VERY tall people

Last month, I posted a random blog entry about my fascination with height…remember? It was called, “Are you seven feet tall?

Well, earlier today, the answer was yes. And yes again. Check out the following photo, taken just a few hours ago:
In case you’re new to this blog (or if you don’t recognize me without a baseball cap), that’s me in the middle.
I’m 5-foot-11.
Those other guys are both 7-foot-3.
I love living in New York City. Anything is possible.
This was all part of a much bigger (and totally unexpected) adventure, and yes, I have lots of other photos. Gimme a day or two to sort through them, and then I’ll post another entry that tells the whole story…



    Heaven? Z? Probably NOT! Those two tall-as-trees dudes’ heads appear to be closer to Heaven, while Z’s, many inches lower, is more likely in the Other Place.

  2. bigappleblogger

    how did they even get INTO that room? the door behind you is shorter than both of their heads! that is just crazy, and you look about two feet tall next to them.

  3. sportzfreeka

    Wow! I bet they’d be pretty good at snagging!

    Have you seen this buzzer beater video from a few years back? I had watched it before but I just realized it was none other than Guilford College hitting that 90 foot shot! Have you seen that video before?

    You’ve gotta be making your way to Seattle this year right?

  4. zackhample

    Pretty much.

    I resent that.

    Sad. But it was his time.

    Luckily, those guys are good at ducking.

    I would be terrified (and fascinated) to see what those guys could achieve at a baseball game. I’ve seen the buzzer-beater…that was biiiiig news for the school at the time. And yes, Seattle, I’m gonna try to make it there this season.

    Good question. I have no idea.

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