Latest NPR interview

In case anyone’s interested…

I was interviewed earlier today on a show on NPR called “Talk of the Nation.” The interview lasted 17 minutes, and you can listen to it by clicking here. Sorry for not announcing it ahead of time, but it all came together at the last minute.

In other news, I’m still trying to find my way into a World Series game — ideally at Citizens Bank Park — and I’d rather not spend $700 for a standing-room-only ticket on StubHub, so if you have any leads, please let me know.


  1. zackhample

    Thanks! Yes, it’s incredible how “different” an interview can be when the host actually lets the guest speak. (What a concept.) (BTW, I know I owe you an email, and it will be coming soon. I’m way behind on all my emails. I’m spending every free moment working on my book these days.)


    that was an excellent segment and, as ever, it’s great to hear your voice!
    Will be watching for you in both parks over the coming days–
    –jg kelly

  3. bloggingboutbaseball

    Wow, Zack. I’m gonna have to agree with Todd and say that that’s the mellowest I’ve ever heard you. In most TV spots that are only a few minutes long it all seems so tense and fast-paced. In this interview you seemed pretty relaxed. Good luck getting out to a World Series game. Hopefully you’ll snag another ball or two this postseason.

  4. dailymlbroundtable

    Good interview Zack!

    Found this on ebay. Its 2 tix for 400 dollars or so for section 103 in right field at Citizens Bank Park. Oh yea, its for game 5 if Nec. I think this goes 6 and the winner is the Yankees.


    Plus, I will hopefully become a rookie ballhawk next season and go to both minor league games and major league games. Visit my new blog at:

  5. cookandsonbats

    Back a month or two ago, there was some discussion in the comments here between some folks who collect commemorative baseballs (purchased, not caught). I thought I?d post a comment to pass along some information to those folks in case they are interested. I live in Reading, PA ? 2 hours from NYC, 1 hour from Philadelphia ? and we have a Rawlings outlet store here. I think there are only 3 Rawlings outlets in the US. It?s an awesome store that Tim and I visit regularly. Anyway, I recently took note of a bunch of commemorative baseballs they have for sale and I thought I?d pass the info along for those who might care to look into it. Here is what they have (as of a week ago when I was in the shop):

    2009 All-Star $12.99
    2009 All-Star Home Run Derby Gold Ball $14.99
    2008 All-Star $12.99
    2007 All-Star $11.99
    2005 All-Star $11.99
    2002 All-Star $11.99
    Another Homerun Derby Gold Ball $13.99 (I couldn?t see the year)
    2008 World Series $12.99
    2006 World Series $14.99
    2001 World Series $10.99
    2006 Busch Stadium Inaugural Season $11.99
    2005 Old Busch Final Season $9.99
    2008 Shea Stadium Final Season $12.99
    2009 Citi Field Inaugural Season $12.99
    2008 Old Yankee Stadium Final Season $12.99
    2009 New Yankee Stadium Inaugural Season $12.99
    National Baseball Hall of Fame $12.99
    Black Baseball $12.99 (I have no clue what this is for, but it?s a black baseball with, if I recall correctly, gold seams).

    You can call the Rawlings store at 610.378.0461.
    The website for the outlet center is:
    For those of you who like to wear jerseys/hats for home/visitors at all games, they also have a Majestic Store that has a big tent sale every couple of months where they have ridiculously good deals on team apparel. I got a bunch of Mariners shirts a year or so ago for a $1 each when they were unloading stuff with player names on them for players who had been traded. Also, if you have noticed the official M?s jersey I wore to every game this season on my blog, I got it at the Majestic store for regular price ($20). They have tons of Phillies and Yankees stuff. But they also have every other team.

    Zack, I hope this big long ad is okay with you. I thought it would be of interest to your readers in the NE Corridor.

  6. zackhample

    Well, don’t bother looking for me at Yankee Stadium. I’m hoping to somehow get to Game 5 in Philly. Anyway, thanks. It’s great to hear from you.

    Thanks very much!

    I think the Yankees will win. I picked them (unofficially, I think) at the very start of the season, so there’s no reason for me to change now.

    Thanks for the link, but the prices for those things on eBay don’t stay low for long.

    Much appreciated. Thanks for listening.

    The list of balls is fine. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure some folks here will be interested.

  7. jerseyboy


    If you find a pair for Game 4, I’m willing to spend about the same as you, and will be driving from NY too, so let me know. I plan on going to Philly for sure for game 4 and trying my luck there, but if you find anything ahead of time, I’d be down too. Email me if you want –


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