Gustavo Watch, Part 20

I was recently informed that Gustavo Chacin — the pitcher who foolishly stole a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium — had a sparkling outing yesterday.

jinxed_now_with_phillies.jpgIs this a cause for concern? Is the Hample Jinx wearing off?

No. And no.

Although Chacin managed to pitch eight scoreless innings, it should be noted that he did it in the minor leagues. He was facing a Triple-A lineup that included: Josh Reddick, Bubba Bell, Jeff Bailey, Brian Anderson, Mark Wagner, Aaron Bates, Travis Denker, Chris Woodward (whom I adore, but let’s face it, he doesn’t exactly strike fear in opposing pitchers), and Gil Velazquez.

Fine, Chacin pitched well. He did his job. He’s been pitching effectively all year — in the minor leagues. Between Reading and Lehigh Valley, he has gone 8-3 with a 3.17 ERA. Good for him. You know how I see it? I say…let the ball thief pitch well and earn himself a September call-up with the Phillies. Then he’ll have a chance to get bombed on a national stage.


  1. goislanders4

    well, with the mets luck, he’ll come up and lead the phils to another world series win…….

  2. ayellen

    You make fun of that line-up, but I assure you, the guy who announces in Pawtucket has fun. He does this thing where he says the first name all monotone and then sounds WAY too excited on the last night.

    The most fun I’ve ever had in a ballpark (that I paid to get into) was me and my brother laughing every time he said: “travis DENNNNnnnker!”

  3. rockiesfanatic14

    Hey Zack,
    I hope Gustavo tears it up so that he gets called up. Maybe he can even make the postseason roster so that he can humiliate himself in front of the entire nation. So are you in Denver yet? I’ll see you tomarrow.


    You know, that whole incident with Gustavo was 3 years ago. I bet you haven’t had any contact with him since then. Perhaps he’s changed. I would imagine this time in the minors has helped him clear his head and made him more appreciative of fans. Personally, I think the glove trick is overdoing it anyway. I don’t condone his actions that day and I’m not saying that major league teams can’t afford to give away a ton of balls, but it kind of cheapens the whole experience if you pluck these balls off the warning track. For the record, if you do glove trick, I would give away every one of those balls to a deserving recipient unless of course it’s a commemorative or special in some way :) I’m not trying to preach, but you probably should just let this incident go and focus your time and energy toward something more positive.

  5. padreleigh

    It’s still kind of funny about Gustavo. I just want this tube out of my stomach so I can go to Padres vs Nationals Monday. I never thought I’d be missing going to a Nationals vs Padres game.



    To all the advice-givers, here’s some advice.

    1. This blog is the writer’s take on the sport. If you’re upset with what he offers, why do you continue to read it? Just to be destructive?

    2. If you have constructive, smart criticisms to make, do so by all means. Otherwise, stuff the negativity. It tends to mark you as possibly envious of the writers gifts, or simply clueless. One of the great pleasures of this blog – along with its originality, intelligence, love of the sport, wit, knowledge, passion, intrepidity, honesty – is its lightness of spirit. Accept this gift.

    3. reyes 7j: you aver that “this thing is getting old.” Would you condemn – say – David Letterman for presenting often his Top Ten List? Like that feature, the Chacin reports become funnier and funnier with each permutation; we laugh at the variations. And by the way, there’s more humor in them than what you mistakenly take as seriousness.

    4. Give up negativity and go positive. It wll make you a happier – and quite possibly – a better person.

    5. Finally, if you can’t follow this valuable life-enhancing advice, stop reading The Baseball Collector and go dump your peurile garbage on some other blog.


    Let me respond by saying I love this blog and baseball. There are many imitators, both in blogs and ballhawks, out there but there is only one Zack Hample. We all know this. And by the way, Bradford, what did I say that was “destructive”. I was merely offering my opinion. I didn’t insult anybody. Also, let me make one thing clear, I will never be jealous of Zack Hample or anyone else for that matter. I think he’s a cool dude, but I’m more focused on what I’m doing as a person than worrying about other people’s pursuits. Bradford, you tell me to give up negativity? What did I say in my last sentence, buddy: “you probably should just let this incident go and focus your time and energy toward something more positive.” Ta-da! Finally, you spelled “puerile” wrong. Please cease your pontificating in the future. Judge not lest you be judged.

    P.S. I’m not sure if Zack is doing this for the humor factor or not. I don’t know him personally so I don’t know what his personality is like. I could care less about Chacin. I just don’t like to root for people to fail is all.


    To peace, brother. I didnl’t lay the negativity rap on you. Just said you were preaching, thassall.

    As for my misspelling peurile, Mark Twain said, “I don’t give a damn for a man who can only spell a word one way.”


    Someone says something remotely insulting toward Zack here and all of the sudden it is a fiasco.

    Let me say that I am a fan of Zack’s, but I’m also not opposed to hearing the opinions of others that way I can respectfully disprove them like I do when I listen to conservatives.

    Just be respectful.

  10. zackhample

    Thanks for the criticism as well as the support. I really DO appreciate hearing all sides. I’m sorry if you think “Gustavo Watch” is getting old, but hey, I’m still having fun poking fun at the guy. In real life, I assure you, I tend to forgive people quickly. Anyway, on to other things…I saw an amazing game at Coors Field tonight (August 24th) and I hope to have a blog entry up by 6pm ET at the latest.

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