A few days ago, I blogged about Chatroulette. (This is what happens to me during the off-season.) Now I’d like to tell you about my experience on another newish site called Omegle. For those who don’t know, it’s basically like Chatroulette, but without the video or sound…which is to say that it’s only text. Yes, random one-on-one IM conversations with strangers. You never know who you’ll get paired up with, and once you ARE paired up, you have no idea who you’re talking/typing to. I took some screen shots to show you how it all went down, and in case it’s not clear, wherever it says “You” in blue font…that’s me. As you’ll see, I started by telling the first “Stranger” that I was going to share the conversation with the world. Check it out:

Yes, hilarious! (Actually, I did find this to be quite amusing. It’s about what I expected. And FYI, I blurred out the R-rated word. Omegle doesn’t censor anything, so you can see whatever the other person types. Oh, and another thing…if you’re ever on this site and someone sends you a link, don’t click it. People try to send viruses that way, but other than that, it’s all good.) After this, I decided not to let people know that I was going to share the conversations. Instead, I asked for some advice. You never know where genius lurks:
My conversation partner was once again completely useless, but at least he (I assume it was a guy) didn’t make any obscene remarks. Hmm…I couldn’t stop thinking about my book. You may recall that I’d recently blogged about a potential new title. Lots of people left comments and said they didn’t like it because of the word “ballhawk,” so I decided to take up the issue on Omegle and get the opinion of the next Stranger:
Yeesh. It was time to ask something less controversial — a simple yes or no question — and I already knew the answer. Clearly, it was going to be yes:
FML. (I’ll have to work on that. I wonder if the person would have said “yes” to Moe Mullins, Rich Buehrke, Dave Davison, Artie Laurain, Alex Patino, Dan Sauvageau, Nick Yohanek, Greg Barasch, Erik Jabs, Leigh Barratt, Tracy Collins, Lee Wilson, Kevin Kruse, Tyler Snyder, Robert Harmon, Jake Frazier, Jameson Sutton, Tony Dobson, John Witt, or Joe Faraguna.)
I was getting way too distracted from my book. I needed to find a way to motivate myself to jump back in:
I probably should’ve known better than to ask that guy, but whatever. Anyway, I couldn’t go out like that. I truly needed to get some advice:



    OMG, I love Omegle. Thank you for introducing it to me(us). I think it’s great that you don’t just write about baseball all the time. Thanks for keeping the blog interesting, Z!

  2. zackhample

    Wow…you’re welcome. (Just to warn you, my next entry will definitely be about baseball. Come to think of it, this one was, too…sort of.)

  3. dhbball

    Hey everyone.. its getting close to baseball season again.. I HAVE A DILEMMA and want some insights from my fellow baseball people.

    -So iv been playing baseball since 7th grade and love the game like nothing else. I have developed my game to a whole other level. I am a senior in HS and have a chance to play college ball. But i cannot stand our coach and his system and the large amounts of time of the same things that go into it. Plus i will be leaving in July for 6 months for my military basic training and want to spend my time wisely.. I dont know what to do cause its so hard to give up baseball but i want to be able to have free time.. which i wont with baseball.. PLEASE any INSIGHTS??

    -Sorry about the rant but I figured you all would be able to help.. Thanks


    Hey zack,
    as an avid reader of your blog, i looked through some of the yankee stadium posts and realized that many “seats” in the outfield are folding chairs?!?! How could someone honestly pay to seat in a folding chair? Are they sold for cheap or something? knowing the yanks i doubt it

  5. cookandsonbats

    That’s a tough call, man. Unfortunately, I had to make the same call my senior year. I love baseball like crazy, by my coach made baseball season into a long stretch of frustration. I decided not to play my senior year. While I missed all of the time with my friends, it actually worked out that I had a lot of fun and a whole lot less stress my last couple months of high school. However, if I thought I could have played in college (who knows, maybe I could have if I had a different HS coach), I definitely would have stuck it out. You never get a second chance. After you stop playing competitively, all you have left to look forward to is beer league softball (which, by the way, is awesome!)

  6. dhbball

    cooksandsonbats- thanks man i appreciate the insight.. although you took me both ways lol.. i got some thinking to do the next two days

  7. bigappleblogger

    I thought you weren’t interested in omegle… but it IS a cool site to check out. you’re welcome!

  8. zackhample

    I see that you’ve posted this on my newest entry, so we’ll pick up the conversation there…

    Are you talking about the seats out in front of Monument Park at the old stadium?

    I want to play in a chocolate milk league.

    Yeah, I didn’t think I was interested either, but there’s something sweet and simple about it. I like to go on there when I have a few minutes to kill. It’s fun to take on different personas and just say random stuff to see how people will react.

  9. 2swingandamiss

    person opinion…i think omegle is better then chatroulette…but i did have a little fun early on chatroulette, i set a yankees, redsox and rays hat infront of the cam and asked everyone…at least those that stayed long enought…who would win the al east…surprisingly alot of foreigners knew the yankees even a few pervs stopped what they were doing and typed “yankees” i was falling out of my chair laughing.


    So. . . you’re the guy that won’t join my Phantasy Baseball League (which is sorta like Shoeless Joe refusing the corn-field). . . but you’ve got time for this ****?

  11. zackhample


    Yep, that’s what it’s good for.

    Well, you do have a point, but it’s not just a matter of free time (which I actually have very little of). I just DON’T ever want to play fantasy (or phantasy) baseball. Never have, and unless some major change takes place in my life, never will.

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