2010 commemorative balls

One of my contacts at MLB just sent me the official list of commemorative balls for the 2010 season.

There are six balls that will actually be used in games/exhibitions…
1) Target Field inaugural season
2) All-Star Game
3) Home Run Derby
4) Home Run Derby gold ball
5) Futures Game
6) World Series
…and two more that will only be used for ceremonial first pitches and sold as collectors’ items:
7) Opening Day
8) Jackie Robinson Day
And there you have it — no surprises, but hey, I’m just glad to have received the official list in advance. What do you think of it? Any ideas for other commemorative balls that MLB could’ve decided to make for the 2010 season? Any random commemorative ball ideas in general?
(If you want to see all the commemorative balls that I’ve personally snagged over the years, click here.)
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  1. steelcity9999

    Thanks for sharing this list on your blog! Very cool to see Rawlings’ plans before they’re shared with the public. My thoughts, there are two surprises: One is the J.R. ball. They had artwork done for a J.R. ball in ’08, but never followed through. The previous ones were ’07, ’05 and 2 in ’97. It seems like they’d like to make it an annual ball, since it’s an annual event, but I’m guessing due to cost, they haven’t.

    Well now they’ve found a way – make it a “Ceremonial 1st Pitch” ball. Which is the second surprise, taking the balls out of the game (like the Opening Day ball) by making them “Ceremonial first pitch” balls, so they’re still collectible. This must be a huge expense reduction. At least they’re still official commemoratives.

    I also think they’re swung and missed here on a few baseballs. The first MLB series vs. China in Taiwan should have a special ball. The Civil Rights game – never has one that I’ve known about. And the Pirates should have a Maz 50th Anni. baseball when they unveil his statue. Cheap b*st*rds. Sorry, family blog.

  2. dhbball

    Hey everyone.. its getting close to baseball season again.. I HAVE A DILEMMA and want some insights from my fellow baseball people.
    -So iv been playing baseball since 7th grade and love the game like nothing else. I have developed my game to a whole other level. I am a senior in HS and have a chance to play college ball. But i cannot stand our coach and his system and the large amounts of time of the same things that go into it. Plus i will be leaving in July for 6 months for my military basic training and want to spend my time wisely.. I dont know what to do cause its so hard to give up baseball but i want to be able to have free time.. which i wont with baseball.. PLEASE any INSIGHTS??
    -Sorry about the rant but I figured you all would be able to help.. Thanks

  3. bigappleblogger

    I would think the yankees (being the jerks they are) would print a big 27 on every ball they use.

  4. Graham

    How come not all new stadiums have the inaugural season ball? I don’t remember seeing one for Petco Park in 2004. Is San Diego not a big enough market to do a commemorative baseball?

  5. dhbball

    Zack- noticed that you acknowledged my post and sorry to be putting my situation on here, but everybody else i ask has no opinio and I figured who better to ask than my baseball fanatics. Thanks any insights are appreciated

  6. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack,

    A few weeks ago I mentioned an episode of King of Queens where Kevin James falls onto the field trying to catch a foul ball, and you said you were aware of it. I just saw a different episode today dealing with foul balls, when Kevin James is at a Mets game, getting harassed by a little kid who’s throwing carrots at him, and he ends up stepping in front of the kid to catch a foul ball. The entire section ends up throwing food and drinks at him because of what he did, and he ends up getting arrested for fighting with his friend Deacon, who wanted him to give the ball back to the little kid. Have you seen that episode as well?

  7. gmeyer0208@gmail.com

    Will the Angels use the all-star balls throughout the season (like they will wear the patch all season)? or is that commemorative ball only for the all-star game?

    I’m sure going to try my hardest to get the Target Field ball — I’ll have at least 9 chances!

  8. bigglovebob

    The Twins batboy told me last year that each team only got 1 dozen opening day baseballs. So that would be a very rare snag since they go through about 6 dozen balls a game.

    I agree that the Twins 50th season logo would have looked cool on a ball and they very well may have done it had it not been the first season of the new park. I thought that Milwaukee might have one since they have a 40th anniversay logo made up and on their site. However, the Royals celebrated their 40th last year and they did not have a commemorative.

    Big Glove Bob

  9. rocktober_93

    Does each stadium have an opening day ball for their home opener? Sound like each team only gets 12 balls, which would be extremely rare. Are they the first 12 balls used in the game or inserted at random? I am going to opening day at Coors Field this year. Go Rox!

    How about a pink breast cancer awareness ball like the pink bats!

  10. bigappleblogger

    zack, i thought of another moment in TV history having to do with foul balls… during a simpsons treehouse of horror episode, homer becomes the grim reaper and takes bart to a ballgame. Since they have bad seats, homer touches everybody in his way (thus killing them) in order to get to a better seat. When they reach a wealthy-looking lady sitting in a box seat, homer is about to touch her but a ball strikes her in the head and kills her. in case you didnt already have this for your book, there it is.

  11. joltinjoe9@gmail.com

    I heard from my friend that you were probably going to make a trip out to Seattle this year! If this is true, my friend and I would love to meet you and give you all of our Safeco Field specific strategies. Remember, this year is your last chance at small crowds in Seattle because the M’s are on their way to the top!

  12. sethtishler@aol.com

    Hey Zack I have a question if I am going to a Phills vs Twins game is there A chance I couldg get a Target Feild ball or is it only at Twins home games

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