Holiday gift guide

I just found out that the Watch With Zack experience is featured in the Wall Street Journal’s holiday gift guide.

Here’s a screen shot with a red arrow pointing to the image that links to me:


If you check out the gift guide and then click the little image that the arrow is pointing to, you’ll see a blurb about me (that I didn’t write) along with an exceedingly dopey photograph (that I didn’t choose).

Very cool…I think.


  1. goislanders4

    i was just watching topps announcement of the rookie allstar team on and two ballhawks are in it. zack, theres the shot of the weiters homerun that went over your head in baltimore, and theres the shot of coghlans first that happy youngster caught.

  2. zackhample

    You may be right. I can’t exactly call myself “submissive,” however.

    Thanks, you too.

    “Over your head” is a kind way to put it.

    I think I’d draw the line at 150. I’d need to have at least a FEW games to myself.

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