Get your donations ready…

As many of you already know, I’ve raised over $13,000 this season for a charity called Pitch In For Baseball.

Since my chances of attending a World Series game are VERY slim, I’d like to start collecting donations now.

So…if you’ve already made a pledge, there are two ways you can make your donation:


Make the check payable to Pitch In For Baseball and mail it to:

Pitch In For Baseball
c/o Zack Hample
1541 Gehman Road
Harleysville, PA  19438

FYI: The reason for writing “c/o Zack Hample” is to inform the folks at Pitch In For Baseball that you’re one of my donors. This will help them keep track of all the money I’m raising for them. Not a single penny of the money will ever end up in my possession (in case Conan succeeded in raising doubts).


Here’s how to do this:

1) Visit my fundraising page.
2) Scroll to the bottom.
3) Look for the red banner that says “Make a Contribution.” 
4) Click the “Other” option at the bottom of the box.
5) Type in the amount of your donation.
6) Click the “Continue” button down below and follow the remaining steps.

If you’re wondering exactly how much you owe, click here and scroll down to the master list of donors. Here’s a screen shot from the middle of the list:


As you can see, there are two columns of numbers. The column on the left indicates how much money you pledged per ball; the column on the right shows how much your donation has amounted to. (I snagged 532 balls this season, so all the pledges have been multiplied by that number.)

Does all of this make sense?

Let me know if you have questions.

BTW…I’m going to follow up with people via email, especially those who don’t read this blog regularly, so don’t worry…all 128 donors will be hearing about this.

Three more things:

1) If you’re trying to decide between sending a check or paying with a credit card, go for the check. If you use a credit card, the credit card company will skim a small processing fee from your donation, but if you pay with a check, 100 percent of your donation will go to Pitch In For Baseball. That said, don’t feel guilty about using a credit card. It’s really not THAT big of a deal.

2) It’s not too late to make a pledge. Even though I probably won’t snag any more baseballs this season, you can still donate money to this cause.

3) If there’s anyone reading this who has an extra World Series ticket
that they’d be willing to sell at a reasonable price, please let me
know. It’d be really cool to make it to one more game this season…

That’s it.

Thank you so much!

(I’ll keep blogging throughout the off-season so keep checking back…)



    Your charity effort is something wonderful. A perfect way to combine your hobby with a do-good effort which helps connect needy kids who lack baseball equipment to the great game. You can take great pride in what you’ve accomplished.

  2. baseballtourist

    Zack…awesome job sir! It was a fun season to ‘watch’ you in action.

    I would like to write my check, but as I am a Canadian, and my check will be drawn in Canuck bucks….should I use the bank conversion rate of the day to ensure that I don’t short the charity and also avoid messing with the totals that are donated on your behalf? chris

  3. zackhample


    Much appreciated.

    First of all, that’s a hilarious commercial. Sometimes I *wish* we had that much snow in NYC. Secondly, I asked the director of Pitch In For Baseball about the conversion issue, and he’s not sure how to handle that, so I would say…just do whatever feels right.

  4. zackhample

    Thanks, but it looks like I might be able to buy bleacher tickets at face value for the W.S. at Yankee Stadium, so I’m just gonna hold out for that. I’d much rather go to Philly, however. Too bad everything on StubHub starts at $500.


    looks like you should of collected credit cards up front. ONLY 7% have donated so far. Hopefully everybody steps up who said they would.

  6. zackhample

    Definitely not in Philly. I actually asked the equipment manager about that, and he said they save the extras. Based on how the Yankees are run, I’d say they’ll sell all of theirs. So..probably not at either stadium, but the Mets are really good about getting/using leftover commemoratives, so Citi Field might end being your best bet.


    No need to worry. Lots of people have already mailed checks to Pitch In For Baseball, but that money isn’t yet accounted for. Also, I haven’t even gotten around to notifying a lot of donors yet. There’s still a slim chance that I could end up at a World Series game, and I’ve also been busy with other baseball projects, but as I continue to send out emails, the numbers will continue to pile up. Also, you may have noticed that I set the goal ($15,000) higher than the actual total of the pledges ($13,539). That’s because I’m still hopeful that additional people will pledge/donate. I think I’m going to be on NPR tomorrow for 20 minutes, so if they let me talk about the charity, that should help generate additional interest. So…it’s all good.

  7. devinu

    hey zack!
    i went to the yankee angel game last night to see the yankees clinch their 40th A.L Pennant and during the mid 2nd inning the yankees put on a clip of their season highlights (all the yanks hitting hrs, walkoffs, etc.) and towards the end of the segment, they showed a man catch a robinson cano hr in right field wearing a blue coat and was bald………IT WAS YOU!!!! They showed you on the jumbotron al by your self catching a hr.

    just thought that i would tell you that!

    go yanks!
    lets make it 27!

  8. baseballtourist

    Zack..Donation in. Thanks for looking into the CAD vs. USD specifics for me…….the canuck-buck thing was a non-issue. Donated via my credit card online (rounded up a bit, to help offset the losses for service charges) and it was a breeze. chris

  9. brihalos2005

    ” I asked the director of Pitch In For Baseball about the conversion issue, and he’s not sure how to handle that, so I would say…just do whatever feels right.”

    I see from the message above, chris used a CC which certainly makes it easy.

    basically if someone uses their credit card (say Visa), the CC company will automatically convert it to USD at the time of the transaction, so the charity will get whatever the exact amount is in USD, yet on his end it will reflect the proper amount in CAD (Canadian $). but from the charity’s end, they will see no difference.

    if someone writes a check, they will have to do some conversion himself to make sure it is for the proper equivalent amount in their native currency, which in his case would be written in CAD (Canadian $). then the charity’s bank will convert it to USD when they present it for deposit, at whatever daily rate their bank prefers. it should only be a few cents difference either way, so I’d say anyone who writes a check in foreign funds should not be too concerned, though the charity’s bank will likely hold the check a bit longer than one written on a U.S. bank (say, a week).

    I realize this is moot at this point, but hopefully this helps in the future.

    my check will be in the mail either today or tomorrow. thanks for a great idea and doing all the “hard work” Zack!

    Brian S. (brihalos2005)

  10. zackhample

    Thanks. Glad it worked out.

    It actually helps NOW because a bunch of people haven’t yet sent in their donations. Thank you!

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