An unusual request

This is one of those things that I just have to share. It’s a random email that I received two days ago. Check it out:



My name is Jason I am from Cincinnati Ohio, going to the dodgers spring training this year….


So my real question is, can you send me a good picture of your face, I want to get you tattooed on me. I think of you as a baseball hero! More along the lines of doing something you love and getting paid. Wish I could do what you do.


Well anyways, also If I sent you a ball would you autograph it? I would include all the return postage as well.


Well let me know, keep up the good grabs, 7 days till spring training game!!!!


After writing back to Jason, I received the following reply:



Yes I am sincere, I have get portraits of people who have inspired me, and people who I like, I am thinking about 5-6 inches tall and 4-5 on the width maybe if you could take one with you holding a baseball in each hand up to your face, that would be great. It will most likely be on my right leg.

I know it is a strange request, an I am happy you are flattered and yes I would send you a pick of the finished result, and I would eventually like to meet you one day to show you in person.


I will mail you the ball early next week to your family’s bookstore!


Thanks Zack!!!!



I answered him again, and here’s what he wrote:

Yes blog away! Taking a few pictures would be awesome, then I will let you know which one I choose. It all depends when my tattoo artist has an opening, but most likely before this year’s season starts. Just email me the photos when you have time, and we will go from there. Cool?


Thanks Zack!



…and that’s where it stands. Assuming he actually goes through with it and then sends me a photo, I’ll post an update, so stay tuned…


  1. baseballexperiences

    wow… just wow. u kno uve made it when someones getting a ******* tattoo of you. crazy


    Wow thats hilarious. See if you can get a royalty out of the deal like maybe reds tickets or something like that. He said he wanted to meet you anyway so maybe you could meet at a reds game.

    Luke in Kansas City

  3. zackhample

    All I can say is…yep.

    Heh, thanks.

    Nah, as long as I get some good photos/stories out of it, I’ll be set.

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    What up Z-Man? This sounds way too flakey, almost stalkish. This dude may totally want to tattoo you on his body, but your likeness could wind up holding the wrong set of balls for eternity. Let it pass and he’ll forget about it…Take care brotha…D..The Rockpile Ranter

  5. zackhample

    The way I see it…if the guy wants to have me tattooed somewhere “inappropriate,” that’s gonna make HIM look sillier than it’ll make me. (Can you imagine what a fun time he’d have explaining the tattoo to a date?) Anyway, I’ve been emailing back and forth with him, and he seems really cool. I don’t think he has any bad intentions, and anyway, he didn’t even have to contact me about it beforehand. He could’ve just grabbed some random photo off my blog or web site and done it without my consent, so I appreciate how he’s going about it.

  6. jasonecincinnati

    This is as legit as it gets, not stalkish as rockpile ranker says. I just like what Zack does, I have hero’s and Zack is a hero of mine, and as for the placement, it will be on my lower leg most likely.
    Everyone needs hero’s, people who inspire them. I love the game of baseball and have since I was a kid. This game really amps me up, I was thinking since Zack gets so many balls at stadiums if I had a tattoo of Zack I could get lucky and start getting alot of baseballs at games too!

  7. dennisox

    I don’t think Zack has luck on his side; it’s dedication and a lot of work. You should get a baseball tattooed on the palm of your hand instead. I like Zack too, in fact I’ve had dreams about him, but a tattoo of him? Have you seen what he looks like?

    Only kidding…

  8. zackhample

    Hey! Thanks for weighing in on this. I hope the tattoo does indeed help channel some good snagging vibes your way. Sorry I haven’t gotten the new round of photos to you. It’s tough to take pics with four baseballs in each hand — like, it’s physically difficult to put the baseballs in my hands and then also press the button on the camera — so I’m gonna wait for my girlfriend to come back over this evening and help me.

    I resent that! :-)

  9. jasonecincinnati

    No problem Zack, get to it when you have them time, dennisox thats funny but not nice, he aint a bad looking dude, for a dude. Compared to Howard Stern, Larry Flynt, Travis Barker, Rich Franklin, and Johnny Knoxville he will probably be the best lookin tattoo portrait I will have on my leg.

  10. zackhample

    Wow, you really have all those guys tattooed on you? I’m gonna take a new round of photos as soon as my digital camera battery charges, so hopefully I’ll be emailing some shots to you before the night is through. (How old are you, BTW?)

  11. jasonecincinnati

    I am 27 years old, yeah I have all those guys on my legs. I wanna meet Howard Stern to how him but Baba Booey is being a real jerk!! Ha Ha Ha!

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