Book update No. 9 — first round of edits

I just printed the first two parts of the book. It’s 167 pages. Check it out…

This is the first time I’ve printed it. VERY exciting. Now I need to start attacking it with a red pencil because, as I mentioned in my previous update, my editor needs it by the end of the month.



    What ball is that? And is the stamp REALLY lopsided in real life, or is it just me/the picture

  2. nymetsgrrl94

    That’s so exciting! Good luck with the red pencil, that’s a lot to edit. (I could barely edit my 8 page research paper much less 160+ pages) Just think, when you finish the entire thing you will be making so many other people who will be reading the book so happy.


    Seriously Zack, how are you gonna place a ball in the photo and then not identify it? Could it be Mark McGwire’s number 70*? Looks like 61 is once again the number to beat.

  4. zackhample

    You got dat rite, baby.

    It’s not a special ball, other than the fact that I snagged it. Lopsided? Hmm…didn’t even notice ’til you mentioned it.

    Thanks, and no.

    That’s a nice way to look at it. As it turned out, I’m using a red pen.

    Yes, but I want to make it as good as I possibly can before she sees it. No point in submitting crap.

    Heh…the ball isn’t special, I swear. I just grabbed *a* ball from a huge bag that has about 300 balls in it. I just wanted one that looked rubbed up and didn’t have a commemorative logo, so I had to poke around for a moment ’til I found one.

    I just came back from seeing Avatar in 3-D. It is seriously AWESOME, in the true sense of the word. The special effects alone make it worth seeing, but it’s so much more than that. It was an absolute experience. When I first saw the preview a month or two ago or whenever, I wasn’t impressed and didn’t even plan on seeing the movie. Anyway, just go and see it if you haven’t. Wow, wow, wow.

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