I love him and admire him and take after him in many ways. The fact that he was older than most fathers when I was born didn’t seem to affect him or me in any negative way, so what’s the big deal if I wait a few more years to get married or have kids? Like I said, I know I have some growing up and maturing to do. That’s why I don’t want to rush into starting a family. There’s still a lot I need to learn. As for softball, I love playing it. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough free time to play (because I’m so busy working), but I’m hoping to get back into it someday and maybe join a league. And as for beer, what can I say? I’ve tried it, but I just don’t like it. Alcohol is really dangerous for me anyway because I’m severely hypoglycemic; I have a serious blood sugar imbalance, and I’ve heard that alcohol turns into sugar after people drink it. I was once told by a nutritionist that I could become diabetic if I’m not careful, so I try to stay away from sweets. I know that alcohol is an acquired taste, but quite frankly, I don’t see the point of drinking something repeatedly in order to make myself like it when it happens to be extremely unhealthy for me in the first place. I once got high, so it’s not like I’m terrified of adult substances. It was an interesting experience, and I’m glad I did it, but it’s just not something that I felt the need to do again. No judgments against people who drink and smoke and take drugs. All I can say is that it’s not for me. Finally, you asked if I’ve ever gotten laid. I was a late bloomer. It didn’t happen for me until I was 20. But yes, to answer your question, I’ve done pretty well with the ladies ever since. I’m not even sure how. I think I’ve gotten luckier in that sense than I have with all the baseball stuff.
Here’s the 3rd letter:
Here’s my response:
I’m not gay (ask Jona and all my ex-girlfriends if you don’t believe me), but yes, I’m friends with people who are. I don’t think that should be a problem. I’m also friends with tall people, short people, white people, black people, rich people, poor people, Mets fans, Yankee fans, old people, and young people. The way I see it, if someone’s cool, they’re cool. That’s enough for me. As for hanging out with 13-year-olds at the ballpark, there are kids everywhere. I think kids are fun. Lots of the people who read this blog are kids, and they happen to be really cool people. Am I supposed to avoid them? As I said in my response to your 2nd letter, I give away lots of baseballs to kids. Last year, I helped raise more than $10,000 for a children’s charity, and I’m planning to organize another fundraiser this season. Here’s the press release about my charity work. I take this very seriously. I don’t have any evil intentions, if that’s what you’re asking or suggesting.
Here’s the 4th letter:
Here’s my response:
What’s with all the talk about beer? Seriously, I just don’t get it, but I’ll tell you what: next time I see you guys, if you want, I’ll buy you each a beer. How’s that? I can’t promise I’ll drink one too, but the first round is on me. Let’s just talk face to face and shake hands. I think this whole thing was just a bad misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion. Also, I want you to know that I *do* enjoy the game of baseball very much. It’s not just the balls that I’m after. I watch games on TV all the time, and I read every boxscore every day. I don’t even play fantasy baseball. I just keep up with the stats and standings because I love the sport and I want to know how all the players and teams are doing.
Here’s the 5th letter:
Here’s my response:
Many people have told me to “get a life.” I used to hear that all the time when I was in school. I don’t know what it is about my life that everyone seems to think is so screwed up, but anyway, like I said, I’m working on a lot of things, so hopefully that will make a difference in the long run. I know I’m not perfect. Not even close.
Here’s the 6th letter:
Here’s my response:
I mean this is all seriousness: it seems like it would be a lot cheaper to drink before or after the games. What are the Steinbrenners charging for beers these days? It’s like $10 for one of those plastic bottles, right? Even if I wanted to drink at games, I don’t know if I could afford it. I’m a writer, after all, so I don’t make that much money.
Here’s the 7th letter:
Here’s my response:
I’m not gay. I’ve gotten laid. I don’t want to fight with you. And yes, here I am, replying to your letters.
Here’s the 8th envelope (which I just opened today):
Here’s the letter:
And here’s the hockey puck that was inside the envelope:
Here’s my response:
Come on, this is just uncalled for. There’s no need to bring religion into it or to make these kinds of threats. Jews are really sensitive to this kind of stuff. My parents were so freaked out about this that they called the police and filed a report. I actually had a detective from the 18th precinct contact me this evening. He asked me if I knew who was sending the letters and if I wanted to press charges for aggravated assault. I told him I didn’t want to press charges. I said I just wanted to deal with these people directly, man to man, and hopefully settle this like civilized people. So what do you guys think? Can we do that? I regret arguing with you at the game last season, and for pulling out my camera and turning this into a bigger deal than it ever should have been. That was a real mistake on my part, and I’m sorry. I remember that one of you guys asked me for a baseball for your grandson. At the time, I was so angry that I never would have considered it, but now, if you’ll give me a chance, I’d like to try to catch one for him. Let me know what you think.
Zack Hample


  1. sportzfreeka

    Wow. Reading these reminds me of how ignorant some people are. They really don’t have much factual evidence other than “get a life” and “your gay”. They’re the ones who need to get a life. They’re the ones wasting their “beer drinking” and “getting laid” time by writing you these whacked out messages. This has completely crossed the line. Especially after the last item you received from them.

  2. kswizzle041

    i told heath bell about these guys not too long after it happened…he wanted to know more about it and seemed overall genuinely concerned…

  3. ayellen

    You are friends with Yankees fans, Mets fans, and even a Red Sox fan! (Who lives in New York, no less!)

    But anyway — it saddens me when people cannot enjoy the game for the game it is, and more than that, when they cannot allow others to enjoy the game in the way they chose fit. I know your way of enjoying baseball has added many positives to people around you — be it your Watch with Zack clients, or people who have read your book(s) and decided to add a level of interaction between them and the game after seeing how you do it.

    After all, as an integral part of American Culture, baseball should be embraced and interacted with in every possible way, and more than that, it should be just that — interacted with, rather than just passively watched. I’d like to think that you embody and embrace the spirit of American Culture and baseball continuing to evolve.

    It’s a shame that this has taken time away from writing your next book; I know how much time and energy this must have taken, especially once the police get involved.

    It is sad that people like this are out there, and go so far out of their way (and so far into the off-season) to express hatred of anything — personal, religious, cultural.

    Even those baseball fans who hate you, I’d like to hope cannot condone actions like this. I hope the words end with words and do not lead to anyone eating any part of anyone else’s anatomy.


  4. harry.jackson@wagner.edu

    It looks like these were all sent to you by the same (most likely unhinged) person, desperately craving your attention on this blog. I mean, I don’t know how many people would ever ask if you’ve been “laided”…or use the same NY Islanders memo paper. I don’t know if you can ever rationalize with people like this with well thought-out responses. It’s just sickening to see what goes on in people’s minds.

    Don’t let it get you down, Zach. You know you have tons of fans. I don’t go to many Yankee Games, but I got your back at Citizen’s Bank.

  5. goisles

    Zack, for a bright guy from the streets of New York, you’re not showing a lot of savvy. While I’m an advocate of killing ’em with kindness, I’m also not a proponent of leading with my chin.

    The biggest problem here is that you wrote more than one response. Once you got the second nasty letter back, that should have been the end of it. Why give someone with that much hatred the chance to show it off. It’s like Obama with the terrorists; he wants to talk, and they want to kill us. Or let me use another analogy tat may hit closer to home, Neville Chamberlain wanted to talk with Hitler–if we could only be reasonable.

    The next biggest problem with writing more than once is that the subsequent notes were written on an Islanders calendar. I’m aghast! That behavior is much more akin to that of a Ranger fan. Have Milbury, Snow, Wang, and DP made Islander Country that ornery????

    Here’s the bottom line. First, I would advise removing this blog entry immediately. You’ve given these folks more attention than they deserve. Second, your parents did the right thing; let the police handle this. In fact, if I were to send any last letter to these folks it would be that any more contact from that will cause you to file formal charges. End of story.

  6. johnny5rocks@hotmail.com

    I have to agree with fatherpuck…I know your intentions were to squash this with a response on the website, but in doing so you are just giving them the attention that they are craving from you and are likely fueling the fire…I’m sure you’ll get more notes after they see that you’ve responded. I also think that you should let the police handle this…making terroristic threats via the mail is a huge federal crime.

    I applaud you for taking the high road and trying to handle it your way, but I think that this is an instance where you not responding and letting the authorities handle it would be best for you.


  7. mikeeff

    pretty ******* scary. I took the time to read all of your answers. very well done- calm, reasonable but i’m not quite sure why you would put yourself out for this obviously sick and possibly dangerous person. i’m VERY glad your parents contacted the cops because if they hadn’t i would personally beg you to do so.
    Years ago before playing a Black Party i got a couple of anonymous letters threatening me with death if i didn’t play well…or up to their standards…some BS like that. it was rather disturbing i can tell you. I must have played OK since i’m still alive to tell the tale. Back then I should have gone to the police. I didn’t since the letters were postmarked from jersey and i just didn’t want to get involved. But zack-this person could actually try to harm you …so take whatever measures the police suggest.
    keep well, Michael Fierman

  8. yankeefan429@gmail.com

    long time reader 1st time commenting. i really admire what you do and i got your back. me and my friend own a boxing school we are professionally trained fighters and we know lots of guys who come work out with us. this is total b.s. what is going on here with these people sending the letters. you said you have photos of them? i go to the stadium all the time…..born and raised in the bronx baby!!! if you email these peoples photos to me i will send them to all my friends and we will make sure that these losers never go near you. you just let me know when you will be at the stadium (i’m usually in the LF bleachers) and i will look out for you. if these guys even talk to you i will personally see to it that they will never be able to pick up another pen or lick another envelope. you are the man. you dont deserve this. i have seen how you help kids and what you do for the game.
    your friend,
    p.s. hope to finally meet you in person this year!!

  9. 07nlchamps

    Hey Zack, I just want to say a couple of things. First of all, thank you so much for the donation to E’s fundraiser, she was very excited to see you donated so much to it. Secondly, these letters are all coming from the same moron. I’m not sure I would take anyone seriously that says “laided” lol. Really, what kind of idiot says that? Also, he has the spelling of an 8 year-old kid, so it’s funny to hear him say he has a girlfriend. You can tell by this guy’s writing that he has the mental capacity of a child, so don’t worry about it, and get back to your book. :) Talk to you soon.

  10. padreleigh

    That “laided” thing is pretty darn funny. I’ve never been called a Baptist ******* before, but if I was I don’t think it would hurt so much because I know my parents were married when I was concieved as were yours. Sticks and stones. Those guys are idiots. Don’t sweat it.


  11. jobajr26

    I got no clue how you managed to keep your cool through all this. Hat tip to you.

  12. jskool81

    Just my two cents, but I wouldn’t have even responded to this. Idiots like these guys (guy?) are just looking for a reaction. If the moron doesn’t have the guts/brains to sign the letters, I wouldn’t acknowledge them at all — except maybe using them to line the bottom of your bird cage, if you have one.
    Hang in there, buddy.

  13. li7039@yahoo.com

    sorry to hear about all of this zack, another reason to hate the yankees, their fans, yankee stadium, and the islanders as well. But really you can’t afford paper to write the mail on you gotta use a islanders daily calender? Im a huge Ranger fan and i have had many run ins with isles fans but its never gotten this bad, i hope everything works out for you

  14. steelcity9999

    Zack –
    First, I think either I’m misunderstanding or other readers are: This blog is your very first response to all these letters, correct? If so, it’s pretty disturbing to see the progression of hatred and threats from this person. I agree with Mr. puck, I’d consider deleting this post, or at least scale it back quite a bit.

    The lack of response for months clearly enraged the perpetrator, which is the way this person should be referred to by the way. They’ve committed a crime as far as I’m concerned.

    So at first I thought, oh you have yourself a little stalker, how cute. But as these love letters evolve it becomes obvious you have yourself a truly obsessed stalker/enemy… Although I actually wondered, and still do, if they were just using the awful grammar, spelling, handwriting style and repetition of comments (play softball, drink beer, get yourself laided) as a cover in order to protect themselves and their identity – because maybe they’re just trying to mess with you. It’s possible, but I doubt it.

    All the letters are too similar. And why send a frickin puck?! Anyway, it’s all disturbing. The anti-Semitic comments, the threats, and the progression of hate. I would not recommend seeking them out at a game, and it bothers me they know about your parents book store. Just one reason I never use my real name and location on the web, but I realize that’s not possible in your field of work. Anyway, I’d leave this to the authorities, it’s too late to offer a hand shake and an apology, which I thought they never deserved in the first place.

  15. CHI CUBS

    You should of told those scumbags to shut the hell up. They kept saying the same thing in every letter. I guess their inept minds couldn’t think of anything else. You stay proud and keep getting balls lol. Forget those losers. Your responses were to sincere and nice. Tell them to back off and find a hobby.

  16. txfilmmkr

    Wow, Zack. Welcome to my world. I get hate mail, hate calls, hate email, hate hate hate. It comes with the territory. Not only am I a lawyer, but I’m a divorce lawyer, so I’m constantly making at least one person very angry with me. No problems though, because I’ve learned how to handle it over the years. First and foremost, I’ve taken over 25 years worth of martial arts in many different disciplines. Most recently, my Gentile self has been taking classes in the “Jew *******” art of Krav Maga and it’s quite effective. You should look into it. No fancy patterns or forms, just plain old street fighting with a hint of dirty tactics. It’s awesome. It also helps to have a concealed handgun license, but I don’t think that’s an option for you in New York.

    I have to agree with fatherpuck though. Don’t lead with your chin. You’ve gone way beyond trying to make up with these morons and it’s to the point that you need to just say to hell with it. I noticed it says at the bottom of the last two letters it says “OME GLE”. This is probably the initials of two brothers, OME and GLE. Hope the cops caught on to that too. In other news, these dummies spent over $6 to send something first class that could have easily been sent parcel post for much less.

    Donny in Houston

  17. dennisox

    The sad part is that this guy probably has kids and is teaching them to think something like this is right.


  18. goislanders4

    Not only should you have pressed charges, but you should’ve also called these guys out on having no life themselves for holding such a consistant anger in a grudge dating back more than half a year ago. I agree, it WAS very mature and “p.c” the way you handled it, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. At this point, I’d say keep going with the peaceful approach, but if they don’t accept, press charges. This guy clearly isn’t right in the head. People like that don’t deserve to get off easy. Thats why places like jail or the option to press charges are open to you.

    And if worse comes to worse and you need to fight, call me. I’ll come around and knock a few out myself. Just a little payback for the World Series last year, hahahaha

  19. txfilmmkr

    Heineken? Really? I’d rather drink horse urine. It’s cheaper and probably tastes better than Heineken.

  20. aefeq


    I do not get to post that much anymore, (my company blocks any blogging) but I have to weigh in on this issue.
    You show a great deal of class by offering to work it out. Being antagonistic to these people will only make things worse. If more people offer the olive branch like you, life would be a lot better.

    I am an avid yankee fan and I admit, some yankee fans are the rudest people I have ever seen at the ball park. A lot of us are good people.These people are ignorant. Be careful because I do not think they can be satisfied.

    For all those that say to you ?get a life?, I am 50 years old, I have 2 childrens and a lovely wife. I have a tough job. Snagging baseballs is my release. I love that it brings me closer to the game. Zack has only made my passion better.

    These people are not fans of the game. Go do what you do without reservation. Know
    that the people who exaggerate and say you knock over kids are in the minority.

    Be careful with these guys. I do not in anyway advocate fighting. Racial slurs just show their intelligence level. Don?t stoop. Stay the same. We have your back.

    Brendan (Helmet guy)

  21. famousnv45

    LOL at the troll begging for attention. Zach do what you love man if he’s telling you to get live what is he doing with his if he has time to make an art project and send it to you. This is hilarious. Good luck with your situation man but he’s the one who needs help not you.

  22. gmeyer0208@gmail.com

    Hey Zack,
    I understand you have good intentions will all of this. And I appreciate your honesty. It’s great.
    But putting this in the public eye isn’t such a great idea. It just encourages more people to do the same thing.

    And to all of you haters,
    Lay off the kid. He just likes to have fun. And he’s raising thousands of dollars for charity. How could you possibly hate someone like that?

    -Garrett KC

  23. bigglovebob

    Reasoning with unreasonable people is a tough nut to crack. Considering my background is in Law Enforcement I know that it takes real dummy to write someone that they are going to do them bodily harm and refer to their religion. Not smart.

    They give you grief for not getting loaded and playing softball and spending your time getting balls and then turn around and waste their time (and postage) with some goofball letters. Threats are a dime a dozen, people rarely follow through on them.

    Who knows?, maybe these guys will read your replies, take a deep breath, and man up and say they are sorry.

  24. fd1075ny

    Zack, Don’t let these guys get you down. If it bothered them that bad at the time of the incident that their PORCELAIN female companion buddy was in someway injured, they should’ve taken up the complaint with an official police report. At this time, they are over the line in the area above harassment as they are making physical threats over a period of time. These “grown-ups” that “know better” should seriously watch what they say. After all, i’m sure you have the photos. And reposting them or sending them around is as easy as a click of the mouse. These individuals would not want to be heckled at every game they attend by fans on this site that are not under the age of 18.

    I know the “grown up” with not much time on his hands that wants to revert back to his jock HS days views this site regularly. I invite him to send me a PM. Maybe when he views this site, he wont be drunk like he was when he wrote you all those letters and have a reality check on his criminal actions. Watch your threats, or the next game you watch, your female companion will be sitting next to an empty seat at any game you attend…..

  25. cougar914

    Zack this is Nick from Pittsburgh. Your fund raising for baseball equipment for underprivileged youth last year was outstanding. Dont worry too much about this, and keep up the work on what sounds like a great book.

  26. stonehooksfan1@aol.com

    Sorry about those letters. You should go to the police. Does anyone know if it’s easy to get autos at coots field?

  27. zczakouk

    Zack, from a fellow Zak to another, this makes me feel sick
    The last item that concerned your religion was downright disgusting. I for one, will be rooting against the Yankees this year, for the pure reason of these *****!

    Keep up the great work with the hawking and with the charity, and I’d like to say that this blog gives me a second reason to love the MLB Season.

    Much Respect!

  28. yankeehater626

    Just saying, we “Jew ********” gotta stick together. I’m ready to fight! :)

  29. lasmog@hotmail.com

    Zack, I am sorry that you have had to deal with so much abuse. I am a little surprised that you even dignified their letters with a response on your blog.

    I enjoy reading the accounts of your quest for balls at each game you attend, and I enjoyed meeting you at Dodger Stadium in 2008. I remember watching you heading for a ball during BP and there was a kid (10-12 years old) going after the same ball. You could have easily given him a little push with your body to give yourself a better chance to get the ball. But instead you were careful not to bump him and the kid got the ball. I wasn’t sure someone who gets as many balls as you do in a season would be that nice.

    However, it doesn’t really matter how nice you are. There are people who believe that “one” is the limit at batting practice.

    I also have had people say that my kids and I should not change shirts and hats for the visiting team. I told them it’s not like I’m turning my back on the Dodgers; I’m just rooting for the only team on the field.

  30. zackhample

    Thanks for all the support. I truly appreciate it. I’ve read every single comment, but I’m not going to respond to each one individually. It would take too long (when I need to stay focused on my book), and I don’t even think it would be productive. For the record, this is the very first time that I’ve responded to these letters. Some of you seem to think that I’ve somehow been responding to each letter individually, engaging in a back-and-forth dialogue. That is not the case. The letters have been coming for months. I finally answered them all at once, here on the blog, in this entry. While some of you may think I’m weak or naive for communicating with these people and making this public, I felt it was the right thing to do. We each have our own way of dealing with things. Case closed. As for the “OME” and “GLE” that appeared in one of the letters, that was a reference to a recent entry I posted about the web site omegle.com. If you’re wondering about the comment from “laided@yahoo.com,” that was not posted by the same people who sent these letters; it was posted by someone I know — a very well-known ballhawk, in fact — who apparently thought it was funny. Given the fact that this is my blog, I can (among other things) get the IP address of anyone who leaves a comment, trace it to their exact location, and search for all other comments posted from that IP address. (Oops!) And finally, again, for the record, my name is Zack. Not Zach.

  31. abbysdad

    Hey Zack, I like your approach, but you have to think about the type of person you’re dealing with here. Nothing about those letters suggest this is a rational, logical, level-headed, educated, reasonable person. One or more of those traits would be required to have a face to face talk where he could voice his issues and come to an amicable resolution. This person has no appreciation for diversity, spelling or decent hockey teams. Let the police deal with him (and remind them he’s guilty of a hate crime, due to his anti-semitic comment in the last letter and on the puck). Also, for the Zack supporters wanting to duke it out, realize that if there is a fight at Yankee stadium linked to this issue, they’ll most likely ask him to leave (regardless of his physical involvement, who started it, etc) and not come back. Other MLB parks could follow, deciding that the risk of altercations isn’t worth it. Something like that would negatively impact him, putting an end to something he’s very passionate about, not to mention putting a dent in his fundraising efforts. Keep doing what you do Zack, not only are you great at it, but you’ve done it without being a jerk and have gone out of your way to help others.

  32. milton157@aol.com

    sounds like someone needs to be the recipient of a little Hample Jinx. haha. dont worry zack, i’ve got your back at yankee stadium.

    p.s. you are the modern day michael jackson, haha.

  33. ktmachine

    I wouldn’t chalk this up to Bronx Loonies as this phenomenon is growing within society. Someone gets publicity and/or creates a bit of celebrity for themselves regardless of how mainstream or “quirky” and the jealous chest beaters come out of the woodwork. Look at the violence and threats that have been spewed at the Jersey Shore dudes (and dudettes). Low self esteem, a sense of entitlement, poor upbringing, disintegrating schools, pampering little Johnny and shielding him from losing or failing as a youngster so he grows up totally unprepared how to deal with failure….add a dose of tesosterone in front of adoring, instigating women and this is the ultimate result. Everyone just needs to lighten up and try to do something on their own instead of trying to bring others down. Keep up the good work Zack and keep bringing us something to smile about. We’ll deal with these tics on the dog bottom of life.

  34. nyctimmm


    TLeon here. This is crazy stuff. Don’t feed the morons. It’s good that you addressed this, but leave it alone after this. Clearly, these letters were written mostly by one person. You just have to look at the letter “Y” in each of them to see that. I also have no doubt this was done by an adult. You should see some of the hate mail I get. Nobody knows spelling or grammar anymore. And “laided”? That’s just sad.

    Let me know when you’re going out to Yankee Stadium. I’ll be happy to serve as security to make sure you don’t get your *** kicked. Keep doing what you do. This charity thing is excellent.


  35. martha

    Sad saga exposed by so-called yankee fan(s) an ugly side I do see when going to batting practice in the bronx.

  36. Pei Kang

    hey buddy boy,

    there’s a nice little adjective to describe these ‘tough guys’: Trolls. feed them more, they give out more. These guys are just jealous of your life’s passion. Keep at it pal, and don’t let them drag you down.


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