Thanksgiving(s) 2009

I’m recovering from having eaten two Thanksgiving dinners in two days. Which was better? Let’s take a vote. Here they are, side by side:


Both plates have turkey with gravy in the middle and cranberry sauce on top. Going clockwise from the sauce, the plate on the left contains: sweet potato squares (made with cream and cinnamon), stuffing with sausage, more stuffing without sausage, brussel sprouts with hazelnuts and blue cheese, and roasted vegetables. YUM! The plate on the right contains: stuffing, sweet potatoes with a maple-pecan topping, organic yukon gold mashed potatoes, a slice of “lentil loaf,” and one lone brussel sprout. ALSO YUM!

A note on brussel sprouts: I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts. The reason why I took three of them on Day 1 is because I was sitting next to the woman who made them and didn’t want to offend her. The reason why I even bothered to take one of them on Day 2 is because I wanted to have them represented in the photo.

As for why I attended two Thanksgiving feasts, let’s just say it was an extra festive holiday with lots of friends and family. (Unfortunately, at one of the events, I actually had a woman ASK me to stop talking about baseball. Can you believe that?! Time for some new friends. Well, it was the cousin of a friend, but still…)


  1. bigappleblogger

    I had two thanksgiving dinners as well. I guess #1 should always win because it’s not the leftovers, but none of your meals look microwaved or straight-from-tupperware at all! Also, #1 is eaten with family and friends, so thats a plus. happy thanksgiving

  2. baseballexperiences

    Selig’s planning to retire in 2012. I hope that means a new type of baseball! Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Joe


    Whoa, I have to say that those mashed potatoes on plate #2 have to be the loveliest-looking potato mash I’ve *ever* seen. Someone very skilled in the kitchen must’ve made those. Go, Padres!

  4. zackhample

    I doubt the ball will be redesigned, but there will at least be a new signature on it.

    Those potatoes were outstanding.

  5. bigglovebob

    The second plate wins going away on looks. Not even close. The stuffing with sausage sounds great though. Go Twins!

  6. randyfan36

    Your dad is a cartoonist? That’s so cool! I’m an artist myself. I love to draw baseball stuff. The other day I drew a sketch of Mike Mussina pitching. I love baseball players in motion. I might be a baseball artist for MLB one day.
    The food looks good! Nice of you to have pity on the brussel sprout.
    -Tori, age 18, Cubs fan

  7. zackhample

    Thanks for your vote. :-)

    Cool. If you have any of your stuff online, feel free to share a link to it here.

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